The return of the aristocracy

If you’ve poked your head out of the cave lately, you’ll have noticed a pattern.

Our rulers want to change our lives.

They suddenly want us to eat bugs, live in pods, refrain from eating beef, enjoy our lack of privacy and own less stuff. They also want us to travel less, especially in Australia where travel for most is banned.

It’s Woke, global warming, Covid and WEF nonsense rolled into a single, unified campaign against the common man.


Who stands to benefit from us eating bugs? Who wins by stopping us from flying to Bali for a holiday?

In terms of absolute monetary benefit, no one. There’s not much money in marketing bug burgers or renting out bungalows at Bonnie Doon.

But you’ve got to remember, being an elite’s not much fun anymore.

In the olden days, the aristocracy would lord it over the commoners by being a foot taller through better nutrition. They were fair-skinned and soft-handed from lack of hard labour. They were allowed to bear arms. Gentlemen could take sexual advantage of the help while the noble ladies could abuse their staff as they pleased.

The samurai could chop up any peasant they liked. At worst they’d have to pay reparations to the owner. How about that! Our modern elites would love to chop some of us up and they’re really mad that they’re not allowed.

In the Third World, the classical class structure still exists. The elite often look different from the general population due to ancestry, diet or time spent indoors. They often speak a different language, drive massive 4WDs while the commoners squeeze into tuktuks, live in palatial homes that tower over shanty towns and enjoy international passports, travel and lifestyles that the commoners cannot imagine.

Being rich in the olden days or in the Third World is a much better deal than being rich in the modern West.

Think about it: Someone with $50M lives in a house not radically better than yours. You also have power, WiFi, indoor plumbing, heating and air-con.

The rich man travels to the same places as you, though in greater comfort. Until recently, any First World person could afford to go just about anywhere if he set his mind to it. Youth hostels are cheap.

Why do you think the rich like Aspen so much? Because the skiing is so much better? No, it’s because you’re not there.

The modern rich man looks about the same as you. Not physically very different. He is probably better dressed, but you’re hardly wearing rags. In any case, an ordinary man who makes an effort can look pretty flash while rich celebs like Brad Pitt often look like hobos. I see little evidence that massive wealth correlates to enviable grooming:

If a rich man works, physically he does the same stuff as you. Sits at a computer or fumes through tedious meetings. Neither of you are likely to be cutting wood with an axe in a drizzly forest.

Like you, the rich man is not allowed to hit or grope anyone, much less disembowel them. Sure they get away with some stuff but in the developed world, not much. Even Epstein copped it in the end.

A rich guy might have an edge with the ladies but a fit bogan who can talk smooth need not go without romantic attention either. In a nation of plenty, girls are just as tingled by the devil-may-care guy as by a fancy car. In fact, splashing cash too freely on the ladies is a beta tell.

Their food? Expensive versions of the same stuff we eat. The commoners no longer want for protein.

Their entertainment? They watch Netflix, too. Even their screens are not much larger than ours. Among the young, traditional elite entertainments like opera have grown unpopular. And anyway, a middle class fellow can afford an opera ticket if he prioritizes it. There’s no rule keeping him out.

All this bugs them.

What our elites want is to return the West to our less egalitarian circumstances of the 1920s or so.

They want to visit Rome and not suffer any Ohio nurses there cracking jokes about David’s dick. They want to fly to Thailand and enjoy a beach totally bereft of drunken Australians, sunburnt Englishman and any other, ordinary people like you.

Get out of my shot, filthy commoners!

This is already coming along in Australia, where only the rich and special can afford to travel. Caps on arrivals mean that you need a business-class ticket from some locations and then you’ll have to pay $3,000 for hotel quarantine upon arrival. This keep the plebs at bay.

I read about a family that paid $50,000 in total for a recent visit.

Foreign sports stars and businessmen are freely coming and going while prole citizens are stranded by high prices and cancelled flights. What privilege! It’s like the old Grand Tours of Europe again; the finishing of a classical education reserved for the wealthy, French-speaking upper class.

All those Covid restrictions on gatherings, facemasks etc.? Those are for you, not them, as witnessed by Obama’s birthday party and countless other examples of hypocrisy over the last 18 months.

Our elites want their food to be special again. They want to eat beef while you eat bugs and soy. They want you to be small and weak while their children grow tall and strong.

They want their homes to be much better than yours not by making them bigger, but by living exclusively around people like themselves. Meanwhile, you must live cheek-by-jowl with Third World migrants who don’t speak your language, don’t understand your culture, and don’t like you. The same goes for schools.

For that matter, elites want higher crime rates so that their own lives are comparatively better. What’s the point of being safe and smug in a gated mansion when the plebs are also safe in low-crime, middle class neighbourhoods? Can’t have that.

They want to make electric cars mandatory so you can’t afford to drive anymore and they have traffic-free roads to themselves like in the good old days of early motoring.

Eventually the elite would like to harness these advantages into the old rights of nobility: privileged treatment under the law and the ability to abuse commoners as they think we deserve.

We’re about a third of the way there.

For now they are allied with the underclass, especially poor minorities, but don’t miss who their real target is: you. They hate the fact that the middle class enjoys a lifestyle not so dissimilar to their own. As they can’t differentiate themselves by spending on additional elite purchases – conspicuous consumption has just about hit its roof – they must instead make your life less prosperous, restrict your freedoms and scrap your equality before the law.

I suppose I could be wrong. You’ve got to admit, though, the theory has strong explanatory power.


  1. luisman · August 11, 2021

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · August 11, 2021

    As far as sociological explanations go, in times of a resurrection of critical theory, anything goes, and your’s is as good as all the others.

