Weaponized stupidity

Here I use the word ‘stupidity’ in a particular way: people acting dumber than they ought by seizing upon politically useful falsehoods or ignoring politically unwelcome facts.

Case 1:

There’s a long list of replies to this tweet you can read for yourself that also mock those retarded white supremacist anti-vaxxers for using a veterinary product.

While there are some grey areas here, these are the facts that the FDA branch of our ruling elite are ignoring:

  • Drugs approved for humans can sometimes be used for off-label purposes. Doctors normally have a free hand to use their judgement in such matters.
  • Early studies suggested that The Drug That Must Not Be Named might be one of these cases, though the evidence remains unclear. More studies are in progress.
  • Doctors were banned from trying TDTMNBN on Covid patients.
  • People instead sourced the drug from veterinary suppliers and tried to figure out the dosage.
  • A small number got it wrong and ended up in hospital.
  • Others may have treated themselves effectively with this DIY approach. We don’t know because their cases were not recorded and studied.
  • The tweet featured is more of an insult to Bad Whites and virtue signal to Good Whites than it is useful advice. See the language used. A reasonable tweet might have read: ‘Please do not attempt to self-treat Covid with ivermectin. Studies have not yet proven its safety and effectiveness for this purpose, and misuse may cause serious side effects or death. Some veterinary versions of the drug differ from the human version and can cause adverse effects. Only use medications prescribed by your doctor.‘ Whether you agree with that view or not, it is defensible.
  • The most vaccine-hesitant in the US are blacks, not MAGA whites. The vast majority of elderly Americans are already vaccinated, which, if you know your demographics, means that most old conservatives have had the shots. The real world is not as portrayed on Twitter or Gab.

Those clucking triumphantly in the replies are smart enough to understand all the points above. They don’t want to keep them in mind because it would detract from mocking people they hate.

Case 2:

Traffic Deaths Surged To 38,680 In 2020 Despite Americans Driving 13% Less Miles

Top rated comments:

This is a case of jumping to conclusions too delicious to be delayed by the need for evidence.

In fact, there is a perfect Red Team explanation for the rise in traffic accidents that has nothing to do with vaccines or facemasks. Steve Sailer has done the yeoman’s task of showing that irresponsible driving increased along with the general under-policing and lawlessness that followed St George’s riots:

This is what happens when police are too afraid to pull over a certain ethnicity in case it goes badly as per a few infamous cases, although Steve also points out that from 2015-2019 it seems whites were worse drivers than Hispanics and Asians.

The 2020 increase in traffic deaths is probably of a similar cause to increased murders and road rage shootings.

So what?

We all have an instinct to believe those stories that match our preconceived notions without checking, or to form instant conclusions sans evidence. See any comment thread from any left or right wing outlet and you’ll find countless examples.

It’s most common with hot-button topics like vaccines, lockdowns, police violence, global warming or that sort of thing. Look these up and you’ll find any number of articles or studies that show you what you want to see, which you can then throw at Twitter enemies without thought and thereby consider yourself clever.

It’s much harder to sift through evidence from both sides and find the complicated truth. I make no claim to be better at this than anyone else, but I will preen that I try.

It is as though we think we’ll lose political clout by acknowledging complicated facts that might be used by the other side. This is true. The strongest rhetoric is often overwrought, one-sided and simplistic.

However, in our quiet moments we should take the time to find out what is really going on, if we care about the truth.

Here are some tips for aspiring free-thinkers:

  1. Accept uncertainty. The correct answer to many hard questions is, ‘We don’t really know’, though the evidence may lean one way or the other. Be prepared to withhold judgement even if this interferes with owning the libs.
  2. Think, ‘What would change my mind about this?’ Put it out there and see if anyone can meet the challenge.
  3. Read the best opposing content. It’s too easy to seek out dumb CNN takes and conclude, my enemies are all stupid. If you can’t find anything reasoned, steelman opposing arguments in your mind.
  4. This is the hardest of all: try writing an article that argues the opposite of what you think. I sometimes ponder starting a blog that takes all the positions I hate as an intellectual exercise, but it seems like too much effort. Maybe one day.

But who knows, this could be all wrong. Any thoughts?


  1. dickycone · 10 Days Ago

    “I sometimes ponder starting a blog that takes all the positions I hate as an intellectual exercise, but it seems like too much effort. Maybe one day.”
    I’d read that. Please link us if you do.
    I find I can almost always debate out things like the vaccines mandates: good or bad, or why certain demographics are less successful than others in the US by conjuring up a “goodwhite AI” in my head.
    This AI is a conglomeration of some of the more educated and intelligent SJW white women and low-T white men I know. I almost always know what they would say if I were to dare question the narrative openly, so there’s no need to foolishly risk having these discussions in real life. The goodwhite AI usually makes some points that are at least somewhat valid, but overall it’s still mostly based on what Heartiste used to call “pretty lies” and the allure of the pretty lie is the main thing that divides me ideologically from the smart goodwhites I know. If you were to attempt to do the anti-blog you suggested, I think you’d run into that constantly and that’s why trying it sounds exhausting to you.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 10 Days Ago

      The challenge would be to present a logical contrarian case free from lies.


