Word from the Dark Side – Cemetery Gates, sexy syringes, South Stasiland, stone the emus and stooge the censors

Cemetery Gates by Pantera, 1990

American FDA approves vaccines for kids:

[Committee] members include a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines, a recent Pfizer consultant, a recent Pfizer research grant recipient, a man who mentored a current top Pfizer vaccine executive, a man who runs a center that gives out Pfizer vaccines, the chair of a Pfizer data group, a guy who was proudly photographed taking a Pfizer vaccine, and numerous people who are already on the record supporting Coronavirus vaccines for children. Meanwhile, recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on Pfizer’s board of directors.

College girls develop a syringe fantasy.

A long, excellent article explaining why doctors continue recommending treatments long since debunked by scientific evidence. HT.

Eugyppius claims advocates of mass vaccination have no arguments on their side.

A general challenge: if you reckon anyone could make a good case for mass vaccination (not just shots for the vulnerable), encourage them to respond directly to Eugyppius. His is the most intelligent anti-vaxx site I’m aware of and disputation is allowed in the comments. Sometimes he gets ahead of the evidence and I reckon he’s too quick to ‘like’ whacko comments, but so far his arguments on the basics seem incontrovertible.

If we’re to have a proper debate on this issue, that would be the place. We won’t, of course, but I’m putting it out there.

Galas. Instagram | @georgina_steytler

New legislation planned in Victoria to save the Premier having to ask Parliament to keep extending the state of emergency, plus a few other powers:

The sweeping new laws would see rule-breakers fined up to $454,350 or jailed for two years, and anyone could be fined up to $21,909 just for protesting.

Victorians would also face the hefty fine for not wearing a mask, breaking a movement limit, refusing to get tested or failing to show ID.

The Victorian Bar warned the bill hands the health minister ‘effectively unlimited power to rule the state by decree, for an effectively indefinite period, and without effective judicial or parliamentary oversight.’

There’s more. Much, much more. You have to read it to believe it.

It’s already passed the lower house. And all without burning down a Reichstag!

Opposition MP Louise Staley said the 113-page bill was ‘the largest I’ve ever seen’ and said politicians have not been given enough time to scrutinise it. 

Secretive, rushed legislation is always the best legislation.

Booster shots will probably be required every six months or so for continued ‘freedoms’:

Daniel Andrews suggested on Sunday that going forward, life for the vaccinated would “be about the maintenance of your vaccination status”.

Follower of Jheronimus Bosch, 16th century. Source

Victorian officials will no longer release the stats on how many Covid deaths were vaccinated. No reason given.

Meanwhile, poor old leftie cartoonist Leunig has been shit-canned from Melbourne newspaper The Age for contributions like this:

A cartoon by Michael Leunig comparing resistance to mandatory vaccination to the fight for democracy in Tiananmen Square. Source: Instagram/leunigstudio

You can find other examples of his cartoons here. He used to do some very naughty ones but cut that out once he was born again.

Bouncy castle war:

He enlisted a former employee and that man’s schoolmate, and offered them $2000 for every competitor they firebombed. Both men were easily swayed; one was a petty criminal with a drug addiction and the other had mounting vet bills for his beloved dog.

US drug overdose deaths up 37%:

South African cricketer refuses to kneel before game, then demonstrates why his people lost the continent.

Thai woman angry that she’d not been informed of painting work on the exterior of her high-rise, cuts painters’ support rope.

What is it with angry Thai women and cutting things?

Dump Norton. HT

Dump Google. I think I owe someone a HT here.

HT – that’s his third today

Curt Kobain as a Gen X Chris Chan, from Kill to Party:

At an inflection point- desperate and aching- with acute pain so sharp it could cut glass, Cobain goes down to his local Cheap John’s and walks out with a slab of oak tag and pack of Crayola’s to clumsily draw-up an attraction sign… advertising his admirable qualities while letting the world know he’s on the hunt for a sweetheart; boyfriend-free girl his own age; white and preferably a non-smoker. Cobain would take this sign to a local shopping mall, taping it to the wall behind him at a snack bar, and spend the day enjoying free soft drink refills. 

That’s how it could have happened.

Film recommendation: Planet of the Apes. Have you ever actually seen it, or do you think you’ve heard enough about it that you don’t need to? I was in the second category and found it was not what I expected. Still relevant for experts stubbornly refusing to examine unwelcome evidence.

Left and right have almost completely switched, with the far left now the exclusive domain of the well-to-do:

These days, I defy anyone, anywhere in America-in-Name-Only, to find a Bernie Sanders campaign sticker on the bumper of any car smaller than an SUV, or of a model year older than 2015. Your late-model, high-end SUV, the kind of thing that a rapper would drive to run errands, is almost guaranteed to have SWJ shit plastered all over it.

Pat has limited sympathy for the newly-unemployed typists of the Chicago Tribune:

First, if you are in a dying industry, one that isn’t making money and especially if your position there is on the expense side of the ledger, you need to make plans long before the day of the long knives arrives for you. And second, next time, try some humility and don’t smugly mock those less fortunate than you.

Meanwhile in Japan, a man is arrested for developing an AI program that de-pixillates adult videos:

So while what the Hyogo man did is being called “mosaic destruction” in Japan, “naked creation” would actually be the more accurate description. Using an AI machine-learning program, one originally designed to enhance security camera footage or restore old/damaged film images, the man was able to estimate and recreate what the uncensored image would have originally looked like, then place that over the mosaic. In other words, he wasn’t wiping away the blurry mosaic of the censored version, but adding an animated overlay of his own, one that looked like uncensored sex, on top of the censor mosaic.


That’s it.


  1. Liberator · October 30

    On search engines: I came across an interesting one recently which I’ve started using. It’s called Presearch and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a private decentralised search engine and appears to give good, accurate results with a clean looking interface.

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  3. Maniac · October 31

    Apropos that you’d precede a link about child vaccinations with a link to a song called “Cemetery Gates.”

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  4. Liz · November 3

    FDA commissioners on the boards of directors for pharmaceutical companies.
    In other words, the pharmaceutical companies essentially self-certify.
    Like Boeing. Which is how we got the 737 MAX.

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