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This article examines the antics of five athletes to synthesize a grand unified theory of why the Olympics are cactus.

I’m old enough to remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It was a special time – just about all Australians were proud to have it and hoped to put on a really good show for the world.

Do you remember Eric the Eel? He had no Olympic-sized pool back in Equatorial Guinea to train in so he almost drowned. The crowd cheered him on wildly and he just made the distance. Unkind people thought we were being racist and/or condescending but far from it – we genuinely admired his spirit. The balls of the guy, to even make the attempt! That is the Olympic spirit.

I have nothing against the concept of the Olympics. The world’s greatest sportsmen gathering every four years to compete in peace and friendship. Going back the Greeks, it was a triumph of human creativity and abstract reasoning to put aside conflict for a couple of weeks, enjoy the show and perhaps imagine a better world.

What killed the Olympics? Various things. Cheating, politics (i.e. banning Russia), IOC corruption, professionalism, corporate sponsorship, cost overruns, white elephant stadiums. No doubt there are more. The Olympic spirit has been dying for decades. Why cheer drugged-up pros who are playing for millions of dollars? Give us the good old days of mustachioed, pot-bellied accountants stopping for a fag and a dram of whisky as they run the 1896 marathon wearing hats and bow ties.

In 2021, we see that life support has been switched off and the Games have gone to that overpriced stadium in the sky.

The Olympics are dead.

Brisbane 2032

Witness the celebrations in Brisbane upon winning the rights to the 2032 games. None. Aside from the lockdown, and the premier going to Tokyo to seal the deal right after demanding tigher border restrictions to prevent pleb Aussies getting home, after she got, and the AOC boss bullying her and we all laughed, and . . .

What was I saying? Oh, yeah. The premier was the only one celebrating. Well might she because if and when that shit-show and its bills hit town, she’ll be long gone.

These days the Olympics has to beg cities to take the games. They no longer pay for themselves and tourism usually doesn’t receive a long-term bump. Ordinary people aren’t allowed to travel anymore, anyway. By the time 2032 rolls around, Brisbane will be locked down with the Omega CVII variant of Covid (IFR 0.002%) which will be causing breakout cases despite the compulsory twenty-seventh booster shot.

The opening ceremony will be an abject, seventeen-hour confession of Australia’s evil history performed entirely on our knees, plus something trans. African athletes will be so terrified to learn of our systemic and incurable racism that they will not skip the village and seek asylum until the second or third night, and then once they’ve got their Aussie passport, the rest of their lives will be spent joining in the chorus of telling us how awful we are.

Naomi Osaka

The Japanese are aware that the West is obsessed with blacks at the moment so they attempted to appear more ‘international’ by having their NBA hafu (that’s what they call them) carry the flag and tennis hafu Naomi Osaka light the cauldron, pretending to the world that they consider these athletes just as Japanese as their pure-blooded comrades.

Quotes from Wikipedia regarding Osaka’s 2020 efforts:

During both of these tournaments in New York, Osaka drew attention for her activism. She had initially withdrawn from the Cincinnati Open before the semifinal to raise awareness for the police shooting of Jacob Blake, only staying in the tournament after they chose to support her cause by postponing the event for a day.[90] At the US Open, Osaka walked onto the court for her seven matches wearing a different black mask, each of which with the name of an African American who had been killed in recent years often without significant repercussions.[91]

Osaka was seeded second at the 2021 French Open. Shortly before the start of the tournament, she announced that she will not conduct her mandatory media assignments.[97] After Osaka won her first match in straight sets and did not hold a press conference, she was fined $15,000 and threatened with rising levels of fines and expulsion.[98] The following day, she announced her withdrawal from the tournament, citing mental health issues.[99]

Incidentally, giving up is a shameful thing in Japanese culture. You can ganbaru (struggle on) or seppuku but never give up. This is why the Japanese do not really accept her: spiritually, she is a modern American woman of colour.

As the Japanese are learning, you can never bow low enough or wash enough feet to escape being called racist. Watch the media attempt to blame racism for Osaka’s early Olympic knock-out, or scour Nichan for nasty comments, or whatever. Yahoo News has already started.

For any Japanese reading, this is how it works: when they win, we are humbled by their greatness and must perform dogeza as they insult our nations upon the podium. When they lose, it is our fault for poisoning the air with invisible, system racism and we must perform dogeza.

Either way, while you’re down they’ll kick you in the head.

Megan Rapinoe

Woke and mental health seem to be the hottest new events at the Tokyo Games.

