Word from the Dark Side – Woke self-organises, journalism crushes originality and rulers hypnotise us all

Comment from B125 on Zman:

COVID has exposed just about everything rotten in our society.

– most jobs are make work jobs, managers are mostly useless paper pushers, offices are useless in many cases
– many churches are weak and corrupt. here in canada most churches are now enforcing proof of vax and booting you if you don’t have it
– urban degenerate lifestyles seem to be out of vogue now, mass white flight out of urban centers into suburban and even remote areas
– higher education is a scam. people are paying thousands per semester to watch some recorded zoom lectures. without the “party experience” there’s literally no reason to go for most degrees.
– many people are terrified of death and are very immature about it
– many people are willing to sacrifice their kids’ mental health and future in order to “feel good” about themselves. most of them have no purpose and love feeling like part of a movement.
– there is a large subset of (mainly white & especially J) women who love being tyrants. They WILL NOT leave you the fuck alone if you are unvaccinated, unless you make them . . .

Feel free to add anything I missed. It seems like we’re on a rolling snowball that can’t, or won’t, stop, until we crash. Diversity is now affecting the upper white middle class and they aren’t stopping it. Don’t know who is in charge or what the end goal is. Very interesting times.

Eugyppius has some compelling thoughts on that last point:

. . . Wokeness was selected from many aspiring ideological and intellectual programs, because it gave the right things to the right people. The bottomless mediocrities who helped construct the subgenre of critical theory on which the whole Woke phenomenon rests are not in charge of the Wokeness Circus. The administrators who promote and participate in Wokeness are not alone in running it, and they could never turn off or redirect the machine over which they appear to preside. Stepping out of line would only mean their personal destruction. The donors, the trustees, the tenured faculty, the powerful committees – none of these hold the reins either. Wokery is a self-organising decentralised movement. It is the sum of all the actions and opinions of all the people who have opted into it.

Mama by Kelly Latimore, hanging in the Catholic University of America. Photo source

Mystery link.

Why thoughtful journalism doesn’t much happen, from a man who tried:

“What the hell is this?” my editor asked me when I turned in the finished piece.

“I know it’s a bit long,” I replied, “but there’s great stuff in there. You’re the editor; edit it. I won’t be mad if you have to cut three or four paragraphs.”

“Dude, you’re not hearing me. What the hell IS this?”

I’d be interested to hear Phil E.’s comments on the article.

A benefit of living in Latin America:

Upon arrival in Puerto Plata, I breezed through Immigration, but when I got to Customs, the attendant asked me for my electronic check in barcode. When I made it clear that I had none, and hadn’t realized I needed it, he smiled and said, “try to remember for next time,” and let me through.

The exact opposite now holds across Asia, including Jungle Asia. One missing requirement you didn’t hear about or sudden rule change and you’ll be stuck. Every trip is a roll of the dice.

Flame Nebula and Horsehead Nebula. Source

Practicing what you preach:

I renewed the family’s second passports. Nice post-Brexit blue ones too.

Our kids have left the education system and are now homeschooling on the Euka programme. It’s very good [Ed: seen it, agree] and Year 9 English, in particular, is studying the classics rather than this piece of bollocks they were sent home with from the high school last term.

Our assets are now split across two jurisdictions. A house here, cash and pensions elsewhere.

We move house next month. We’re leaving Sydney and will be living in a small community within an acceptable commute from my work, assuming I’ll ever need to go there again . . .

I wish I were in a position to do any of this. Made an attempt and guess what? Australians can’t go to Russia at the moment. You’re missing out on new friends, Vlad.

Interesting: Australia’s federal government is attempting to pass a law forcing social media companies to reveal user identities upon a court order.

Who did this anger most? Vicious pro-Dan Twitter troll @PRGuy17, who is widely reputed (but not proved) to be a member of Dan’s staff. Wouldn’t do to be officially exposed as such because taxpayer dollars are not supposed to be going towards calumny against political opponents, and being sued for defamation for calling tens of thousands of protesters ‘white supremacists’ and worse might cost a bomb.

Across the world, politicians are employing their own, CCP-style wumao to act as online attack dogs against anyone who dares speak against them, calling them every name under the sun. Keep this in mind whenever your rulers talk about ‘tackling online bullying’.

Most of those copping Covid fines in Victoria are young and poor.

What’s causing all these these heart attacks? I’m not sure what the truth is but I’m finding all these MSM counter-narratives bemusing. I wonder how long until they get their stories straight.

An excellent video, more moderate than it may appear:

A follow up on what to do about it. Tl;dr: have like-minded friends, meditate/pray and avoid spending too much time online getting sucked into the reverse vortex of madness. Looking at you, Gab.

Related: purebloods, get off your high horse (if you’re on it).

