New book! Review copies available

Tales From Captivity is a collection of fifteen short stories I wrote during lockdown.

A little bit horror, a little bit comedy, a little bit rock and roll.

Three stories have previously appeared in Terror House Magazine while the rest are unpublished.

Tales From Captivity is about 50K words long (110 pages).

Please email me if you are a reviewer (i.e. you have a blog, Twitter following etc.) and I’ll send you a PDF version.

nvladivostok [at] protonmail [dot] com

I plan to retire my old Yahoo account but I’m still checking it for now if you want to use that.

I can also provide review copies to trusted, long-time commenters and correspondents upon request so long as you pinky-swear to (a) leave an honest review at Amazon, goodreads or a place like that, and (b) let me know if you spot any typos. A few always sneak through, no matter what you do.

Official release in a week or two, inshallah.


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  2. dickycone · November 17

    Congrats on the new book! I’ll definitely take an advance copy if you’d like to email me one.

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  3. lemmiwinks · November 18

    47% of preview:

    “…right after I sue their asses to Sunday for emotion pain…” Should be emotional?

    Good read, still going.

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  4. lemmiwinks · November 18

    Delicious (pun intended). Really digging the second story, likely enough to prise open the wallet that time forgot.

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  5. overgrownhobbit · November 18

    Ditto viz review copy. Free edit and if I loathe it I’ll stay mum. If I like it I will biy a copy, then review.

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