Gradually, then all at once (Australia updates)

World’s largest prison as seen from space (stolen gag)
Truckies and supermarket shortages

Is there a nationwide blockade by Aussie truckies protesting lockdowns, mandatory vaccines etc? They did issue warnings to stock up on supplies.

Are police and media conspiring to hush it up?

On the other hand, there appear to be several ongoing truck disputes over various issues plus supermarket shortages due to staff out on quarantine.

As in China, once can’t get to the bottom of these things anymore.

It’s affecting stores across the state.
Everything’s fine. Report all misinformation to appropriate authorities
Internet anonymity

In other developments, a swiftly-deleted segment on Australian TV says Federal Parliament is considering a Chinese-style system where people will have to use ID to log in to social media so that police can track them.

“Now, the recommendations were handed down by a federal Parliamentary enquiry. Their reforms are being considered by the Morrison government, with the chairman saying ‘there is merit to remove the veil of being anonymous.”

New South Wales (it’s a state)

The Armenian Frankenstein, Gulag Gladys Berejigglytits

The irony is that NSW Liberal Premier Gladys was the ‘moderate’ one for a long time, and if there were a few cases she’d avoid going into full lockdown, as she seemed to genuinely want businesses to stay open and people to keep working, and would implement fairly mild, almost Swedish style, rules against large gatherings. Today though, in some parts of Sydney (the sociable, Islamoid ones where most ‘cases’ are) things are more draconian than anything seen in Melbourne this or last year.


See previous link for various pieces of footage showing how cops are treating citizens these days.

One the other hand, those citizens who dare to identify individual police officers involved in such controversial incidents are facing prosecution. Reading closely, it seems that some did no more than that to be charged with intimidation, where as police are circulating photos of peaceful protesters in order to arrest them for walking down a street.

We had to kill them to save them

A three-year-old got stranded by a sudden state border closure, not yet granted an exception to go home, and has been unable to see his parents for two months. For safety. I hope that older and immuno-compromised Australians are sleeping a little easier without this little biohazard creeping around.

Article image for Family’s emotional plea: Three-year-old barred from going home to QLD

Governments like to announce that there will be exceptions to these crazy rules on ‘compassionate grounds’ but in reality, once bureaucracy is involved, God help you. Normal people will not be getting across any borders until the mighty wheels of state start turning in their own merry time. A similar case: Patient stuck in NSW faces bureaucratic nightmare to cross Queensland border for cancer treatment.

Alright for some

However, special people can do as they please:

[Prime Minister] Scott Morrison took an RAAF VIP jet to Sydney on Friday and spent several days in his home city, including Father’s Day, before returning to Canberra yesterday. 

The Prime Minister’s office said he had received approval from ACT Health to return to the capital, with a number of conditions. 

Well of course he got approval. Some people’s requests seem to end up on the top of the pile on a bureaucrat’s desk. It’s that toddler’s fault for not being special enough.

Not the full story

Delta is killing young people, too!

The death of a Sydney man in his 20s from Covid-19 has prompted authorities to urge young people to get vaccinated and to be wary of how serious the virus is . . .

The NSW chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant, said he had “suddenly deteriorated” and that he had no underlying conditions.

This man had a history of heart problems, had tested negative to Covid the day before and no longer displayed symptoms. Covid may have played a role but Australian health authorities are essentially lying to us in saying that healthy young people are at high risk from Delta.

It’s not the first time. In earlier cases, two young Covid deaths turned out to be cancer and a drug overdose. Governments and the media are deliberately trying to terrify the population beyond any concern justified by the actual threat.

Boot on face

Takimag article goes further:

In West Australia, Premier Mark McGowan has sealed off the state for most of the past year. McGowan has also passed “emergency” legislation exempting himself from criminal law and civil liabilities. His decisions and actions cannot be appealed. The premier can also now make laws without reference to parliament, in direct contravention of Australia’s Westminster tradition of government.

It’s pretty much official: regular vaccine booster shots will be compulsory if you want to travel, visit a public venue or leave the house . . . forever:

Dr Chant is the archetype of Earth’s new ruling class. Imagine a spinstery Grade 5 teacher scolding the world . . . forever.

How soon until non-vaccine requirements are added to internal passports, and which country will be first? Step right up and place your bets! I’m guessing Australia by 2022 but Canada is still in the running. At first it will be something hard to dispute like sex offender registry data, but will gradually expand to ‘terror’ links, unpaid fines/taxes, strikes on social media . . .

As I’ve said before, it’s easy to predict the future when it’s already starting to happen. Exhibit A: Big Tech is adding vaccine passports to digital wallets. Exhibit B: Australian police are already snooping on QR code check-in data meant for contract tracing in order to investigate crimes:

When the Western Australia SafeWA contact tracing app was made compulsory in December last year, Premier Mark McGowan promised personal data would only be used by health authorities.

But Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said the terms and condition allowed police to delve into the data if it was far a “lawful reason” and it users should read the fine print.

Don’t agree with the fine print? Just don’t buy groceries.

Top rated comment:

the only people who care if the cops see check-in data are those that are crims anyhow. If cops  accessing QR data gets more crims off the streets that’s a good thing.

What now

Australia is a hair’s-breadth away from a fully totalitarian society where you can’t do anything – travel, buy, sell, work, drive, communicate – without government approval. I laughed at my superstitious landlady for saying vaccines contain a microchip with the Mark of the Beast but now I think she was spiritually correct. It’s not in the vaccines themselves, it’s in the passports.

This will quickly devolve into anarcho-tyranny: those rowdily protesting for the right reasons will need no checks. Certain gangs will continue to run amok. We’ll have all China’s authoritarianism but none of its public order.

This happened very fast. If someone had sent me the events of the last 18 months as a chapter summary of a planned novel, I’d have told him to make it more believable. Real life can get away with more ridiculous plot turns than fiction.

Nothing in the future is certain, no matter how likely it seems. We could turn this around.

Every now and then a demi-elite voice speaks against the madness, like this editorial from The Melbourne Age. After supporting continued lockdowns until vaccination rates are higher, they dare to say:

But there comes a point, and The Age believes that point has been reached, where the damage caused by the harshest and longest lockdowns in the country needs to be more seriously factored in. Wednesday’s announced “easing” was a harsh and cruel blow. Playgrounds can open on Friday (although, in true Victorian style, only one carer can attend and they cannot remove their mask even to eat or drink). Few experts ever endorsed the playground ban in the first place.

The editorial goes on to advocate easing of restrictions once vaccination goals are reached – that is, greater easing than the current plan to let Victorians travel 10km from their homes instead of 5km once 70% are vaccinated. They also call for an end to restrictions with little evidence to back them up, like the 9pm curfew.

The response was scathing. Set the comments to ‘most respected’ and see for yourself. Many declare that they will cancel their subscriptions. Here’s my favourite:

When even one of your reader’s children die from COVID 19 because your editorial has undermined the essence of why we are in lockdown (protection), will you take responsibility foe this death due to your irresponsible approach?

The editorial ended up being one of the most-read articles in the paper’s history and caused the editor to publish an explanatory letter to soften the blow.

If not in the elites, where does hope lie?

In the plebs.

Specifically, in the Badwhites and lumpen immigrant communities.

It is now common knowledge that much of the rule-breaking is being done by Afghans, Lebanese and Africans. Edit: and Ultra-Orthodox Jews! The Jerusalem Post comment thread squabbles always fascinate me.

Anyway, such rule-breaking is normally a net negative in law-abiding WEIRD communities, but in this case it is a positive. We need their intransigence and hard-headed tribalism because we lack enough of our own. In a multicultural society, all politics is ethnic politics and the victors are those who can most effectively forge alliances.

The efficacy of vaccines should not be the issue. My own opinion has shifted but that makes no difference. If vaccines were a panacea, would you therefore want them made compulsory? If not, why get bogged down arguing over it? It’s an important but separate issue and we must not get sidetracked.

The points of contention should be lockdowns, travel restrictions and vaccine passports. These are the chief evils that will inevitably lead to many other evils. They also expose convenient pressure-points on our enemies: “Vaccine passports hurt people of colour the most!” “Lockdowns are racist!” Not many Afghans or Sudanese are happily working from home.

I try to report ill tidings with constructive suggestions. Got better ones? Hit the comments.


  1. luisman · 10 Days Ago

    Reminds me of a story of a guy who was in jail for 20 years, and a few weeks after he got out committed a new crime, because he was unable to live in freedom.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. luisman · 10 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


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  4. TechieDude · 10 Days Ago

    “We’ll have all China’s authoritarianism but none of its public order.” Says it all. No payoff. At least the average Joe Chinaman can go about his business.

    Soon it’ll be like ‘1984’ there. You’ll go to the prole and foreigner sector to find what you need.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kentucky Gent · 9 Days Ago

    NV: “I try to report ill tidings with constructive suggestions. Got better ones? Hit the comments.”

    Why, thank you for asking, Nikolai! Now, before I get on my soapbox, I will try to tactfully cushion the blow of me pompously telling you that you’re wrong. (Or, what passes for ‘tact’ in my social skill set. That part about being a Gent? That’s tongue-in-cheek.)

