Manospheric nostalgia

The greatest moment in Manosphere history was when prolific MGTOW commenter Mark Minter suddenly announced that he was getting married to a female commenter. After years of being the internet’s most strident anti-marriage voice, this attracted some blowback. He responded by pointing out how young his bride was and proclaiming, ‘Top that motherf*ckers.’

Wonder what happened to them. I wish them all the best.

Reading through old manosphere blogs is like dusting off relics from a distant past.

A lot of them are gone or have moved on. Chateau Heartiste got nuked and now reserves his snark for a small Gab following. Roosh realized he wasn’t going to be picking up Poles for a living into his sixties and found a new path. The Rational Male has largely monetized his esoteric hobby.

Remember The Spearhead? Go check out what happened to that domain. Actually I’d better translate: it’s now a site recruiting Japanese women for part-time ‘night work’ as entertainers in hostess clubs and that sort of thing.

Like The Spearhead, Dalrock suddenly ended under mysterious circumstances. So did The New Modern Man. His site has also been sold to an interesting new proprietor. HT to whoever sent me that, I can’t remember.

The Private Man died, throwing himself a massive party when the end was near. I hope to go one-half as gracefully when my time comes. I never knew him in real life or communicated much online but his courage had a real impact on me and I still think about him from time to time.

Some sites still exist but are no longer updating, like Kid Strangelove. Reading that blog and following the links is a jolly old trip down memory lane.

Recently, Jack had a post discussing the current state of the manosphere and I realized that most of the pure Game blogs have disappeared. At the time I made a trite comment that we’ve all grown up from our womanizing days and have progressed to other things, online or off.

Now that I think about it more deeply, however, I realize that the manosphere has changed because the world has changed.

To demonstrate, have a look at two old posts.

First, from Return of Kings:

A night with an ex-girlfriend (early thirties) sent her scurrying to her nightstand for some “help” when we disrobed. What “help”? Repugnant industrial chemicals she needs to put on lovers’ cocks because her exhausted pussy glands can’t lubricate naturally any longer. The night ended with me – lonely, horny, and desperate – humping her leg to climax because I refused the “help”.

That kind of thing’s hard to read these days. And who is still desperately chasing after nightclub cougars?

Next, from Rollo:

Men are the disposable sex, women, the preserved sex. Men would simply die in favor of a superior aggressor, but women would be reserved for breeding. So it served a feminine imperative to evolve an ability to cut former emotional ties more readily (in favor of her new captor) and focus on a more self-important psychology – solipsism.

At the time it was groundbreaking but now it’s well understood: men and women are different, both in their biological imperatives and environmental incentives. Today when German women greet Muslim refugees like heroes, we no longer need it spelled out to us.

Somehow over the twentieth century, men lost much commonsense wisdom about the fairer sex. Writers in the 1920s got it but after that, Western culture slipped into romantic unreality. Perhaps talkies and TV were to blame.

When the new millennium arrived and young men had trouble finding a girlfriend in the modern sexual market, we had to reinvent the wheel.

With that done, there’s not much else to say.

Heirs to the manosphere now apply this wisdom to their marriages or society. They are too old or too married to worry about awkward one night stands.

But what about the young blokes? Are they devouring circa-2010 manospheric lore in order to get da girlz?

Increasingly, no.

While it’s now vanished, The Flaming Eyeball’s post about his Gen-Z peers paints a picture of socially inept young people often too physically and mentally unwell to bother much with dating.

Looking at incel forums, the one thing weirdly missing is the raging libido normally associated with healthy young men. They dream about cuddling a girlfriend, not pounding some hot lass.

I don’t fully understand it but I grasp this much: things have changed.

See for yourself. Read through old manosphere posts and you’ll notice it: irrelevance. Society has fundamentally transformed and our problems today are completely different.

There’s no longer a war of the sexes over dating standards or divorce laws. Rather, fewer and fewer are dating or marrying at all.

How much can you worry about snotty female attitudes when you are witnessing your very country disappear?

What’s most remarkable is how fast it happened. The manosphere was very strong in 2014 and blokes were discussing those traditional issues: picking up, avoiding false r*pe accusations, dodging divorce theft etc.

I can’t remember the last post I read on any of those topics.

