Build dissident infrastructure and alliances first

Finally, someone talking sense on Gab. From John Young:

Everyone wants to skip step zero (infrastructure) and go to step one (movement).

This is understandable for many reasons. Movements are exciting, they are immediate goal directed, they give instant feedback and so forth. They make us feel like we are doing something.

Yet, since well before I was born, these have existed. They have come into existence, obtained anywhere from 100 to 7000 members, depending, and failed. And failed. And failed.

They all failed because they skipped step zero.

Our history classes have presented us with an illusion that we all buy into. The illusion is that the Civil Rights Movement was step zero, and that the Civil Rights Movement actually changed things, and was against a status quo that it reformed. Because we buy into this illusion, we keep attempting to duplicate something we think was successful.

But a closer examination shows that the activists of that period had considerable backing. Bus loads of lawyers, a sympathetic media, bail money at the ready and even jobs ready and waiting for them so that if their identity was revealed, they took jobs in sinecures in universities where they got a pay raise.

In other words, there was already considerable support infrastructure in place. And this is because they were doing something that the powers-that-be WANTED them to do, and SUPPORTED them, because they were simply being used as an excuse to put forward policies that they ALREADY WANTED TO DO.

The reason why people could be publicly known as bombers for the Weather Underground and then get high paying jobs as professors in universities is because they were actually all on the same side.

So we need to start from step zero: infrastructure.

That is, we need our own businesses and our own parallel institutions and economy to SUPPORT and backstop the people engaged in civil rights struggle.

Without this, we are just preferentially selecting brave people to make sure they have no resources to have kids so we can breed courage out of our gene pool.

Friend is wisdom.


  1. luisman · August 30

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · August 30

    100% correct.

    Look at Antifa, BLM, climate, anti-racism or LGBTxyz protests and other “largely peaceful” activities. None of the activists pays any ‘fines’, has to hire lawyers, or plead to a judge. That’s all taken care of by their organisations, the carefully selected marxist DAs and usually financially backed by your tax dollar.

    None of this applies to so called “right wing” protests. Anyone who sticks out is going to be bankrupted, and will get the max. sentence for farting in the general direction of a cop.

    I asked politicians of the German right wing party AfD, why they can’t even provide security for their own staff, for their campaigners, or how they take care of people who get hurt or loose their job just because they have voted for them. Zilch.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 31

      So far almost all those cancelled either namephagged or protested in person sans mask etc. I reckon that’s best avoided until we get our act together.
      How to get started though? I’m not his Number One Fan but Vox has made steps that others haven’t.


      • Wolf · September 1

        Agree about Vox. We should support whoever seems to have the most energy behind them even if we disagree on issues as long as they are not a complete cuck.
        If this is the best from gab, then the quality must be very low. This was the consensus after the Unite the Right and Trump’s first year in office. No infrastructure, all energy.
        I don’t even think we are at that stage yet. We are in the pre-infrastructure stage where we have yet to gain enough believers to even begin building infrastructure. Based on my experience, even people who are super red-pilled do absolutely nothing except watch videos. We had people show up to contribute to tangible projects and virtually all (i.e. >98%) would flake out. We are still in the building a culture/religion/asabiya stage as Kentucky Gentlemen says.

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        • Nikolai Vladivostok · September 2

          I was extremely offline after the Unite the Right rally so must have missed that discussion entirely. It seems we figured out what we needed to do then didn’t do it.


          • Wolf · September 2

            Yes, inability to execute. Not enough energy, motivation, numbers, etc.


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  4. Stefan · August 30

    It’s impossible to have infrastructure if you don’t control the payment processing companies. No one talks about that, but that’s where real power comes from. Lawyers, NGOs, media, volunteers etc – everyone needs them to succed as John Young says, but when the government controls the cash tit, it controls them all.

    And it’s hard to have your own alternative – see where the competition is now: ” Fidelity Information Services, or FIS, is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and has approximately 55,000 employees. Today it is the largest processing and payments company in the world”.

