Word from the Dark Side – Tears Go By, trusting the FDA, terrorist strikers and terminator robots

Preliminary trial suggests aspirin may lower the risk of Covid quite a bit. If so, how was that missed?

Days after this news, we are warned that adults should stop taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

Half of all doctors do not trust the FDA drug approval process. This relates more to a controversial Alzheimer’s treatment than to recent vaccines:

“The erosion [of my confidence] is based on the disastrously bad decision to approve aducanumab (Aduhelm), which seems like a poorly developed and even possibly corrupt decision,” he told surveyors. “I cannot remember a similar situation in which there was so much dismay and disbelief created by an FDA decision. We do not plan to use aducanumab at this time and we no longer know what to think about and how much to trust any future FDA decisions.”

This is not a new issue. Here’s an excellent 2013 article from a Harvard ethics body warning of the way things were going. Their conclusion:

Advice to readers: Experienced, independent physicians recommend not to take a new drug approved by the FDA until it is out for 7 years, unless you have to, so that evidence can accumulate about its real harms and benefits.10

He wants the ‘terrorists’ back in the cockpits

About 20% of American household lost all their savings during the pandemic.

Soros DA’s are finding increasingly creative ways to avoid charging murderers:

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Wild West shootout in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago two weeks ago? One group of gang members shot up the house of rival gang members at around 10 in the morning. They blasted the house with more than 70 rounds, using handguns that had been modified into automatic weapons. Their rivals fired back from inside the home, in a gun battle that lasted so long, it was still going on when the police arrived . . .

Foxx refused to bring charges against any of them on the grounds that it was “mutual combat.” At this point, the Chicago PD’s only option may be to resubmit charges on environmental grounds — polluting the air with lead.

The strange tale of the New York City Doctors’ Riot.

The mob now attempted to storm the jail by force.  An intense battle ensued that was maintained until dusk.  Soon a large detachment of troops, with bayonets fixed, moved towards the crowd in the darkness.  The size of the crowd has been reckoned at five thousand.  The mob taunted the soldiers, and pelted them with stones, fence-posts, and other missiles; many troops were wounded, and the situation quickly deteriorated.  The commanding officer ordered his men to fire first one volley, and then a second . . .

Eastern Rosella, Australia. Photo credit: zosterops

Freedom Day is coming in Australia so long as you have your papers, please:

Gate-keeping systems have been adapted from retail and transformed into human-based crowd solutions to micromanage millions of lives with the same ruthless efficiency as barcodes tracking stock. There is no nuance or humanity in this soulless digital age. Barcodes are binary. Good – bad. Citizen or dissident. 

Australia potentially has an off-ramp from the pandemic here. If governments choose to accept continuing infections and deaths despite all that’s been done in vain to stop them, it’s over and there’s some hope of normality. If they bow to public terror, they’ll blame the 5% unvaxxed and return to the start of the lockdown cycle (March 2020).

Not sure which way it will go.

Brigitte Bardot, 1952. She suddenly gets fatter when she dives. HT

Soviet art vs Third Reich art vs Modern art:

It’s so bizarre, it’s not even ugly anymore — ugliness requires the counter-example of beauty, and that’s been banished from public life since at least 1991. It’s just pure, shit-flinging nihilism. Just hate. And while the Soviets and Nazis were world-champion haters, as we saw above, at least they had a vision. It might’ve been a terrible, impossible one, but at least it was coherent. (“Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos”). These people who rule us have nothing but hate…

Things I learned this week: it’s easy to become a Russian citizen or obtain permanent residency. Basically you just need a job. For citizenship you have to learn the language, but I don’t think there’s a time limit.

Another country with a path to citizenship is Mexico, but be careful there. We finally found out what happened to those 43 students who vanished from a bus.

The tale of a red-haired lady named Fire Crotch.

CIA informants are being executed in high numbers.

There are robot dogs with sniper rifles:

Yes, Robot Dogs Can Now Carry Sniper Rifles on Their Backs

Meanwhile in Japan, a pharmacist is arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail on the balcony of a hospital worker, a forklift operator is arrested for drunk driving that caused a crash, and a trick to avoid having your umbrella stolen.

That’s it from me. More links and commentary from Fisted:

Meet China’s Ideological Theorist Wang Huning, Orban’s Weak Rival, CIA/MI6 Intel Cutout Bellingcat, Marxist Left vs. Idpol, the Antisemitic Rabbi Who Became a Priest


  1. Maniac · October 17

    If they brand you a “domestic terrorist” here in the States these days, odds are good you’re doing something right.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Allen L. · October 18

    I must admit I never realized it was quite that bad with the FDA. Sure it’s safe, for now, well maybe, oops not so much, oh crap run for the hills.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lemmiwinks · October 18

    I think you stated it elsewhere, covid ends when the media decides it ends (or words to that effect). That’s certainly where we are in Australia. For my own mental health I haven’t consumed any news media for years so I can’t say what the tone is at the moment. They are very adept at backflipping when the mood is upon them, so it depends what mood they’re in about covid.

    The framework of mass surveillance and control is already fully entrenched in daily life, so now it’s only a matter of a bureaucrat clicking a few tickboxes and whatever arbitrary requirements the state decides to impose are swiftly deployed to the smartphones of it’s denizens. My spouse was denied access to a retail store this weekend for not being able to produce evidence of sufficient jabbing. For your convenience this feature is now included in the surveillance app you use to self report your movements to the state, but you must somehow link it up.

    The point being that they can now fine-tune the fear levels and physical restrictions as and when they like, to whatever settings best fits their purpose. So any “freedom” day is even more of an illusion than in the past.

    The robot dogs are eerily reminiscent of the ones from the modern TV series War of the Words. Probably not that surprising since Boston Dynamics was involved with the show and Ghost Robotics looks to be copying. Still, it’s a fairly inefficient way to kill people when you get right down to it. Scary? Sure, but ruthlessly efficient? Far from it. Reminds me of a joke from the early 00’s. What’s the difference between a Taliban training camp and an Afghan wedding party? Don’t ask me, I just fly the drones.

    Might buy some aspirin when I’m buying my horse paste. Better a year too early than a week too late as the saying goes.

    I like the idea of living in (rural) Russia. I watch some Russian youtubers and they look like my people. I also get the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that you are largely left alone provided you mind your own business. Sounds like my kind of place. I’m woeful at languages but I’ll certainly keep it in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 18

      Maybe you could visit Russia and have a look. As an Aussie, the hardest thing would be the weather. Languages are ok; stick with it for a few years and it will come. Time can trump brains, I’ve found.
      You could probably make connections online before you go.
      Also, be aware that my namesake city is way closer to Oz than the rest if you want a quick, easy trip.
      On the other hand, I’ve heard rumours this mandate nonsense might fade away next year, it being just a ruse to convince as many people as possible to get the jab.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lemmiwinks · October 18

        I’ve not heard any rumours, but I feel like that’s a definite option, just slide down the old memory hole, then we all go back to business as usual. Of course, that’s precisely the technique which got Melbourne tradies tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. When the legislation was voted in, instead of rioting in the streets, Australians simply collectively thought “Yeah, but they’ll never use it!”

        Anyway, the situation is such that poking it down the memory hole is about the best we can hope for at this point.

        Liked by 1 person

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