This is not to say the manosphere was wrong. In fact, it became irrelevant because it was right: various disincentives meant a drastic decline in fertility, followed by wholesale population replacement. It was happening for a long time but we suddenly hit a tipping point and the doomsayers’ prognostications became correct all at once.

We’re now in the decline proper.


  1. clownworldau · October 4

    Roosh was one of the first blogs that I got into, back in the day, and I had Dalrock in my feedreader. Rollo I read a bit but I really didn’t like the long form sort of over complicated way he wrote and he really needed an editor for his books, at least the first one. The others I don’t think I read.

    How about MMSL? Married Man Sex Life, he had some great things to say that maybe your father didn’t tell you, He started a forum and I gather women took it over and he monetised things by doing coaching and not sure what’s happened with him now.

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  2. Sasha Melnik · October 4

    It’s been a personal journey, in the sense that when I started reading these folks I was single and trying to sort my ship out. It took several attempts to break the dreadful patterns. A decade ago I was in a bad way but I knew it and could start running the numbers on my life.

    The current state definitely ‘success’, in that I’m now married and with two aryan-picture-book paternity-guaranteed kids, the attraction to the waifu (FSU) is as strong as ever. She’s very fertile and pleasing. There’s a picture of Virgin and Child over our bed.. how should I put it, there’s not a great deal of effort needed from us to put one in. We’re hoping for a few more of these champions and beauties.

    And in addition to God… I owe a great deal of the change in psychology I needed to get here to bloggers of the ‘old’ sphere.

    I very dearly miss Heartiste’s blog ‘deeper than surface’ hot takes. It was the best and most consistent site. Making us go to GAB to read it isn’t really a good proposition. I’d love to find who is writing now like the quality of old and aggregate and read them over on the Synlogos site.

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  3. Kentucky Headhunter · October 4

    “How much can you worry about snotty female attitudes when you are witnessing your very country disappear?”

    And done…

    I typed something into google 11-12 years ago that lead me to the Chateau. It was a revelation. I wasn’t crazy; lots of other people were seeing the same thing. Whew!

    But the knowledge that was gained on how to treat a sore throat and clogged sinuses has relatively little value now that we’ve moved on to Stage IV lung cancer.

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  4. Max · October 4

    How much of the observed reality in 2021 is an effect of corona regulations?
    Difficult to do any dating if you can’t get into a club or restaurant because they are closed due to covid regulations. Large groups of people are suddenly rare, illegal in many places. Sure, there is still day game, but even that is more difficult if you don’t even see a human face – almost ever face is covered with face-diapers.
    I guess a lot depends on where you live.

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  5. KJ · October 5

    Where can we find Heartiste on Gab? Can’t seem to find him…


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 5


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      • KJ · October 5

        Got it, thanks.


        • collegereactionary · October 8

          CH should get on the fediverse, I have a position there but I don’t mess with gab. fediverse is where the in crowd goes for a fallback position.

          actually, come to think of it, I do have a Gab acct. maybe i’ll follow him for reference.


          • KJ · October 8

            Gab will definitely be nuked by Mordor at some point, IMO. It’s not a matter of if, but when… They won’t allow any gathering of dissidents, whether IRL or online. Doesn’t hurt to have fallbacks and redundancies in place for when that occurs.

            I understand the points of your second post, but I disagree that sex is a “high-level power game.” I think sex is a low-level power game, which is why, on average, those more connected to their animal instincts get so much more of it than those blessed (cursed) with a high IQ.

            Smart people have to be reminded of the fact that they’re apes, that humanity is still playing the same old ape games.

            (I’ve found watching documentaries on gorillas, chimps & bonobos helpful in understanding root human behavior….)

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  6. Kentucky Gent · October 5

    “So did The New Modern Man. His site has also been sold to an interesting new proprietor.”
    NMM was the first manosphere blog I ever read, back in early November 2016. Can’t remember exactly what words I typed into Google – how to get (keep?) a gf, since I had just been shot down yet again by an ex I was trying to get back with. From there I found Rollo, from Rollo I found Roissy, and finally Roosh.
    I wish Rollo would go back to mainly essay format – his videos are longer than NFL games, and it takes him usually 20-30 minutes just to intro.
    “HT to whoever sent me that, I can’t remember.”
    My first HT! Sweet.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 5

      Ah it was you, cheers.
      I reckon bloggers should recognise when they’ve said everything they have to say and call it a day. Futurama vs The Simpsons