The insanity discussed above is infecting just about everyone, on both sides. As Captain Capitalism said a while ago, sanity is the new wealth. Preserve it by keeping an open mind and not becoming a mirror image of the most irrational Covidian acolyte. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. Remind me when I fall into this trap.

Over at Clown World, former Australian football player and coach is looking stunning and brave. Also, Aussie Border Force sends Bronze Age Mindset to censors for review. Don’t worry, it escaped the fate of Angry Penguins. But for how long?

A reader notes that the final story in my book evokes a classic piece of sci fi, which is funny because I’d never heard of it. Great minds or two fools? Here’s the original story if you’d like to have a look.

Meanwhile in Japan, the government bans all new foreign entrants.


  1. Zy · December 4

    Great post.


  2. luisman · December 4

    A survivor of the camp is speaking:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGFdWcJU7-0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 4

      I may be there at some point.


      • Maniac · December 4

        We all may be. The inept government group who calls itself FEMA has been building makeshift concentration camps here in the States for a while now.
        The more time goes on, the more Alex Jones looks like the ratiinal one in the room.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. philebersole · December 4

    Hello, Nikolai

    In regard to the underground journalist who wrote the unreadable sports article:

    In journalism, your goal is to write articles that are (1) understandable and (2) readable. If the reader can’t. understand what you’ve written, or sees no reason to read what you’ve written, the failure is yours, not his.

    No matter how important your reporting and insight, it is wasted unless you can get someone to actually read it.

    I worked 40 years on newspapers. Never once did an editor ask me, “What the hell is this?” But if I had been,
    asked, I should have been able to say, in 25 words or less, what the article was about and why it should be read.

    I never thought anybody had an obligation to read anything I wrote. If readers found what I wrote unclear or uninteresting, the fault was mine, not theirs.

    An underground publication has a different readership than a conventional publication. It supposedly is more open-minded than the conventional readership, and, if you write for that readership, you can express more extreme views and write about a wider range of topics than otherwise.

    But your writing still needs to be understandable and readable. Being able to do this is not rocket science, but it still requires a certain amount of practice, discipline and conscious effort. If you’re not willing to make that effort, it doesn’t make you a free spirit; it just means you’re lazy.

    Concerning irony: Keep away from it. Every time I wrote something mean to be ironic or satirical, I’ve gotten phone calls and letters from people who took it literally.

    Consciously trying to disappoint the reader’s expectation is like making art and architecture that is deliberately ugly or mystifying. Unless you can produce something that is better and more interesting that what the reader expected, forget about it.

    There’s no value in being original for the sake of being original. It only means something if you are a Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson or somebody like that, who is taking journalism to a new level. If you are a beginner, you probably aren’t a Tom Wolfe.

    All of what I’ve written applies to journalistic writing—that is, non-fiction writing intended to reach a non-specialized readership. There are many other kinds of writing, and probably a readership, however small, for all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. philebersole · December 5

    Oh, and one more thing about the “sports” “reporter.” I’ve also been a copy editor, and had to deal who turned in their work half-done and expected rewrite and the copy desk to do their work for them.

    I don’t want to be too hard on this guy. Newspaper writing is one of these things, like school teaching, that everybody thinks they can do.

    And I don’t deny that there is a failure of professionalism in much of our established press.


  5. Ede Wolf · December 5

    The videos mentioned are also available on Odysee. This is easy to find out with the “Watch on Odysee” browser extension. I suggest linking to Odysee rather than Youtube, for the reason that they won’t get censored there, and Youtube should not be promoted anymore.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Johnny Caustic · December 5

    Nikolai, do you have any insight into why Asia is being so pedantic about lockdowns and restrictions? Has the New World Order just bought out all their politicians?

    When Covid began, I predicted that places like the Philippines and Thailand that depend heavily on tourism wouldn’t lock down, at least not for long. I thought that travel restrictions were a luxury that only rich, too-abstract-thinking countries could afford. Wow, was I wrong about that! But I still have no idea why I was wrong. Filipinos are going hungry over travel restrictions that don’t actually reduce Covid, a mere flu that probably kills far fewer people than poverty or tuberculosis.

    Why has Asia adopted Covid restrictions so earnestly? Why would they harm themselves so irrationally, with no compensating benefits whatsoever that I can see? Do you have any insight into what the hell they’re thinking?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · December 5

      I think they started strict after their experience with Sars 1. Once Covid turned out to be not so serious, they found it politically and psychologically impossible to change direction.

      Liked by 2 people

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  8. Tim914 · December 8

    Today a Federal Judge blocked nationwide, Biden’s order for all Federal Contractors to be vaccinated. Preliminary injunctions have also been issued against the Biden administration’s health care worker vaccine mandate and a similar mandate for private businesses. Encouraging. My county near Atlanta is only 29% vaccinated as of Dec. 7, which is about normal for a semi rural area in the south. Can’t see people here ever complying en masse.


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