Word from the Dark Side – the urge for going, underage unmaskers fined and the undefeated underclass

Urge for Going by Joni Mitchell, 1967

Victoria Police issued 260+ mask fines to CHILDREN as young as ten.

Children as young as 10 received $40 fines for failing to wear a face mask when outside in Victoria.

Hidden in this boilerplate story celebrating multiculturalism is the story of a toddler separated from his parents for two years, for absurd reasons. A signature from a minister could have fixed it but that would have been unpopular.

Is this new, or did I just hear about it?

We will not approve your application to renounce your citizenship if you do not have another foreign citizenship or it is not in Australia’s interests.

The first part is normal but the bolded part . . . hmm.

It costs $265 to do the paperwork.

Crimson rosella. Source

I previously linked stories about big increases in hospital admissions with non-Covid cases in Australia and the UK. Now it’s happening in much of the US. Originally from NPR, the story carefully avoids mentioning a couple of tricky issues.

The Washington Post prepares a hit piece on an animal rights group in order to protect Fauci. They’re starting to remind me of the Global Times, although the latter is for intimidating foreigners while the former is for reinforcing the faith of believers.

Things are not going well in Ethiopia. I won’t go over the whole history again. Tl;dr: The former ethnic Tigray rulers pushed out of power by President Abiy are nearing the outskirts of the capital and have allied with the rebel forces of other disaffected ethnic minorities.

There are reports of a purge of ethnic Tigrayans living in the city.

I wonder about China’s role, if any, in these events. Dr. Tedros is a high-ranking member of the Tigray political party and has been running cover for China in his role heading the WHO.

How did this tiny minority that was so recently on the back foot return so quickly? Are they receiving help?

Dr. Tedros was just elected to a second term unopposed. He seemed to go against China following the ‘investigation’ into the roots of Covid but has been quiet of late.

Film recommendation: The Conversation, 1974. I’m surprised this one isn’t more famous. A classic thriller, intelligent and chilling.

‘He’d kill us if he could.’ Source

What vaxx do you take if you have a gun pointed at your head? I disagree with this ranking of risk but see what you think.

The elite fought a decisive battle to win total control of the West . . . and yet, the supposedly defeated classes don’t think they’re defeated and continue to resist. They even seem fairly chipper!

In a world where nobody is actually convinced by the media, the fact that you control the media doesn’t actually help you. Moreover, just like the Japanese in WW2, the ”email job caste” of America has a war machine that has already been maxed out. There are no reserves of fence-sitting journalists that can be drafted to fill in the holes and somehow make the message control more far-reaching or effective than it already is. There are no huge reservoirs of apolitical, unwoke university professors that can be drafted into talking some more sense into the chuds. What we all saw in 2020 represents, to some fairly significant extent, the full scope of the political, social and economic power of team blue in America today. And that team took its best shot in 2020, only to find out in 2021 that all that power has now decisively failed to settle any issues or end any conflicts in America. Team red is still there, and like the ”sleeping giant” that was America in 1941, they are now slowly waking up and starting to use their own power, on their own terms, in order to fight back.

Tinkzorg deserves a lot more attention.

Last week I wrote about sacked cartoonist Leunig. There’s more about him her Clownworld.

The key to happiness:

All we have left are the ravings and fantasies implanted in us by mass media and our forced interpretations of meaningless events. Programmed judgements of bumper sticker identities. Every opinion on twitter sounds like a wood chipper to me. When someone talks about the elites or the left or the right or the woke or boomers or gen z I want to kick them in the nuts, even if I agree with them.  

It should be enough to go to work and come home and eat a meal and then die like everyone else in history. Enjoy your bread before you turn to compost. I don’t believe you really want a revitalized culture or a binding moral code, a war, a new religion or a return to an old one. You’re all posturing hysterics.  

Jack ran an interesting series on Gnosticism. If you are already familiar with the concept, you might want to jump in here to see the discussion.

Ava Gardener, 1940s. Source

The class of ’96:

“Are you out of your mind?” I said. “Do you know what’s happening to real estate around here, and what’s going on in our industry? That’s insane” All to no avail. He was having [the big house] built, no matter what, and didn’t listen to me or our twice certified engineer boss about the importance of checking on the construction progress. Needless to say, he had many, many issues pop up. Within two years, he was laid off, lost the wife, and was living alone in the empty house he had built. I’ve talked to him once or twice since then. He bounced back ok. More or less.

In Cambodia, a man is arrested and two others sought for the murder of a witch.

Virus Outbreak Japan Tourism

Meanwhile in Japan, vending machines dispense boxes of random stuff and there’s a Halloween cosplay contest in Ikebukuro:

That’s it from me. More links and news here from Niccolo.


  1. overgrownhobbit · 28 Days Ago

    I really, really do want “… a revitalized culture [and] a binding moral code, […] and a return to [Christianity]

    *because* I ​want to be left ALONE “to go to work and come home and eat a meal [ read my book, love my family, raise my garden and my child] and then die.”

    What part of “you will own nothing, eat bugs, take your shots, muzzle your dirty peasant face, and hand over your children for us to use and like it ” has this fellow missed?

    Though to be fair, the hobbitish life is the exception not the rule. Chancy work, uneven meals, terrible suffering, then death is more like it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. overgrownhobbit · 28 Days Ago

    N.B. Thank you very mych for the link to the tinkzorg site.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. nomenestomen · 27 Days Ago

    Interesting links as always. Thanks.
    The “What vaxx do you take” link currently seems to go to a discussion of “experts” and education with any vaxx ranking. I would order by oldness of technology used, with whole virus based being highly preferable given the evidence of antigenic imprinting (aka antigenic original sin) coming in.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. William of Ockham · 27 Days Ago

    Are you sure the link to the “which vax if there was a gun against your head” link is correct?
    The Conversation is great, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kentucky Gent · 27 Days Ago

    Next time someone asks me why I have Asian Fever I will point him or her to the cosplay girls pictured above.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. dickycone · 26 Days Ago

    The tinkzorg post seems overly optimistic to me. But who knows, I’ve been wrong many times, so hopefully this is one of those times. It was certainly a very inspiring read.

    Liked by 1 person

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