The worst system in the world (except for all the others)

One of the world’s most misunderstood terms is ‘liberal democracy’.

These are two contradictory concepts put together to achieve a healthy balance, kind of like constitutional monarchy.

The democracy part you already know. The liberal part means respecting individual and minority rights. Minority as in, any group that wants something different to that of the majority.

In a pure democracy, the majority can vote for anything at all. They or their representatives can seize property from the minority, ban unpopular religions or imprison rivals without charge.

A liberal democracy incorporates human rights to balance against the tyranny of the majority, most famously in America’s Bill of Rights. There, the majority cannot vote to silence people, seize their weapons or imprison them without a fair trial.


The Constitution can be changed but there’s a process and it’s tricky. Usually it’s only amended when there is very broad support. This is mirrored across the Western world and some other countries. Up until recently it worked pretty well. We had stable, wealthy, free societies.

What went wrong?

A few things. First, the increasing power of massive corporations, together with an alliance of all elites against the rest, mean that freedom of speech, movement and commerce can be infringed by private entities in ways that skip around Constitutional rights.

Another is that the courts, also being elites involved in the Cloud Alliance, can simply disregard the law when it suits their side – unfairly prosecuting here, failing to prosecute there, and so on.

A further factor is the breakdown of the old balance between liberalism and democracy.

Today, democracy is too strong. We see this most clearly in the UK and Australia where rights are not so firmly imbedded in law as in the US, instead traditionally upheld by Anglo-Saxon precedent. With the majority trembling before Covid, the worst virus ever to befall Mankind, people gave up their freedoms without a fight. The minority who still wanted to be allowed to leave the house or the country found that the ‘liberal’ part of liberal democracy had failed them.

Having said that, democracy is failing, too. Majorities can be contrived through aforementioned elite control of discourse or through direct manipulation.

I’m not opposed to liberal democracy. For a long time, it was the right system for us. However, it’s now dead and we need to find a replacement.

One should be cautious of barracking for one political system over all others. Each has its advantages and drawbacks; none has ever ushered in a paradise on Earth and none is likely to in the future. Each contends with the same impediment: us. If we were perfect, any system would be fine.

I’m not ready to advocate a particular alternative yet. What I will say is, the public are not yet ready to admit defeat so our successor political system should continue to be called liberal democracy even though it is not. As is the case with our current system.

Of the two, I value liberty over democracy. I haven’t voted for a decade. More than anything, I just want to be left alone. Anyone promising that will have my attention.

I used to think that democracy, while contrary to liberalism, quietly upheld it: we would vote out anyone who infringed upon our rights. Now I realize that is wrong. My countrymen will do no such thing so long as they are properly groomed for autocracy.

For these reasons, I think we should dispose of democracy. How? I have no idea. But the post-war era, while shining bright, eventually proved that democracy cannot protect our individual liberties. In fact, it cannot always procure majority desires. Did you ever vote for mass migration or endless foreign wars? Was there ever a way to vote against them?

I can’t think how to limit voting without upheaval and instability. Maybe it’s not that hard. Two years ago I would have assumed that suddenly stripping all rights away would cause riots but that didn’t happen. Maybe we just need a new pandemic to justify limiting the vote to a few, prominent citizens who can be trusted to do the right thing. For social distancing, you see.

But it depends on who gets to vote. Those working in the private sector paying significant tax rates – maybe okay. Our present media/corporate/academic elites – no.

Woke Capital supports war, money printing and population replacement more than anyone. In fact, it’s very hard to determine who is really in the ‘private sector’ in the modern, mixed economy of most Western countries. Do you count organs of the military-industrial complex? Silicon valley giants nurtured by intelligence agencies? Airlines bailed out every three years? Subsidized agricultural giants whose surplus is bought up by USAid and sent to impoverish African farmers? Banks profiting from .gov’s printed money? Subsidized energy producers, both fossil and renewable? Fat, cosseted pharmaceutical industries? News and social media outlets that do the government’s dirty work? A manufacturer in bed with the CCP?

It’s hard to think of a business bigger than a cafe or local mechanic that is truly private.

Getting rid of egalitarian elections does not solve the underlying problem of our hostile elites.

This could all go terribly wrong.

Edit: I’ve since discovered more about why our rights and votes suddenly become worthless. Look out for a future post on this topic.