    I recall reading in one of your posts a while back that you are not a believer. Left the Catholic Church maybe? The thing is, I am 100% certain beyond any doubt that Catholicism is true. This is NOT an endorsement of the pedophiles and commies that have infiltrated the church as wolves in sheep’s clothing. I am talking about the moral and theological dogmas that are entrusted to the church’s guardianship.

    And, if your starting point for reasoning is that Jesus Christ is truly God in the flesh, and the church He founded is the guardian of the true faith, then EVERYTHING we see in the world makes sense. It is all crystal clear and perfectly reasonable.

    NV: “Nothing in the future is certain, no matter how likely it seems. We could turn this around”

    The future is 100% set, as far as the big picture is concerned. The minutia, the details, may be changeable, but there will be overt, public manifestation of the spiritual war between good and evil that has been going on since Adam and Eve. Not only has Lucifer been planning and working on his spiritual war all these millennia, but his human servants have also been planning this for a long time as well. Namely, the Freemasons (founded just over 300 years ago), but also global elites who have been financing this stuff and pushing it on all the nations by means of owning the politicians. I could go back much further in history, but this post is already too long. Spoiler alert: Christ wins.

    At the end of August, Archbishop Vigano published a scathing missive detailing some of this stuff, as well as explaining the differences in the ages (Pisces v. Aquarius), exposing the documented plans of the Masons going all the way back to Albert Pike in 1871, and lots more. Here’s the link:

    So then, what is my constructive suggestion? Everyone who isn’t Catholic should become Catholic!


  6. Marriagesexandmore · 9 Days Ago

    The vaccines are a joke. Full disclosure, I am vaccinated. I had a chance to receive it early and wanted to be the guinea pig for my family. I figured since we share blood, whatever it does to me safe or not, they will know if they should get it. Crazy I know, but it’s a choice I made in a hurry at the time. So far, no side effects, received it in early March. Pfizer two shot. Most of the vaccinated people I know have gotten covid. All the people infected I know (and that’s a huge number so far) have had from no symptoms (most) to mild flu, but far less than any previous actual flu. Add that to the quietly released news that the CDC believes the number of infected people is at least double in the US, which means survival rate is even higher than the 99%+ currently cited. There is something more going on. I see what it is, but the end goal is the concerning part for me. Man, I miss the 70’s and 80’s. People weren’t such pussies…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kentucky Gent · 9 Days Ago

      Can you clarify your post. You said “Most of the vaccinated people I know have gotten covid. All the people infected I know (and that’s a huge number so far) have had from no symptoms (most) to mild flu, but far less than any previous actual flu.”
      Are you talking about all the people infected that were ALSO vaccinated, or is it all the vax’d and unvax’d that got infected?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Marriagesexandmore · 8 Days Ago

        Sure, both the vaxed and unvaxed had similar mild symptoms from none to “flu like, but not as bad as the flu” direct quote from several. Despite close contact with all of them, including my wife, I’ve somehow not gotten it. No masks ever and worked the entire time. Not sure what to think about that. Not saying I won’t get it, but it’s strange.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kentucky Gent · 8 Days Ago

          Maybe you are getting plenty of vitamin D, either from diet or being outside.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Marriagesexandmore · 8 Days Ago

            I do take D3 K2 supplement daily, always have even before covid. Also always have taken zinc too. Plus, on the beach a lot with our Jeeps here in Fl. Even in winter. Maybe it’s helped. I don’t know.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Nikolai Vladivostok · 8 Days Ago

            Has there been any research into the prophylactic benefits of very frequent intercourse?

            Liked by 1 person

            • Maniac · 8 Days Ago

              Rapid coitus burns calories. There’s much worse things than being in good cardiovascular shape.

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  7. Tim914 · 9 Days Ago

    Some of us ignorant Americans thought Australia would be the last place to cave to tyranny because Crocodile Dundee was such a bad ass. Who knows, maybe the Northern Territory is still free.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. RMIV · 9 Days Ago

    where’s Paul Hogan when you need ‘im


  9. ray · 9 Days Ago

    ‘Dr Chant is the archetype of Earth’s new ruling class. Imagine a spinstery Grade 5 teacher scolding the world . . . forever.’

    It’s Karen’s show now all right. And loco as Chant is, she’s plenty evil too.

    Far as the Beast Mark goes, current vax campaigns are steps towards that eventual end. Scripture is specific about marks in the forehead or hand.

    In general, what we are witnessing is the Beast System rising and consolidating its global authority. In the West empowered women are its tool of subjugation, but they are only foot- soldiers for globalist trans-generational elites and, beyond them, overshadowing principalities and powers at source.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Frank K · 6 Days Ago

    On the bright side, that fat assed woman in the empty supermarket photo might betting thinner.


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