Beloved American athlete Megan Rapinoe led her girls to defeat against Sweden in the soccer after earlier complaining that the IOC had banned political protests. Her main disappointment must be lacking a podium to kneel on, a flag to turn her back upon and a national anthem to disrespect. She had to confine herself to attacking alleged criticism of women’s sport in a post-game interview.

USA women's soccer player Megan Rapinoe (L) and other team members celebrate in front of the City Hall after the ticker tape parade for the women's World Cup champions on July 10, 2019 in New York. - Tens of thousands of fans are poised to pack the streets of New …
2019 parade. “Rapinoe stood defiantly [during the national anthem] with her hands clasped behind her back and a wide smirk across her face.”

[Picture in this place the sad, post-match Megan photo apparently scrubbed from internet. It used to be here.]

Oh and her “fiancee” was “chosen” to bear the “American” flag at the opening ceremony – a flag which triggered one ESPN commenter because it reminded him of the Capitol protesters.

Simone Biles
Fox News Flash top headlines for July 27

While I cannot find any immediate evidence of activism, it seems Simone was under immense pressure to win in order to stick it to the toxic, white-dominated world of gymnastics.. She messed up some sort of jump, cracked the shits and sat out the rest of the competition:

The American gymnast Simone Biles, the biggest star at the Tokyo Olympics [not anymore] and the greatest athlete in the sport’s history [nope – winners don’t quit], last night walked away from the women’s team competition after admitting she had “freaked out in a high stress situation”.

. . . Biles then talked powerfully and bravely about the mental health challenges of elite sport [yet was not powerful and brave enough to finish the event] . . .

“I don’t want to do it – I am done”

Establishment media are falling over themselves to laud her, over and above her teammates who managed to go on and win silver despite her piking.

Compare Eric the Eel, who kept going despite the risk of drowning. We didn’t cheer him for giving up then being a massive wuss about it.

The entitlement of her comments. Simone’s talent enabled to her escape difficult beginnings and receive world-class training but then, about to do for her country what she has trained her whole life to do, she decides to have a nice lie down and cup of tea because she doesn’t really feel like it today.

“. . . I feel like I’m also not having as much fun. This Olympic Games I wanted it to be for myself but I came in and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. It hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.”

She added that her coaches had 100% supported her decision. 

Well yeah, they’re probably white so they’re not allowed to criticize her in any way.

Speaking to the media, Biles said that the influence of Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, who pulled out of the French Open citing mental health concerns, had really helped her speak freely.

That set the precedent.

Gwen Berry

Not much to say except that half of her country wants her to lose so that she won’t wipe her arse on the American flag during the national anthem and the other half wants her to win so that she does.

Liz Cambage

Not to be left out, provincials of the American Empire are aping their masters.

Australian basketballer Liz Cambage complained that publicity shoots for the new Olympic uniforms were too white (though there was an Aborigine featured), then dropped out of the competition because of, yup, mental health issues. Hers were supposed to be related to Covid isolation although word is she got into all sorts of trouble in Las Vegas, including a punch-on with a Nigerian basketballer (she is half-Nigerian).

Incidentally, only one of the above characters was raised with a father.

Single-combat warriors

Like elections, sports are a type of stylized warfare, a way of figuring out who would win a battle without the trou of actually fighting it. While elections simply add up the numbers on either side, sports take the strongest of each side and pit them against each other. This is similar to the ancient tradition of single combat, which was sometimes used to settle a war at low cost. Many cultures over history have had some form of stylized combat to reduce loss of life in settling disputes.

The USA and USSR used both sport and the space race to demonstrate their potential military prowess during the Cold War. Tiny Australia uses outsized Olympic success to show it may be a force to be reckoned with. Eric the Eel suggests that Equatorial Guinea, while lacking resources and expertise, might field plucky soldiers who won’t go to pieces under pressure.

No one takes India seriously as a global superpower because they can’t run, jump or throw. India knows this and is trying to improve its performance.

Seen this way, we can determine the three connected ways in which the Olympics are falling apart.

1. Many athletes no longer represent their nations

As seen in the tantrums about flags and anthems, some athletes see their nations as their enemies. Single combat warriors are not supposed to do that. They are supposed to represent the best a nation has to offer. Thus, the Olympics are no longer a competition between nations but rather an all-in brawl between aggrieved minorities.

2. Choking

Single combat warriors get all their accolades in advance because they are likely to die in battle. This still happens to some extent with sportsmen but they are not keeping their end of the deal. After wasting enormous amounts of their nation’s resources to reach the top level, they feel free to drop out when the pressure mounts.

Imagine a champion walking away from a battle, proudly telling his king that he’s under mental strain and is brave enough to break the taboo of talking about it, being hugged by his comrades and lauded by town criers after the war is lost and his city enslaved.