  1. jewamongyou · 3 Days Ago

    Generally speaking, the larger the political unit (country), the less freedom its citizens/subjects have. In democracies, this is doubly so, because the higher the population, the more your vote is diluted = meaningless. The elites are destroying our freedom, and seizing power, by a) increasing our populations through mass migration and b) working toward a One-World government. Regarding the mass migration, they’re making sure to import new citizens who will vote as instructed (IE. Democrat/leftist). We can already see the results in California, Gregory Hood just published a good article on that:

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  2. Kentucky Headhunter · 3 Days Ago

    Most western countries haven’t been actual democracies in a long time. As the Princeton study of almost a decade ago found, the elites almost always get their way, the majority of common citizens almost never do.

    Veery good point about the mixed, modern economy. Healthcare in the U.S. for instance, is socialized, in that 75-80% of all payments come from government sources. All the companies involved rely on government dollars whether they are hospitals or do the out-sourced laundry.

    Yes, the election here was stolen, but the entire government apparatus was refusing to take orders from the previously elected President. How much did we actually “lose” when those millions of Biden-only votes came in at 4 am?

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    • Wolf · 3 Days Ago

      Yes, yet we keep hearing this idea of the 51% oppressing the 49% or the people voting themselves money. These are both wrong. What ends up happening is that a hidden, slipper oligarchy ends up oppressing the 99.9%.

      From the commoners standpoint:
      – democracy presents representation because it provides a false one. Normally they would have a bit of leverage cause of things got too out of hand (see European societies during the past 100 years), leaders would lose their heads. Democracy is the opiate of the masses.
      – wasted time and resources on election cycles.

      From the rules standpoint:
      – more stability cause the public is too duped to go after them.

      From the system standpoint:
      – inefficient
      – favors foxes over lions

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  3. lemmiwinks · 3 Days Ago

    In my opinion we have already moved on, for the most part, from liberal democracy – it’s now totalitarian rule and certain parts of the world are experiencing it for the first time. Look at this guy, basically a small time nobody, but look what happens when he pokes the bear:

    A firearms prohibition order neatly circumvents the need for a pesky search warrant. If you poke fun at them, it’s worse for you:

    Watch the home invasion:

    Back to the first guy, we are being watched (doubtless commenters on this site too):

    It would take a serious uprising to sort this out, and the ensuing mess and power vacuum could end up being worse. Most likely they would just ease up a bit, and Stockholm syndrome like, we’d forget all about it. Even it the will were there (it’s mostly not) the means is long gone. I used to think my dad was paranoid about the government disarming the populace, could be I owe him an apology!

    Other alternatives? Military coup? Highly unlikely. Invasion by another country? Suspicious minds might say that’s no longer necessary.

    Yesterday I received an email from my employer to take a survey to assist with planning. First question? What is your covid vaccine status? I guess I have months left before I’m forced out. This is the hill I will die on.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 3 Days Ago

      I’ve been away a long time so I don’t know any of these people or their back stories.
      “It would take a serious uprising to sort this out, and the ensuing mess and power vacuum could end up being worse.”
      Yes. Usually the people (rabbits) that take power immediately after a revolution are not the same people in power a few years later, i.e. the Mensheviks in Russia. There’s a French word for this group that currently escapes me, but anyway that is the pattern. Bad as the present situation is, it could be far, far worse. Source: history.
      “. . . we are being watched (doubtless commenters on this site too) . . .”
      I moderate comments for this reason. Anything too heated doesn’t get published. Readers are reminded yet again of the need for VPNs and to avoid posting while drunk, fun though that is. Especially Australians.

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      • lemmiwinks · 3 Days Ago

        “I’ve been away a long time so I don’t know any of these people or their back stories.”

        That’s just the point – they’re basically nobodies yet look at the disproportionate response. The cossak guy appears to have had almost no subscribers until recently – he’s quite possibly a grifter riding the wave, but regardless they are quite clearly scared shitless of him. If he got too big and the lawfare didn’t shut him down they’d just smear him as pro-Putin (which is unashamedly is). Who knows, maybe he got up to mischief in the Crimea, it wouldn’t surprise me but it doesn’t diminish his point about the police state.

        Friendlyjordies is just a couple of dudes poking fun at delicate NSW politicians. From the looks of it, John “Pork” Barilaro is an especially nefarious piece of work. I can say that with reasonable certainty I won’t be receiving a visit from the Stasi, I mean “fixated persons” unit since I’m in Japan. Or is it the Netherlands?

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      • Kentucky Gent · 2 Days Ago

        NV wrote “I moderate comments for this reason. Anything too heated doesn’t get published. Readers are reminded yet again of the need for VPNs and to avoid posting while drunk, fun though that is.”
        Well, I must have not been drinking as much as I thought I was, because my comments keep passing moderation.


