Untenable proposals

I’ve noticed a habit of the extremely online, which is most of us these days: advocating unrealistic positions.

The chief culprits are libertarians. For example, ‘All taxation is theft!’

Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but there’s never going to be a society with no tax so it hardly matters.

The same goes for other libertarian proposals like ending all public expenditure on welfare, education, healthcare, roads, etc. These things will not happen.

If you write a theoretical piece outlining a utopian society run along completely different lines, that’s okay, but be aware that it is purely a thought experiment or perhaps a model for a country a hundred years hence. Kind of like how boffins used Newtonian physics to figure out how much horsepower was required to escape Earth’s gravitational field when all they had were horses.

The trouble comes when a writer espouses a politically impractical proposal, accuses everyone else of being too retarded or evil to see that he’s right, then flounces off to his trailer while leaving to others the impossible task he has decreed.

We get this on all sides of politics but let’s look at the right:

End all non-white immigration!

There’s hardly any real-world support for this even among immigration-restrictionist conservatives because they insist on everything being fair.
The world is not Gab.

They have to go back!

As above but even more so.

Overthrow the illegitimate US government!

All elite factions support the present administration, including military top brass, courts and the Republican Party.

Abandon democracy and appoint a clever right wing intellectual like me to rule!

Sure, let’s do that. In any case, remember that absolute rulers tend to go mad with power and that most revolutions end up with someone seizing control other than the original revolutionaries. Members of this initial group are sometimes known in political theory as Girondins as they tend to come to the same sticky end as those trail-blazers. See also: Mensheviks, Kuomingtang. The success of the American Revolution was a rare exception to this rule.

Restore King and Church across Christendom!

That ship sailed centuries ago. There’s no re-litigating the Magna Carter, disestablishing the Church of England or reversing the American Revolution. You might as well locate a descendant of Gilgamesh to rule over us.

Retvrn to tradition

The reader can think of plenty more like this.

The trouble with holier-than-thou pontificating is that it makes the writer feel smarter than everyone else while achieving nothing. He types away in self-satisfaction, watches the world burn outside and thinks, ‘If only I were in charge, I’d set it all right but everyone’s too spaztarded to appoint me!’ This is the right wing version of the SJW ‘genius without portfolio’.

The most venal major party politician who acts reasonably from time to time achieves more than this.

Politics is the art of the possible. To get anything done, you need to take stock of your strength, numbers and alliances, then negotiate with those of competing interests and priorities.

This is not only true of democracy. Every court intrigue, boardroom takeover or internal party coup follows the same rules: strength, numbers, alliances. Being a clever boy doesn’t magically bend the laws of human organization.

A much harder and less satisfying task is to deal with the real world, cosy up with erstwhile enemies, build relationships with wavering elites, make unpleasant compromises and accept ugly, imperfect outcomes. This is how Obamacare got passed in the US, superannuation was established in Australia and how the EU came into being. At the moment it doesn’t matter what we think of any of these – what matters is that we learn how they got done.

This is what political will means: multi-generational tenacity and the ability to suspend one’s gag reflex to participate in the awful process of making the public policy sausage.

There are times when extreme measures can be pushed through in an instant – the War on Terror, lockdowns. However, these require a trumped-up threat plus overwhelming elite support in order to suppress opposition.

We don’t have the overwhelming elite support to fear-monger over a new gremlin or to censor dissent.

I’m neither a mover nor a shaker and I don’t pretend to be. However, I know some of you want to make a difference. Now that you understand the inefficacy of grandiose proclamations backed by nothing but cock-sure arrogance and wishful thinking, here are some tips for getting stuff done:

  1. Make reasonable proposals that do not push the Overton window too far. Remember that the window can be pushed further, later.
  2. Make alliances. These alliances might go across political lines, i.e. take it easy on the race stuff and accept improved social services in order to cooperate with the disaffected, moderate left (a growing faction). Alliances will also need to be inter-ethnic in our multicultural future.
  3. Connect with elites. At the moment they are perhaps more united than we have seen in memory – united against us. However, competing factions will form. For example, the old WASPS and wealthy Jews may become disaffected with affirmative action if they find their own kids can’t dodge it as they imagined. Every economic policy will have its losers in the business community, such as the airline chiefs at their wit’s end over Covid travel restrictions and starting to mutter BadThink.

Every political situation is in a constant state of flux. Watch for opportunities and accept that change will take decades. Remember that all of these steps apply equally at the local as at the national and global levels.

Do not fall into the Woke mind-prison of a United Coalition of the Fringes plus Woke Inc. vs. non-apex white males. As they peeled off many white men from our side, we can peel off segments from their side. This may become easier as the wheels come off our orderly civilization and immigrants start wondering why they came.

Never forget the importance of restraint, diplomacy and letting sleeping dogs lie. This is where our current rulers are making mistakes and throwing allies into our arms.