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  7. Marriagesexandmore · October 5

    That was an awesome walk down memory lane. Mind you I was married that whole time, but much of that stuff was applicable to a marriage. It worked in my case anyway. Return of Kings was awesome, loved that blog. MMSL was good as it was a married guy and I could relate. I get why he monetized, but it changed things. I heard at one point he’d had a heart attack, pretty young for that. Maybe that impacted his absence as well. Great post. Appreciate the memories. I will say, my son and his friends are chasing pussy and gaming the hell out of women. Watching him work makes me proud. He tells me it’s the things I told him that made the difference for him. He has girls clean his apartment, wash his car, wash his clothes, cook, then nexts them when they show their crazy. He’s 20 next month. All is not lost.

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  8. Parker · October 5

    My stumbling upon the manosphere occurred in mid 2012. Here are a few of my favorites:
    – University of Man, headed by ‘Professors’ Mentu and Ashur. Mentu was the natural alpha ladies man of the operation, Ashur was the more sensitive intellectual. They were both excellent writers and cranked out some great content. Unfortunately, a doxxing threat by a disgruntled former associate forced them to abruptly shutter the blog.
    – Book of Bonecrker. Bonecrker was an intelligent guy who had played the field, and was very objectively observant of modern women and the dating market. Even though he was active mainly around the mid aughts, much of what he wrote still holds up to this day, I still reread it from time to time, cannot recommend it enough.
    – Uncle Bob’s Treehouse. Now Bob did not actually consider himself to be part of the manosphere, and had quite a few harsh words for the bigger names and many of the more popular ideas at the time. But he was an intelligent guy, and had much wisdom to impart about people, the world, society. Sadly, he passed away in early 2017, but thankfully his blog is still intact.
    – an honourable mention goes to anonymousbosch from the old rooshvforum. An Australian former musician, he was another articulate observer of male female relations and the state of the world. One of my favourite posts of his was where he perfectly summed up the apathy of modern Australian men as (paraphrasing) “not aspiring for anything greater, wanting nothing more than a beer and a cone and a fat woman by his side.” Sadly, bosch suffered some major health crises – including a noticeable mental health decline, and ended up venturing upon a very fundamentalist Catholic spiritual journey, which good for him, but his days of giving good practical advice for men were over.

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  9. Johnny Caustic · October 5

    When you’re trying to understand the change, the effects of pharmaceuticals are deeply underestimated. SSRIs kill sex drive, and to some degree so do many other pills: antidepressants, anticonvulsants, anti-anxieties (benzos), opioids, blood pressure meds, the list goes on. We’ve got 18% of women and 9% of men taking antidepressants alone. Some of them are very hard to get off of. SSRIs may be the worst: they kill desire dead instantly, they induce dependence that can be very hard to manage if you try to quit, and for some people the desire doesn’t come back even years after quitting.

    The best current game blog is probably Nash’s daysofgame, with Roy Walker as runner-up. The historically best game blog that’s still active is probably Krauser’s, but he’s not posting much about game now. Blackdragon still writes good posts about women sometimes, though financial and business topics have come to predominate.

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  10. Wolf · October 5

    Well, a lot of the knowledge has made its way to the younger ones through cultural diffusion. Like you said, a lot of the concepts seems obvious now. But that’s normally how theory goes.
    I think young ones are still plenty horny but the percentage of conquests going to the few at the top has become even more skewed leading many to no longer bother. In the 50s we can say 95% of guys eventually got a girl, in the 90s and 00s that dropped to maybe 75% and now it’s maybe 40%. Same thing that is happening in business. Game was never going to solve this trend which was caused by loosening sexual mores, online dating, etc. Game is just an arms race.

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  11. · October 5

    I suppose Roosh’s story is indicative of what’s happened across that whole (manosphere) space.

    He went from being entertaining and provocative to discovering God and turning into a preacher. To many of us, that is the same as saying ‘boring’.

    The world itself has apparently moved on, among other things, also from enjoying the occasional risk taking to unfettered ‘safetyism’. Wear a helmet, wear a mask, take your ‘vaccine’, don’t do drugs, don’t engage in opportunistic sex… be afraid…be very afraid…of your own shadow, presumably.

    Hence we now live in a society where the majority is convinced Big Daddy Government is the only authority to trust, and they would rather have a sex robot (i.e. next generation inflatable doll) than a real girlfriend.

