Word from the Dark Side – fake news aplenty, a funny video, firing up a backyard reactor and a copper’s dirty film

The Appalachian Trail by Hunter Quinn, 2016

Biden droned the wrong guy, innocent aid worker killed in Kabul strike: NYT. Just leave and stay left. The only good thing we got from Afghanistan was a hard lesson and it seems we’re too stubborn to even take that.

Poetry of the Taliban. The one featured is not bad.

The aftermath of 9/11 affected us all differently.

Nutter puts up anti-mask posters with razor blades attached to injure those responsible citizens who take them down.

It didn’t happen, the BBC won’t retract the story and they still have a ‘fact check’ link in the text. Deboonking thread:

Prior to Covid, the ACLU condemned mandates and coercive measures in dealing with pandemics.

White pill:

“U.S. colleges and universities had 1.5 million fewer students compared with five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline.”

That’s great news on every level. The whole rotten university system can’t collapse fast enough.

Funny hearing that from a former university professor.

An article.

As to our previous discussions on dissident finance, I looked into the foreign bank suggestion and it seems super easy to start an account in Russia or Georgia. The only tricky part is you do have to go there at least once.

As part of my crypto investigations, I joined Twetch to have a look. I appreciate the thought and effort that went into it but it sadly looks like paying a few cents to post, like or follow is not catching on. Cheers to the fellow who linked my posts there.

I’m still trying out crypto, will report back if I think it’s a goer. Bitcash and BSV look orright; the latter is better but was led by a bloke now frowned upon by some. This history may be taught in schools one day, like the Arians vs the Orthodox or VHS vs Beta. But they don’t teach those.

New Orleans removes potentially hateful items from time capsule in pedastal of old Robert E. Lee statue, replaced them with modern items including:

– an expired Covid vaccine

– a BLM sticker

– an LGBTQ pride badge

– fliers from ‘Stop Asian Hate’ protests

– a photo of Virginia State Police helping patrol Washington, DC during the Capitol protest

– a photo of a black ballerina in front of the statue

kente cloth worn at the 400th commemoration of 1619

I think we’ve forgotten what a time capsule is for.

Serious question: how long until these items reach their ever-evolving Woke use-by date and are also declared hateful? Less than 133 years, of course, but I wonder how long until the pride badge is considered insufficiently inclusive or the Asian hate protests are judged white-adjacent.

White woman wearing gorilla mask throws eggs at a black political candidate:

LA Times attempts to portray the story as Larry slapping a woman who he was actually helping, by using a misleading photo. She directly replied as much to the LA Times tweet and Twitter buried it for being ‘offensive’. LAT eventually changed the photo once it was old news, which is why I’m linking to GP instead.

The LA Times has previously described Larry as ‘the black face of white supremacy.’

Writer who exposed bizarre Google training loses verified status on Twitter.

Reformer are a menace:

Was the Church in the Middle Ages morally lax? Or was it simply realistic about the limits of human perfectibility? Priests certainly cohabited with women and popes and cardinals had mistresses but the Church didn’t worry too much about these things because while God is perfect (and some saints may go close to perfection) ordinary men and women are far from perfect.

Australia is spending up to $25 million for each life saved. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme normally cuts out at $100K per year.

Residents of a locked-down Sydney tower block have their alcohol purchases limited by NSW Health.

Clown World reminds us that AusRight.com continues to aggregate content for Aussies and now has a lot more stuff.

Pretty girl:

Meanwhile in Japan, a senior police officer is charged with filming up a woman’s skirt.

Police said 53 seconds of footage of the woman was found on Matsushita’s smartphone.

Police said Matsushita, who was on his way to work at the time, has denied the charge

That’s it.


  1. Severian · 7 Days Ago

    Thanks for the link. There’s a reason I’m a *former* university professor, and it’s not that I was a poor teacher. The American “education” system is what you get when you give Clown World’s most obnoxious clowns unlimited (fake) money AND total control of admission. That’s what they want the entire world to be like.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Kentucky Gent · 7 Days Ago

    “The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme normally cuts out at $100K per year.”
    In the USA, the word “scheme” has a negative connotation, similar to “plot” or “conspire”. When governments officially use it to describe their own programs, I always get a good laugh from it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nuke1776 · 7 Days Ago

    That time capsule story was from Richmond, Virginia, not New Orleans. Though the current crop of stooges running New Orleans are probably kicking themselves for not doing something equally stupid. Imagine the level of pettiness to remake a time capsule purposely selecting every item to be antithetical to a people long dead and who can make no defense for their actions. They, being men 10,000 times better and more worthy than those creating this insult, would have gladly burned down and salted their own land just to prevent so deviant and devilish a people from rising.

    On the backyard reactor story, I am familiar with it, as my screen name implies. It’s an interesting story. Have you noticed how all videos like that on YouTube have taken to clickbait splash images? This one is particularly silly, as the “reactor” is clearly a commercial reactor in a refueling outage, with the vessel completely defueled and being lit up by underwater floodlights. There’s more uranium in an old orange glazed Fiestaware plate than in that vessel.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Gunner Q · 6 Days Ago

    “Was the Church in the Middle Ages morally lax? Or was it simply realistic about the limits of human perfectibility?”

    There is failing, there is not trying and there is hypocrisy. Three very different things and two of them are worth fussing about.


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  6. Liberator · 4 Days Ago

    Regarding Twetch: You’re welcome.
    Also, spot on with your comment about it not taking off due to excessive fees; something I and others have complained about. I made the point a number of times that if the fees were far lower they’d most likely get far more engagement and thereby make as much money anyway. But those suggestions seem to fall on deaf ears. No doubt something else will come along with a better business model to replace it. Perhaps one has already??: https://blockpost.network. It’s beta for now with far lower fees.

    Liked by 2 people

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