      • dickycone · 10 Days Ago

        In the vast majority of cases, I don’t think it’s doable. I mentioned this recently, how back when I was naive enough to openly question established goodwhite narratives, even ones that should be relatively up for debate like “Australia is awesome and not a nightmarish, oppressive nanny state” the virtuous lady or womanish man on the other end would almost always fall back on racism, or some other emotion-based leftist canard like sexism or gun control as soon as I managed to poke a hole in his argument. Well aware that winning a pointless Internet debate with a stranger isn’t worth risking my job, I’d ghost.
        I think that’s why all of us are here in this obscure corner of the Internet engaging in wrong think and saying mean things based in reality. If it were safe to directly address leftist talking points “our” side would almost always win, sometimes while having to make a few minor concessions here and there. The smarter leftists know this, and the others at least feel it on some level, hence the sense of urgency in clamping down on dissent and deplatforming any serious opposition to the narrative.

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  2. TechieDude · 10 Days Ago

    I think white were worse drivers than hispanics and asians during this period is that you had a lot of whities home working who would normally use public transit. I used to notice this one weekends – that hipster doofuses who use the rail all week, get in a car they’ve barely learned to master, and go out shopping and whatnot.

    Riding a few hours to a wedding this weekend, people were doing dumb shit all over. One vibrant in an Audi SUV veered into our lane because he was taking a selfie of himself.

    They have been really lax policing the road by my house. Sounds like mad max any given day. They just started back with it a few weeks ago.


  3. SnapperTrx · 10 Days Ago

    I got sick at the beginning of September, thought it was just the yearly sinus infection, since they started harvesting here in the valley, as they do every year. Either got C19 along the way or it was C19 the entire time, but didn’t test until two weeks after I got sick. By that time I was feverish and getting dehydrated if I didn’t switch between pedialyte and water. Took a test, showed positive, took the ibermectin (spelled wrong for a reason) my doctor uncle had given my dad a few months ago. Took one dose, fell asleep, woke up the next morning with zero fever, zero coughing. Took the remaining two doses over the next two days: was perfectly fine by weeks end. I’d testify the stuff works, and, no, I didn’t take “horse paste”, it was packaged and intended for human consumption, and anyone who calls it “horse paste” or says its for animals is a moron. My wife uses horse mane shampoo for her hair, should I call and report her? People are idiots.

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  4. Kentucky Gent · 9 Days Ago

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Liberalism/Socialism/Feminism/Anti-racism is not really politics. It is a religion for those who believe in it. Christianity was replaced (on purpose) across the Western/First World, and this woke insanity that we see frow stronger year by year was always intended to be the replacement.

    So trying to win an argument with Leftists is pointless. It’s like trying to talk someone into changing religions.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 9 Days Ago

      My goal isn’t to argue with anyone, it’s to test my own beliefs. A kind of one-man elenchus.


  5. Johnny Caustic · 9 Days Ago

    “There’s a long list of replies to this tweet you can read for yourself that also mock those retarded white supremacist anti-vaxxers for using a veterinary product.”

    Paid shills. Crazy as leftists are, I don’t believe there’s any genuine grassroots anti-ivermectin feeling. This is being paid for by Pharma and/or Great Reset elites.

    “A small number got it wrong and ended up in hospital.”

    I don’t believe anyone has ended up in the hospital from ivermectin. The dose required to achieve toxicity is very high–more than you could reasonably drink. There was some fake news about ivermectin hospitalizations that was outright fabricated–not even loosely based on a true story. There was also a handful of real calls to poison control helplines, but the statistics include anyone who asks about ivermectin, whether they get sick or not.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 9 Days Ago

      I straddle the Red and Blue worlds so I know there are some people who really believe all this. There could be paid shills among them, though.
      Scott Alexander at that link looked more deeply into the alleged poisonings that I did.


  6. Maniac · 9 Days Ago

    Funny Mr. Ed paste instructional video:
    I ordered a tube of it a few days ago.

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  7. Tim914 · 8 Days Ago

    I’ve read that Big Pharma provides about 40% of the FDA’s operating budget which is why they invariably ignore time tested inexpensive drugs that are off patent. This isn’t the first time. If the Feds could get more revenue from Ivermectin, you’d hear it touted as a miracle drug. Never trust anything a Federal official says. Everything they do is calculated to give them more money or power. They have no conscience.

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