    Sad? — Yes.
    Predictable? — Hell yes. Just look at today’s higher education.
    Desirable? — If you happen to be an apocalyptic greenie, or an elite multi-billionnaire (ofter the same thing these days), perhaps so. As far as the rest of us…it seems nobody cares.

    So be it, I guess.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 5

      This is why I have a fondness for the Third World. Life here is still very much real and risky.
      If my readers ever need to break a bout of ennui, I recommend a trip to India. You may not love every moment of it but you will not be bored.

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  12. dickycone · October 5

    “While it’s now vanished, The Flaming Eyeball’s post about his Gen-Z peers paints a picture of socially inept young people often too physically and mentally unwell to bother much with dating.”

    I really wish that post hadn’t disappeared. It was truly chilling and the best description of what the younger generations are going through I’ve ever read. I’d intended to send the link to various boomers and fellow gen Xers I know who are too hard on people younger than us.

    “Looking at incel forums, the one thing weirdly missing is the raging libido normally associated with healthy young men. They dream about cuddling a girlfriend, not pounding some hot lass. I don’t fully understand it but I grasp this much: things have changed.”

    It all seems by design to me. The main goal behind all of this is population reduction and it’s working. It also explains why young women in the West have become, for the most part, so aggressively unattractive and wear their ugliness (both physical and internal) proudly. Who’d have ever thought you could take women in their late teens to late twenties and make them unappealing, but here we are.

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  13. Scrotum Pole · October 6

    When I was on SSRI’s I experienced no reduction of desire. My d!ck had no problem becoming engorged with blood but did have difficulty erupting with geysers of come. That took a lot of effort.


  14. Johnny Caustic · October 6

    Thanks for telling us about the Flaming Eyeball post. I found a link. Plugging it into the Wayback Machine, you can still read the post here:

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 6

      Cheers, I downloaded it.
      Last time, older readers misread it as whining about his own life or demanding someone else fix it. For those who have a look, keep in mind that he is talking about many of his peers, not himself, like an embedded anthropologist, and he is more critical of them than you ever were.
      The young require guidance from their elders, not contempt.

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  16. Liz · October 7

    Wonder what happened to them. I wish them all the best.

    I wish them well also.
    However, for a few years after I followed Kate’s blog and finally stopped reading after she advocated celibacy in marriage.

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  17. Bardelys the Magnificent · October 8

    I found my way through Dalrock and Hawaiian Libertarian. The roots of Feminism and the government’s role in it. Even after HL stopped posting, I would cruise the blog roll on the left. It was quite exciting to check and see what new idea some blogger had come up with for discussion. Quite a time to be alive.

    A while back I went on a reminiscing trip and tried to find a lot of old sites. Elusive Wapiti, Free Northerner, Spearhead, The Rawness, Vault Co, Bob Wallace. I could list them for hours, almost all gone. The Mandrosphere was a supernova that shone bright, then faded to obscurity. There’s no way to describe the energy in the air at that time. I’m glad I was there, but at the same time not really.

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  18. collegereactionary · October 8

    I did a thread on twitter about the manosphere a couple of weeks ago, if you know my alt. I could always tell that there was something slightly off about the manosphere. It was too analytical, and people will not allow themselves to be analyzed. That’s an adversarial task you’re trying to pull off, especially if you try to do it to a woman. It’s about as hard to solve as chess is.

    Which is why my favorite book on game was always Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction.” It’s eally hammers home the point that sex, even love, is a high-level power game, meant for great men and women. You’ve always got to keep the edge, and bring something to the table too. Once you’ve proven yourself as a serious player, it’s easy and even fun.

    But this game is too costly for most. And no matter how well you carry yourself, if you haven’t got the goods then it’s all for nothing. Knowing how to please women is only a small bit of value, and sadly it doesn’t matter most of the time.

    The manosphere discovered some great things but it wallowed in the mud to do that. It’s bad business dissecting humans, again, especially women. I don’t mind that, but it could never come to terms with itself. They were losers & needed every edge they could get, but they never realized what ugly questions they were asking. “Why don’t women treat us like real people?” Because you aren’t, and everyone who said you were was lying. “What do women want?” Trust me you don’t want to know. Let’s just say they don’t want anything. It’s less messy that way.

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