  1. luisman · December 22

    So I take that you’ll run for office as soon as you’re back home? 😀

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  2. jewamongyou · December 22

    I’ve been in an ongoing dispute with a friend, about this, for years. I tell him that we should ally ourselves with Christian conservatives, because there’s a lot of overlap in our interests – and many Christian conservatives are gradually being forced to become white-advocates, due to the relentless anti-white rhetoric and legislation from the left. My friend argues that it’s hopeless to win them over in any meaningful numbers.

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    • Maniac · December 22

      I believe that both anti-Semitism and Christian persecution will become more prevalent as time goes on. Why not?

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  3. Sharkly · December 22

    It takes all types. Some crank the sausage grinder, some raise the meat, and others publish cookbooks for future meals.
    As it has been said before: Politics is downstream of culture, and culture is downstream of religion.
    Some folks battle primarily at the political level, some folks focus more on influencing others at the cultural level, and some folks try to persuade others to change their fundamental dogmas.
    Perhaps political operatives view society like a car that is steered from the front end, while philosophers view it as a boat which has its rudder behind it, and still others try to control society more like a skid-steer loader through adjusting differential forces on opposing sides. Do you primarily fight the immediate political battles, the ongoing culture war, or do you try to alter many individual’s collective anchoring beliefs? Is any one strategy more necessary than the other? Should we each try to exert ourselves in all aspects or should we specialize?

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  4. luisman · December 22

    A democracy can work, if a large majority of the population is in the middle class, and this middle class is not dependent on employers, the state, institutions, or the rich. And everything a society builds must be maintained and secured, otherwise it will decay or be stolen.

    The mess we have now will fall apart, because it must. We are already too far away from the basic conditions for a free society, and half of the world doesn’t believe in this freedom thing anyway. I think it’s too late for a little maintenance and repair – with or without the support of some elites. It’s not that I’m not gratefull for anyone who can make it a little less bad, but I’ve been blackpilled for too long and see no reason to change my mind.

    The only cause I’d politically engange in would be a well planned and executable secession.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 22

      I agree about it being too late, which is why I don’t want to get involved in politics, especially Australian politics. Already planning my escape.

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    • Gunner Q · December 24

      Democracy never works. USA wasn’t even intended to be a democracy. It was intended to be a representative government without democracy. Hence the Electoral College and other tactics, all of which have been overridden in favor of two wolves for every sheep.
      And in Commiefornia, not even that. The last mail ballot I got had so few security features, you could see how the person voted through the envelope if you held it up to a light.


  5. mblanc46 · December 23

    These are certainly sensible rules for normal politics, especially electoral politics. But the US, at least, might be approaching a time when normal politics end. If the nation actually does fragment, for example. Then things will be up for grabs in the newly sovereign parts. The demographics of the parts are likely to be rather more homogenous, as if the nation does fragment, it will be to a great extent on demographic lines. In that case, reaching for the moon and the stars will be the sensible opening gambit.


  6. Kentucky Gent · December 23

    “Abandon democracy and appoint a clever right wing intellectual like me to rule!”

    Ha! We are already half-way there. (We got the “abandon democracy and appoint” part in 2020.) Unfortunately, there is no way they would ever appoint anyone remotely close to “right wing”. Instead, they appointed a left-wing dementia patient.

    And wait, there’s more! “Right wing intellectual” isn’t the way to go anyway, unless he is intensely moral and devout. That’s the key. The fundamental problem is that our political class is thoroughly corrupt and immoral.


  7. TechieDude · December 23

    Gab is full of this. Everyone is an idea-guy.
    Fact of the matter is, things will continue to get worse, because most are stupid. Then they’ll break and things will get crazy. Whatever emerges will be different. Worse or better? Who knows.
    But it’s a pattern that has happened for centuries and it’ll play out no matter what we do.


    • Wolf · December 24

      Nah, the left can’t be pushed back with reasonable proposals, bit by bit. This is to entirely misunderstand the phenomenon of the left and ignore the last 70 years of cucky conservatism. Things will have to be totally broken and a new civilization will replace ours. Or radical changes have to be made.


      • Frank K · December 27

        The left never returns gained ground. When the left wins they gain ground: abortion, sodomy, loss of liberty. etc. When the right wins it seldom gains ground, and sometimes still manages to lose ground to the left.

        I agree, there is no fixing this. There is no “loyal opposition” anymore.They want all the marbles, period. And to make matters worse, there are alleged “conservatives” who are complicit with them.


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  9. freemattpodcast · December 28

    Insert inconvenient comment about Republicans overlooking white trash and hillbillies when it comes to people having “communal responsibility”.


    • rogertheshrubber · December 29

      Compare W. Virginia hills n holler people, even after 15 years (((opioid))) problems, with ANY urban, and most suburban, polities – you’ll be pleasantly wrong


    • rogertheshrubber · December 29

      To clarify, it’s not Repubs that need to have communal responsibility for déclassé white people, but rather the broader, pro civilization Right. And both white trash and hillbillies meet these criteria. I’ve worked with both all my life, in small towns and exurban communities. Worthy of more respect than they’ll get from elites

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