    It was always a concern for the elites, how to stay on top, how to kick away the ladder for everybody else at the right time. Usually their families go from elite to commoner in 2 or 3 generations. The old “regression to the mean” thing. Fighting against the laws of nature may work for a while, but in the end you’ll always loose.

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    • Wolf · August 12, 2021

      Yet the vast majority of the elite are from old money. For example Che Gueverra was descendent of Irish counts and Bill Gates illustrious family goes back to Middle Ages nobility. Monsieur le Baron says the key is marriage. He has some extremely interesting stuff on class.

      Sovietman’s hypothesis rings very true. I am no elite but during the past year have experienced enjoyment of empty flights and foreign locales free from the blight of international tourism. I think it would be semi-unconscious. I doubt they explicitly say to themselves and each other “I’m tired of seeing these proles so let’s keep them locked up with COVID restrictions.” The elite are masters of double-think.

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      • collegereactionary · August 14, 2021

        Ah the Baron. Good man. He claims to be elite, and also claims to want pretty much the same as what Nikolai describes.

        One key difference is that he doesn’t mention safety per se. He doesn’t talk about the warrior-aristocracy much but he does mention them. The last thing they want is safety, even if they would like the freedom to abuse their lessers.


  3. Marriagesexandmore · August 11, 2021

    The second scariest part of all this it’s not just one country trying to step on their masses. Every country around the world seems to be in on this plan. Makes me wonder how this was pulled off, getting everyone on the same page. That never happens. The scariest thing is how the entire population of the world so easily bent the knee… I have to imagine that seeing US citizens bend over like we have had to of discouraged others around the world. Then, we have people in France showing more fight than the US. No more jokes about France America. We Americans have lost that luxury with our lack of balls in this fight… Unless you live in Florida. Ron DeSantis has balls. You can tell because the media hates him. Florida man has your back Ron!!!

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    • Kentucky Headhunter · August 11, 2021

      The elites are international cosmos, they have no allegiance to any country. Davos and WEF forums are where they meet to plan this stuff.

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      • overgrownhobbit · August 12, 2021

        The wossnames… Third nationals? The ones with no clear national or ethnic or religious identity who latch on to their caste cohort.

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  4. Johnny Caustic · August 11, 2021

    I think there’s a kernel of truth in your thesis. But I think a slightly more accurate way to say it is that the elite are now motivated primarily by spite. The classical motivations of hedonism, status, wealth, etc. are slowly losing their luster, and pure spite has become the premier motivation.

    Bruce Charlton has a typology of evil: once the primary evils were Luciferian (hurting and killing people for immediate gain); very recently the primary evils were Ahrimanic (bureaucratic surveillance and control; inversion of values); now the primary evils are shifting to Sorathic (chaos and spite; “Some men just want to watch the world burn”). A lot of people aren’t going to be able to shift their mental models from “politicians are motivated by graft and hedonism” to “politicians are motivated by pure spite, the desire to destroy everything and everyone, even ultimately themselves.”

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  5. philebersole · August 11, 2021

    I agree that the privileges of the elite are less than they were in, say, medieval Europe, ancient Rome or Japan in the age of the Samurai. But maybe not completely different. Jeffrey Epstein’s island wasn’t visited by used car dealers from Ohio. Rumors about him circulated for decades, without being investigated by any high-level journalist that I know of. He was friends with Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and many others; this is not proof that any of these individuals had sex with teenage girls, but even if their relationship was innocent, it says something that they would hang out with someone like that.

    As for committing crimes: If Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg were accused ot murder, he would be treated very differently from you and me. And you and I would be treated better than some poor, uneducated person who lives in a slum.

    I agree with your other point, which is that self-identified progressives are more interested in changing the behavior and thinking of the masses than they are of challenging the right and powerful on behalf of the masses – and therefore are acceptable to the rich and powerful

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  6. dickycone · August 11, 2021

    “What our elites want is to return the West to our less egalitarian circumstances of the 1920s or so.”

    “All those Covid restrictions on gatherings, facemasks etc.? Those are for you, not them, as witnessed by Obama’s birthday party and countless other examples of hypocrisy over the last 18 months.”

    This checks out. It also made me think that maybe among the devout Branch Covidians there is a subconscious desire to see the nobility return that explains why they enthusiastically go along with it all. Maybe there’s an ingrained instinct to find comfort in being ruled by your betters. As you pointed out a few posts ago, many people are actually very uncomfortable with the idea of freedom in general.


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  8. Kentucky Headhunter · August 11, 2021

    My only quibble with your thesis would be “Epstein didn’t kill himself” and the large number of people involved with the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances.

    Gates has harmed/killed thousands of people through his “humanitarian” programs.


  9. Kentucky Gent · August 11, 2021

    Vox Day has been silenced. I wonder if it will be permanent.


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  11. Bardelys the Magnificent · August 12, 2021

    Culturally, we no longer have elites. Legally, we do. Normies crave the former and despize the latter, but are often unable to tell the difference, so they take what they can get.


  12. Catxman · August 12, 2021

    The one prize the elite would love to get their hands on would be young chicks. If there was a relatively virgin, big-breasted blonde babe out there, she would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a man in the elite who is probably shy or at least the very opposite of charming.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 12, 2021

      Deninitely. In the Third World, one can tempt a girl to come over with the promise of wifi and aircon. Anything that can distinguish a man can help.
      “Hey babe, sick of riding crowded buses and eating bugs? Jump in my Tesla and let’s go have steak.”


  13. overgrownhobbit · August 12, 2021

    You have singlehandedly made the case that while there exists some mininum IQ floor for wisdom, above ultra high IQ is not required: truth and experience suffice.
    Good on you, Mr. Vladivostok.
    And thanks.


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