    The alternative is not to compete but use some fintec such as transferwise for example that can be linked to non-western country processing system. Plenty of alternatives, but not crypto. Banks in non-western ocountries cannot be easily banned or blacklisted. So here’s an idea – the new infrastructure can be financed by bank transfers only. Using paypal, gofundme, patreon, mastercatd and visa equals doom and failure for any movement. Such as using twitter and facebook for the same purpose to spread the word – you only paint a target on your back and it certain you will be virtually deleted/banned at some point. All are headquartered where the government can easily subdue them.

    How the new system may work – someone sends money for example to an US transferwise account, which is with some local bank and is used by many local businesses. Transferwise send the money to transferwise Russia account for example. From there you put money on term deposit in the Russian bank or pay lawyers or media. The bad thing – international bank transfer fees will be a bit higher, and someone must actually go abroad once to open an account, but the good thing – no one will be able to cut your finances at home. And you only need a new e-mail to have new fintec account, if the old one gets banned.

    It’s getting a but long but there’s really no discussion about this – and so much depends on available payments. So to summarise – no building of new payment infractructure, use existing fintechs with bank accounts in many countries, pay collaborators from abroad, collect donations from bank transfers. All else is doomed to fail.

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    • lemmiwinks · August 30

      “Such as using twitter and facebook for the same purpose to spread the word – you only paint a target on your back and it certain you will be virtually deleted/banned at some point. All are headquartered where the government can easily subdue them.”

      I feel that they, and alphabet *are* the government to a large degree. Certainly they have undue influence over public opinion.

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    • Vizzini · August 30

      “It’s impossible to have infrastructure if you don’t control the payment processing companies. ”

      There were no “payment processing companies” in the first half of the 20th century when the left-wing infrastructure was being built, and all the means of financial transaction that were available then are still available now.

      If the arduous process of writing a check and sticking it in an envelope is beyond us, we deserve to lose.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 31

      I’ve previously had to make international remittances via Gazprom and ran into all sorts of difficulties because of US sanctions even when not using USD. However, if anyone’s had success using Russian or Georgian banks etc. then let us know how you did it.
      I reckon it’s time for experimentation with both crypto and foreign currencies/banks. I’ve put these on my list of things to do.


  5. Dinothedoxie · August 30

    Step -1 is infiltrating their institutions.
    The communist left began doing this in the 1910s-20s in the US.
    Step 0 followed a generation later.

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    • dickycone · August 30

      At the very least, this sounds like a great plot for a novel. High IQ right-wing dissidents infiltrate Google, Amazon, CNN, the BBC, etc. and slowly take them over, resulting in…???. Some talented writer who leans toward the dissident right should write a book like that (*cough* Nik *cough*).


      • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 30

        Dissident is uncovered by a bevy of lovelorn female POC apparatchiks who blackmail him for favours, funky guitar is heard as AOC and that Somali who married her brother lead him away . . .

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        • dickycone · August 30

          I like it. The possibilities are literally endless. Animal Farm type thing where they ultimately get seduced by power, they win and things get too white sharia for even your taste and mine, or even a positive, uplifting ending. Who knows.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 31

      I was a bit of an infiltrator myself, back when I had a real job. I never brought politics into work but had some Woke panic broken out, I reckon there would have been some Boomercons shocked to find they had an ally in me.
      Point being: as we have to keep our views on the down-low, you never know who might be secretly on your side.

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  6. RandomLurker · August 31

    Quoting Yuri Bezmenov: “Actually, there are no grassroots revolutions. Period. Any revolution is a product of a highly organized group of consciencious and professionalorganizers, but it has nothing to do with grassroot.”–cKM about 1:01:00

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  7. Kentucky Gent · August 31

    “Build dissident infrastructure and alliances first”

    This reminds me of how the Roman Empire was converted to Catholicism. Jesus first selected his Apostles. Then he taught them His doctrine, the Gospel, and sent them into all creation to preach His Gospel. They did. People were converted starting day one of his Apostles’ public preaching. And, the Apostles and their successors never stopped preaching and converting more people.

