Word from the Dark Side – save your soul, smash the sign-holders, silly city scribblers and a suss suit

Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel, 1995

Aussie updates first to get that out of the way: disenchanted Melbourne cop quits. She was head of gender and inclusion or something but says that real policemen agree with her:

Mainstream media have reported this but comments appear tightly restricted, as do those on other protest-related stories . . .

The Aussie Cossack is a 100K vlogger who stopped his car on Monday to film two men being questioned by police. This led to an argument with a police officer and he was arrested in his home Friday for not wearing a mask during that initial encounter. Why wait until Friday? Because he can be held over the weekend until courts reopen to release him.

The offense carries a $200 (USD $146) fine. Meanwhile in the neighbouring state of Victoria, the premier was caught not wearing a mask twice but only had to pay the fine.

Small protest in suburban Melbourne crushed in minutes. You’re not allowed to stand on a street corner wearing a mask and hold up a sign because grandparent die.

A mother argues with her conspiracy theorist son about lockdowns etc. This article is a perfect example of a slightly wavering Covidian, and she’ll be crucified even for this in the letters. The Monthly is Australia’s GoodWhite epicentre.

Question for the crowd based on my previous post about rhetorical strategy: if you knew this lady, how would you approach?

Here’s another leftie article in the same vein. They are not so united as they seem. Comments are turned off.

A good piece of research to get floating around. Prestigious journal, reputable author etc., not easy to dismiss.

New Yorkers protest for Aussie freedom:

This might help. Australians have a ‘cringe culture’ that makes them mortified if foreigners think ill of them.

In Lithuania (click for thread):


An overview of dysfunctional corporate medicine in America.

How a university destroys its own history department. Stay for comments.

Jack on the ground says war over Taiwan is not imminent. In a follow-up post he adds that the US is not calling for expats to evacuate.

Welcome to Orwell’s world:

The most frightening thing about the way the world has changed since the late 90s is not just how quickly it has happened but how mysteriously. Countries like Britain and Australia seemed to be perfectly normal fairly civilised countries. Now Britain is a totalitarian dystopia and Australia is well on the way to being one.

There was no violent revolution. No overthrow of the government. No military coup. But the results have been as dramatic as the changes that occurred in the past when the communists or the fascists took power.

Prime ministers have come and gone. Elections have been held. Such events no longer seem to have any significance. You cannot point to any of those prime ministers and say, “it was all his fault.” Under each new prime minister both countries have lurched further in the direction of totalitarianism.

Not sure if I already linked this one as it’s from May: A brief introduction to societal collapse:

Will the West see total collapse any time soon? No. Probably not. If there is a collapse, it may not be within our lifetimes and it will not be the Mad Max scenario that most people envision. Nevertheless, our quality of life is going to drop dramatically over the coming decades.

This story cheered me up more than is decent: a NYT account of an absurd literary feud between ruling twits and their orbiter. Many layers there, most of which are politely avoided by the GoodWhite writer, some of which are picked up by commenters and the rest of which my readers can detect for themselves.

I wasted hours on responses and going down the rabbit hole of these characters’ virtue signalling Twitter timelines. Be careful.




A retro internet forum.

University of Texas women’s track team, 1964. Source

Meanwhile in Japan, back in 2019 police questioned a man on the grounds that he didn’t look ‘quite right’ in a suit. Harassment? Perhaps, but their instinct payed off. He’d just robbed an old lady.

That’s it.


  1. dickycone · 12 Days Ago

    “Australians have a ‘cringe culture’ that makes them mortified if foreigners think ill of them.”
    I once told a random Aussie goodwhite online that I think of Australia as a first-world hellhole (a clever line I got from a based Aussie commenter on Heartiste) and have never been interested in visiting. I did not anticipate the intensity of the meltdown that ensued. He quickly brought racism into it, so I disengaged and ghosted as I always do when I’m using my real name on a normie site and goodwhites fall back on racism. Keep in mind, this was on a Facebook group dedicated to making fun of the USA. It was a real eye opener into the normie Aussie mentality.
    Thanks for this WFtDS, it was even better than usual. I feel like I should also acknowledge the greatness of:
    – The volleyball clip
    – The “white males are a problem” twitter post.
    – The extra bonus pretty girl pictures and how they are starting to reach back into history.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam Duncan · 12 Days Ago

    “Now Britain is a totalitarian dystopia and Australia is well on the way to being one.”
    I’m in Britain. While there are disturbing trends in certain specific aspects of life which I never thought I’d see in a supposedly free country, “totalitarian dystopia” is, so far, an absurd overstatement of the situation. I remember the ’70s – currency controls, the “three day week”, scheduled power outages – and we’re not even at that point yet (although, again, I won’t deny that we’re heading in that direction).
    Australia looks far worse.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Maniac · 12 Days Ago

    That Texas school shooter is out in bail. I wish I could say that I’m surprised, but I’m not. The Democrat lawmakers are intentionally putting White Americans under siege.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kentucky Headhunter · 11 Days Ago

    “Prestigious journal, reputable author etc., not easy to dismiss.”

    Actually it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience… if you’re Facebook, Google or Twitter.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. lemmiwinks · 11 Days Ago

    I’ve read it elsewhere referring to America, but I’ll co-opt it for use here:
    Australia has turned into the type of country that the America used to invade to free it’s citizens from oppression.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Marriagesexandmore · 11 Days Ago

    Another great trip around the world. While I have no idea what’s going on in Taiwan, based on recent events (and Biden’s incompetence) in Afghanistan, I would not use that as my basis of the current state of Taiwan… In fact, I may be booking a flight home if the US State Department tells me everything is fine.


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