  4. luisman · 3 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  5. luisman · 3 Days Ago

    Democracy means that 51 cannibals can vote to eat the 49 non-cannibals.
    Liberalism means that you have to endure the non-tolerable.

    I like to go to the extremes of the definitions which seem like ‘holy words’ for so many people. But a few 100 years ago, these words would have sounded strange for most, as people were ruled by Kings and Queens and some lower order aristocracy.

    Democracy has died after mass-propaganda has been invented and it cannot be resurrected. Liberty, Liberalism or Libertarianism has hard limits. Strangely enough, there has to be common ground for what is forbidden and not tolerable in order to grant liberty in all other fields of human endeavour. There has been much common ground in homogenous societies, but with ever higher leves of immigration these agreed upon morals have been dissolved.

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    • Vizzini · 2 Days Ago

      “Strangely enough, there has to be common ground for what is forbidden and not tolerable in order to grant liberty in all other fields of human endeavour.”

      This thought has also loomed large in my thinking, lately.

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  6. overgrownhobbit · 3 Days Ago

    This could all go terribly wrong.

    “Could”, he says-!

    All excellent points, though

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  8. Kentucky Gent · 2 Days Ago

    “What went wrong?”

    Heh! I love such open-ended questions. At first, I wanted to jet back to the early 1500s and say “The Protestant “Reformation” went wrong!”

    OK, but then I had to jet back ANOTHER 500 years and say it was the Great Schism that went wrong.

    And then I realized, nope, gotta go back to Adam and Eve. The Fall of Man. We are all literally cursed. So there’s no fixing it? Yes and No. We can’t fix it. God can. But most won’t participate in God’s fix, which is ‘tough love’, so to speak. Which led me ultimately to agree with you, NV, that I would just like to be left alone to pursue my own thing. (Which is Catholicism).

    But it’s the other people who throw a spanner in the works. They believe pursuing THEIR own thing means I can’t pursue MY own thing, because I must be a hater for loving God’s law.

    And some might say that 500 years ago, the shoe was on the other foot. OK, then. The solution is obvious. We all have to die. But that was true anyway.

    So what have we learned from my post? Hell if I know…


    • ray · 1 Day Ago

      The failure that occurred in Eden at the beginning of the race was the failure that destroyed America and the West, here at the end of the Church Age. The woman wanted Equality (with God and man) and the man — instead of obeying God’s voice — instead obeyed woman’s voice. That was the first Fall.
      The Lord underlined the Second Fall of humanity by setting the duration at exactly 100 years. In 1920 man enshrined into law the sin of the First Fall. So God gave America exactly a century from Enfranchisement to Lockdown Totalitarianism. Now all the Adams and all the Eves must face the consequences of their choice — the Eves for usurping the place and position of the Adams, and the Adams for going along with it or, worse, abetting and enforcing it.


  9. lemmiwinks · 2 Days Ago

    I just came across an interview with a North Korean defector, apparently one of the “elite” he was basically an internal spy keeping an eye on the citizens. I can’t speak Korean so I have to accept the subtitles, and indeed the entire premise that he actually is a defector at face value.

    Points that I found particularly interesting: in North Korea there is no freedom of movement – he defected with a friend but his friend didn’t have access to travel close to the Chinese border so they had to choose a different route. In North Korea you don’t own a car unless Kim Jong-un gave it to you. In North Korea, even the elite report their movements. North Korea is strictly divided into classes, no aspirations for you! In North Korea “Once a week, and in the case of arts and entertainment, once every two days, you are required to engage in self-criticism.” Looking over to the USA, this last point is most telling.


  10. ray · 1 Day Ago

    The massive corporations that you cite as problem-source formed long after the nation was ticketed for destruction. That occurred first in 1920 with the Nineteenth Amendment, and was followed about forty years later with the killer, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The plunge was precipitous after CRA ’64 worked through the system and bore its first rotten fruit at dawn of the Seventies.
    Sometimes men can cobble together a system that recognizes human fallibility and weakness, yet still endure awhile. Like America. But the moment that Jacobin egalitee (equality) is leavened-in, and women are assumed politically and legally equal with men, you have embraced a lie too big to endure, and failure is inevitable. Women do not give a shiny shit about your freedoms and your liberalism; they are communal-totalitarians and authoritarians. Silly, weak men pretending otherwise lose both their nations and their freedoms.
    As for what system replaces liberal democracy, no need for you to fret and theorize on it. It was selected for you quite some time ago, and you will be subject to it.


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