Australia in a nutshell

There was a story in the preeminent tabloid about the local Great Resignation.

Top rated comment and top response:


  • It’s interesting that this comment is ranked above even those that point out the obvious: a lot of workers are quitting because of the vaccine mandates that this article carefully ignores.
  • Commenter Who ‘Woke’ the Right? has likely not suffered any financial setback over the last two years. I would bet that he has a work-from-home job, owns a house that has soared in value and has also enjoyed massive stock market gains in his superannuation fund.
  • Bonus points for guessing he has a safe, government job. One wonders if this reply might actually be part of his job.
  • He is not indifferent to Wojack‘s plight – it pleases him. He delights in calling him a loser.
  • It would have been possible to use gentler language in making the same point, i.e. ‘While I’m sorry you lost your business and wish you all the best, blah blah blah.’
  • We see again the bifurcation of society into the two new classes – the prosperous, global, knowledge workers (use quotes if you like) and those who still need to put their pants on and leave the house in order to pay the bills. This news site is mostly read by the latter, hence Wojack‘s comment being the most liked. Chattering class newspapers are the reverse.
  • Things are getting nasty out there.
  • Note the attitude: ‘How dare you go galt? Fix my internet/serve my coffee/deliver my Amazon goods, you dirty peasant! Wojack‘s reaction is hitting the right spot and without getting bashed by cops.
  • The ruling class is already working on a solution to the Great Galt: doubling migration to save the economy.

As Luisman points out (in German), higher-skilled workers are better able to pull this off but lower-skilled workers can also make a difference if they have the numbers. Catatonic workers brought down Communism, eventually.

This is harder to do when there’s a planet full of scab labour available.

If withdrawing your labour, consumption and social participation is all you can do, do that. It may not be enough, though.

The day may come when there is mass emigration of heritage populations from the West.

A few are leaving already.


  1. luisman · 26 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. Kentucky Headhunter · 26 Days Ago

    The government response to the fake plague killed Wojack’s business. His response is a entirely rational one coming from a business owner who put a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears into a project only to see it killed by the idiots running the government.
    Woke’s response is that of a bug-man, as Nilkolai points out. Possibly even a government paid bug-man typing from an approved script. “Something, something … our Democracy.”

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  3. Parker · 26 Days Ago

    On the comments: There is a massive online shilling campaign taking place across the internet, where anyone who expresses even a bit of scepticism about what’s really going on will find themselves accosted with a very non-empathetic and insulting response. They’re easy to spot, they have what I call a ‘cunty disingenuousness’ about them.

    What is the aim of the shilling? It certainly isn’t to push vaccines and government pandemic policies. Telling people who are hesitant to get a new vaccine that they’re idiots, traitors and even murderers if they don’t is not how you convince somebody. Their purpose is purely to create division and distrust of one another.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 26 Days Ago

      A premier’s office apparently hires an army of trolls to monitor online discourse and attack dissent. Mainstream journalists have complained about being mobbed by them on Twitter if they dare question any policy.

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  4. Gunner Q · 26 Days Ago

    “He is not indifferent to Wojack‘s plight – it pleases him. He delights in calling him a loser.”

    It’s a consequence of a zero-sum worldview. Wokie is happy that Wojack lost his business because that means more resources are available for Wokie. Parasites don’t understand why a man would create anything, when the world is full of… well… parasites.

    It is not a rational worldview. Which Neanderthal tribe hoarded all the iPhones back in the Stone Age? But it is a desirable worldview to those who espouse the politics of envy.

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  5. Severian · 26 Days Ago

    I’ve said a million times that if Vlad Putin were half the Machiavellian genius he’s made out to be, he’d welcome White refugees with open arms. I personally would move right now to Magnitogorsk, and take up work as a line monkey at People’s Heavy Tractor Manufactory #202, if he’d only promise that anyone with a face piercing or unnatural hair or any confusion about which pronouns to use were banned from the entire oblast, to be enforced by catapult.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 26 Days Ago

      Russia has recently liberalized immigration, with dual nationality now permitted and citizenship granted after just a few years if you can learn Russian.
      Most migrants are FSU but there’s a fast track deal for English teachers and high skill workers.

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      • Severian · 26 Days Ago

        I can teach English… and I bet I could learn Russian, no sweat. As P.J. O’Rourke pointed out back when he was funny, the Russian word for “vodka” is “vodka.” How hard can it be?

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      • Wolf · 22 Days Ago

        My Russian is going pretty well so far.

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