Interesting times

Are you not entertained?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Weimar Germany, see the Turks topple the walls of Constantinople or witness one of the gargantuan Chinese wars?

The old Chinese saying is, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Their history tends to oscillate between centuries of not much happening and decades so terrible that the population plummets by millions. The boring times are better.

But you have to admit, interesting times are interesting.

The clownish decline of the West, so hilarious back in 2014, is now disturbingly real. But still clownish.

You can’t complain that there’s nothing in the news. The official news, of course, is full of rubbish but even those lies are funny in their own way. As to actual events, they are insane.

You could have lived in a sleepy Mesopotamian century where nothing changed at all, or in an Amazonian village cut off from the world, or in a dusty outback town where the most exciting thing that ever happened was the arrival of the first motor car.

Instead you live here, now.

Future generations (if we have any) will look back upon these times and think, ‘What would that have been like?’ They’ll do VR sims to try to get a sense of it. There will be historic novels and period films set against the dramatic backdrop of The Fall. Comedies, perhaps.

But here we are, right in the thick of it, like the Weimar Germans or the terrified Byzantines seeing the largest cannon in history dragged towards their walls.

We’re living in a real, sci-fi dystopia.

It’s interesting.

We’re not just watching it on newsreels; it’s now come for us all. We are variously trapped, unemployed, beset, intimidated. It’s not over there in Vietnam or a faraway capital anymore. The nonsense and decay reaches into our very homes. Getting offline no longer makes it disappear.

If we had a choice, most of us would prefer to live in boring times. However, we don’t have that choice. We might as well appreciate the one good thing about the decline: it is amusing.

Might as well put on a happy face and laugh as it all comes falling down, while preserving what we can. It’s ridiculous. Unnecessary. Materially, we are prosperous. Militarily, we are not under serious external threat.

All that’s wrong is that we’ve gone mad.

Historians will long ponder at this as perhaps the strangest collapse of any civilization. Observe. Record. Appreciate your front-row seat.. As someone on Gab said, don’t let them blame it on lead pipes or some other nonsense this time around.

It’s like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. It’s the greatest show on Earth. And we get to see it!

Hold on to your potatoes.


  1. luisman · 8 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. Wolf · 8 Days Ago

    What I find most amazing is how visionaries like Nietzsche and Spengler were able to predict the decline so long ago when European civilization was at its zenith. They correctly identified the cultural/spiritual rot.

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    • Bill Miller · 7 Days Ago

      Well, the zenith is by definition the point from whence it can only go down.

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      • Wolf · 3 Days Ago

        Which is evident now because we have fallen so far, not then when we were apparently ascendant. For example, Alfred Russell Wallace in his Malay Archipelago casually mentions how eventually we might expect that European peoples to populate the region as that type seemed to be in charge. Very few foresaw the absolute implosion that was soon to begin to follow. Even in the 50s it was far from evident. Now, there are virtually no major European cities which are still European. A shocking result.


  3. jewamongyou · 8 Days Ago

    For me, what really drives this home is when official White House spokes-entities refuse to use the word “women,” preferring ridiculous terms like “menstruating people” instead.

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    • Maniac · 7 Days Ago

      The fact that our political upper echelon is subscribing to The Woke is very disconcerting.


  4. Gunner Q · 8 Days Ago

    One objection to the bug-out bunker thing is the boredom. If you offered me guaranteed safety through the next twenty years, with plenty of food & water, in total isolation, I’d rather stay in Commiefornia.
    Do a deed. Witness the weirdness. Laugh because you cannot cry anymore.

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    • pukeko60 · 7 Days Ago

      I would rather disappear to the smallest, furthest part of the country from Panem and be left alone. Gimme internet access, my family and books.
      But I’m finding myself in the middle of it. In real life.

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    • Kentucky Gent · 6 Days Ago

      “I’d rather stay in Commiefornia.”

      Heh. We have plenty of people fleeing from Cali over to Idaho, where I live right now. Having read your blog, I know that you are the kind of Californian who would make a good addition to the Idaho citizenry.

      Instead, we got a bunch of Commies who thought it a good idea to elect a woman Dem to be mayor of the state capitol (Boise). The fact that they are voting for the same party that is destroying Western Civ in Cali, but are expecting a different result, tells us all we need to know about Dem voters – they don’t learn from their mistakes.

      Idaho is becoming the spiritual equivalent of The Wump World, and Dems are the spiritual version of the Pollutians.


  5. Severian · 8 Days Ago

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I agree — the best thing you, as an individual, can do right now is leave a record. Don’t let them blame it on lead in the water pipes, indeed. And so, for the record, future historians: We knew it was coming. We ALL knew. When you ask “how could anyone ‘elect’ such a suicidal bunch of incompetent retards?”, the answer is: Fuck if I know, but we did, and we knew we did, even as we were doing it. Nobody, not one single person, had any illusions about Brandon, or any of the rest of them. If you want to avoid a similar fate, future people, make sure that you:
    a) never, ever, EVER allow women to vote, and
    b) publicly *[disavow – Ed] in the most *[emphatic] possible fashion anyone who suggests anything like “people are, or should be, equal.”
    Oh, and c) make sure that you stay hard. Take a lesson from Mao, and send anyone with intellectual pretensions down to the countryside every few years, to reconnect with the laboring masses.
    Good luck!

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  6. Bill Miller · 7 Days Ago

    Excellent post. Once I was involved in a car accident. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion including myself, no way to escape or avoid anything from happen. Only watching it fron inside.
    Same these days.
    And what is even more frightening is that most people around just do not seem to notice. I feel like Sigourney Weaver in “The Year of Living Dangerously” after she got the message that the communists got a shipload of weapons and she slowly walked through busy Djakarta knowing that all the clueless people are about to suffer horribly.

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  7. overgrownhobbit · 7 Days Ago

    No. No, I have not ever wondered what it would be like to live in such times. I read fiction for that.

    From the moment at about 18 or 19 years of age when it dawned on me that not only was I not a minor character in the grand story, nor even a walk-on NPC, but perhaps (at best) one of the unmentioned crowd scene types; my goal has been to live as a hobbit.

    As I was doing a fine job of it until the SJWs wirh their gaping God-shaped maw at the heart of their existence, and the brain-dead grifters with Daddy issues went and messed it up.


  8. Nuke1776 · 7 Days Ago

    As to the VR sims, it’ll mostly be a lot of folks sitting around on smartphones or watching subscription TV. Kind of like a Clown World version of war: in war, long periods of sheer uneventful boredom, punctuated with short bursts of sheer terror and adrenaline pumping action. In Clown World, long periods of wasting time and life on the latest droll entertainment, punctuated with moments of interacting with sheer lunatics who may or may not succeed in unpersoning you, or getting you fired.


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