    And all the converts joined the Apostles’ infrastructure, which is the Roman Catholic Church itself. Over time, conversions were achieved in every social and economic demographic of the empire. All the way up to Emperor Constantine. Not long after he converted, the Roman Empire OFFICIALLY became Roman Catholic.

    To this day, the appropriate dissident infrastructure remains the Roman Catholic Church. It has been so for 2 millennia, and will never cease to be the primary dissident right infrastructure. Why do I make this claim? Well, mainly because the problem is a spiritual one. The battle we face is a spiritual battle, and always has been.

    The evil ones, the apostates, the progressives, the liberals, the feminists, the socialists, the communists, the gender benders, glowbo-hoemoe (misspelling on purpose), the earth worshippers, the baby killers, the Democrats, etc. are ALL on the side of evil, and they own all the secular institutions. That is their infrastructure. And they are ALL Satan worshippers, even if they don’t know it. Even if they don’t believe Satan (or God) exist.

    We cannot retake the leftist infrastructure directly, because the playing field is rigged against religion. That’s what all those SCOTUS rulings in the 1960s and 70s were all about. The communists kicked Bible study out of public schools, prayer out of public schools, and also out of most areas of public life (like government buildings and TV shows, e.g.). The communists got contraception and sacrifice of unborn babies legalized across the land. And anyway, that’s not how Christ wants his people to fight. He intends for us to defeat liberalism/feminism/wokism/progressivism by winning souls to Christ through spiritual conversion.

    Anyone who has tried to reason with a Leftist can understand this. Their politics is not based on reason, but faith. It is their religion, and they believe in it as fervently as any religious fanatic believes Christianity. But it is a false religion, and must be replaced with the one true religion, Christianity.

    I am certain that not everyone will agree with me. Many dissident righties are not even believers. AFAIK, Nikolai is not a believer, and neither is the Z Man. And as of now it is still possible to be a dissident right person in the Western World, without being religious. Personally, I am concerned that this will have to change for the worse before the dissident right can ever reasonably dream of winning. And FWIW, even Z-Man recognizes that our best hope of winning is getting the nations of the West to return to Christianity. But that can only happen when Jesus Christs brings the people back to Himself.

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 31

      The early church was highly organized and thus survived and thrived following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Next time around it will be different, partly because Christianity has many splinters and partly because not all nominal Catholics are on your side anyway. The present Pope certainly isn’t.
      Point taken about the need for an organisational centre of gravity. I’d prefer a big tent confederacy of the disaffected, including the reasonable left, but there needs to be some principle in the middle.


      • Kentucky Gent · September 1

        “Christianity has many splinters”

        True, but splinters get burned up quickly in a fire. And yes, the present Pope is, at best, a “head scratcher”. If you’re not familiar with this colloquialism, it means “something hard to figure out”. But I don’t worry one whit about the Pope. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. It is His bride and He will keep her and redeem her.

        I am also quite pessimistic about having any kind of big tent, especially one that contains “the reasonable left”. For within any supposedly reasonable left there are seeds of the loony left. That’s why Islam is so intolerant of anything “not Islam”. The Catholic Church was that way too, way back when. But America was founded as a big tent for religion, and look where it got us!

        I am not trying to convince you I am right – such an approach doesn’t work, or works only rarely. I am more or less just trying to reason out how the rest of history will unfold. That’s an impossible task if the story of mankind will be open-ended, i.e, non-Christian. But I know Christianity is true, so that means the number of possible paths forward is very limited.


        • Wolf · September 1

          Well, I generally agree but highly doubt that Christianity will do it. The West had Christianity and still fell apart. Very few have seriously believed in Christianity for 100 years. They go through the motions but they don’t believe in it anymore. European leading intellectuals gave it up reluctantly when they encountered modernism. And even if we got it back, it took centuries to mold Christianity into something that was creative (Middle Ages) rather than destructive (Late Roman Republic).
          Will have to be something new. Anyway this has been discussed to death by people much brighter than I. I’d recommend Revilo Oliver’s work on it.

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