Word from the Dark Side – No Rain, nonsense news, nasty waves and some nice birds

No Rain by Blind Melon, 1993. I deliberately embedded this version because the bee girl clip, while nice, detracts from the song’s meaning

I was reminded of the song by this post. The singer was dead two years after this was recorded.

Blackwater guy slammed for offering $6,500 flights out of Kabul. Sounds like a good price to me. Flights from some places to Australia these days are $10,000+. Let the free market do its thing.

Apple, Google, and Samsung move to normalize vaccine passports with wallet function

This will not end well. In fact, people muttering this dark premonition over the last decade have already been proven correct because things are already not well.

Modern political debates and bouts of media hysteria are as real as pro-wrestling. Anyone else notice how quickly BLM disappeared? Someone somewhere turned a switch.

I once lived with a pro-wrestler, only for a week. I forgot about that. It was quite a story so I’ll write an article one day.

Keel-billed toucan:

Woke is coming for the Unitarian Universalists. I’d have thought they would be the first to fall but there you go – they held out longer than the Vatican.

This looks like a new religion invading existing religions. I can’t think of a close parallel in history. The early church tolerated some pagan practices if they could be retro-engineered to seem Christian but mostly they tried to do away with the old. Interesting times.

They also got The Wiggles.

HT. Gunna tell my kids this is how we used to look before Covid

Carousel Widow in Decline Part 4. I sometimes wonder if Jack is secretly running a MGTOW blog because this is horrifying.

Why hydrogen power will never work.

Interesting video about rogue waves. I’m linking to Odysee even though it’s hard to embed because of our conversation the other day about consumer inertia.

But YT is so easy to point and click.

I poke fun at Curtis Yarvin sometimes but I enjoy his blog. Here’s an article about a new self-help/cult thing called Circling.

Short story about getting stuck in an elevator from Middle American Literature.

A woman in Australia is busted trying to cross a state line in the boot (trunk) of a car. Seems it was an attempted relocation without necessary internal passport.

Found the story on Twitter to see reactions and yup:

Australia to start vaccinating 12-year-olds, for no particular reason except hysteria. This will end up being unofficially compulsory via the school system and/or the good ole private sector.

This thread gave me a needed chuckle:

I reckon this would pass muster:

Film recommendation: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, 2000. This will not be everybody’s cup of tea but I think my readers can figure out who’s who. It’s a bit gothic, a bit western, a bit scifi and a little bit rock and roll.

Meanwhile in Japan, a man in Sapporo attempts to rob a convenience store with a lighter:

It’s said that usually around this time in Hokkaido, people out on the street will try to get prison sentences just to ride out the winter months . . .

It’s just as possible that he was a seasoned robber who got bored of the routine and decided to challenge himself.

Take care while overtaking:

That’s it.


  1. Kentucky Headhunter · 21 Days Ago

    I remember watching some of the Wiggles stuff from when my kids were very little. I just felt so sad for them thinking they were grown men and that was their job. Especially “Sleepy Jeff” who didn’t seem to do anything but stand around with his eyes closed. Did they themselves really get rich? Amazing.


  2. Kentucky Gent · 21 Days Ago

    “Why hydrogen power will never work.”

    As a physicist who is intimately familiar with the 2nd law of thermodynamics, I always assumed the hydrogen must be obtained by electrolysis (a process for separating water into H2 and O2). And I especially assumed the electricity for electrolysis would HAVE TO come from solar power, because of the carbon emissions issue with nat gas, as outlined in the article.

    Now, though, I am increasingly pessimistic that solar energy can ever be a net negative carbon technology, so even my assumption that electrolysis would be the process doesn’t give much hope (to me, anyway) for reducing CO2 emissions.

    But since I don’t really care about reducing mankind’s carbon footprint, this won’t cause me any angst.


    • Phil B · 21 Days Ago

      There is also the problem of storing it. Hydrogen is a very small atom (the smallest) and the vast majority of materials are porous to it. For problems with hydrogen leakage, see the Hindenberg disaster for a demonstration of the potential problem.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kentucky Gent · 21 Days Ago

    Here are more of my very informed opinions, which make normies think I am a nut job: “Modern political debates and bouts of media hysteria are as real as pro-wrestling.”
    I agree with much of the article, and the fact that politicians are actors paid by the donor class is nothing new. That’s been a thing for a while now. Also, I am almost certain that illegal immigration is not about getting more consumers, but about something much more sinister.
    “Anyone else notice how quickly BLM disappeared?”
    The point of nearly everything in 2020 was to help the ruling class get Trump out of the Whitehouse. Even the lab leak may have been intended for that very purpose. Now that he is out, the donor class can save money by not bankrolling BLM. Either that, or black people are no longer getting shot. (On a related note, how come all those BLM folks never talk about Chicago?)


  4. Anonymous · 20 Days Ago

    “Apple, Google, and Samsung move to normalize vaccine passports with wallet function.”
    Already implemented in other parts of the world.


  5. dickycone · 19 Days Ago

    “Tell my kids”? I know you’re probably joking, but I’d be so happy for you.
    Looking forward to the story about the wrestler. The keel-billed toucan is gorgeous. Very DT of you to randomly give us a pic of an interesting bird.


  6. minalill · 12 Days Ago

    “Carousel Widow in Decline Part 4” Now, why would a woman allow her man to read her messages to a girlfriend? And why would any man be so careless as to go into that rabbit hole? Girl talk is not intended for men’s ears, and for very good reason. Many women are disgusted with men’s porn habits, because they don’t view it like men do. The same goes for men exposed to girl talk. This is a case of where men and women can’t understand each other IMHO.


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