It’s okay to lose but you have to fight.

3. Feminization

You may have noticed that all five athletes mentioned are femoids.

I wonder why women were included in the modern games. Perhaps it was originally a flex – see, even our women are tough! Or maybe it was more of a beauty contest via gentler games, like how women’s tennis used to be.


In any case, the feminization of which I speak is not only to do with women’s sport. That has been around for a long time. Rather, it is the feminization of society that makes giving up and wingeing about how hard it was anything other than a humiliating spectacle.

As a single combat warrior, Simone’s actions make no sense, but as a woman playing up her victim status for attention it makes perfect sense. More sense than manfully battling through the doubts and perhaps stuffing up, which is the risk of participation.

Athens 2004 precedent – “Lay Down Sally”
Putting it together

Many of our single combat warriors feel aggrieved against their nations for one Woke reason or another. Thus they feel less motivation to fight and bring only disgrace to their nation if they win. If they are successfully prohibited from making a scene on the podium, this further undermines their motivation.

As women, many don’t see themselves as single combat warriors carrying the hopes of their nations upon their backs. Perhaps women of our more masculine past saw themselves that way, but now many see the Games as being all about their feelz – and our feminized society supports it.

The only hero recognized today is a Woke hero who makes a ‘brave’ stand. Thus, someone who quits for political or emotive reasons is lauded above those who do their best and accept victory or defeat with grace. This is the very definition of “showing weakness in front of the Russians.”

They demonstrate to our rivals that the West is weak. Their conduct is an accurate reflection of the divided loyalties and fragility of our military forces and society.

It is no surprise that the 2021 Olympics are the least popular in history. The whole shambles is embarrassing and we’d rather not watch.

Every area of former Western dominance is in comical disarray as our decline intensifies. Winning medals alone won’t fix the issue – it really is how you play the game. East Germany showed it could only win through extreme cheating and poisoning of its athletes. The West is showing we can only motivate our athletes by giving them the opportunity to trash us on the world stage, thus defeating the purpose of demonstrating that our nations are powerful friends and formidable foes.

We can’t hide it anymore.



  1. TechieDude · July 29, 2021

    These jackasses are hypocrites and poseurs.
    Competitions here go from school->state->Country->International
    At every point you are representing someone. In the top of the top, the job is to represent your Country – full stop. It is the only productive thing they do. Otherwise, they’re just useless eaters.
    You don’t want to do the job? Quit. People have been paying for their lifestyle for them to do just that – represent us at the games. Oh, they’re happy enough to take the kings shilling to basically do nothing but train for that moment. But when that moment comes they think they have a voice and that someone gives two shits what they say.
    Gwen Berry should’ve been summarily dropped for her actions. She’s there to win for us, and clearly she didn’t want to do that. Go to the next. That’s how it works.
    Simone Biles was a totally sad messed up case. She’s old for that sport. She should’ve passed. But she didn’t and then quit. More like, she screwed up and quit rather than take an L. It’s sad that there was someone that lost out on a spot because of her. She’ll show no remorse. It’s all about her.
    That’s fine. Soon she’ll be a nobody. Maybe she gets a gig as a commentator. Probably not. Maybe a coach. But no one wants a coach that’s a quitter and an ingrate.
    Wonder if Wheaties will be putting any of these losers on the box?


  2. luisman · July 29, 2021

    The Olympics and other world championships (especially soccer) used to be a celebration of nationalism. In our wokey dopey nations we can’t have this anymore. The above mentioned ‘warriors’ have succeeded in the victims Olympics, which is a cause for celebration in vibrant wokey dopey land.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. dickycone · July 29, 2021

    I haven’t been interested in watching at all, just caught bits and pieces of it on TV while visiting some friends this weekend, but one weird thing about these Olympics is that it’s the first one where I’ve actually been happy to hear of US athletes losing. Megan Rapinoe first and foremost of course, because who could be less American or less likable. I guess our basketball team got crushed by Nigeria or some country like that? Hilarious. I wasn’t as down on Simone Biles for quitting as a lot of people and it would have been nice if they’d managed to get the gold without her, but gymnastics is a judged competition more than a sport, so it’s very open to nudging in favor of the narrative (I’ve seen claims that the blonde American girl was judged more harshly than Biles in spite of performing better). I’m happy the Russians won because at the very least none of them quit.
    Great post, by the way, you really nailed the various reasons why the games are falling apart. I hadn’t thought about how weak and ridiculous the whole thing must make the West look to the rest of the world.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. texinole · July 30, 2021

    Good stuff – the words capture my gut instincts on the matter perfectly.

    The infestation of the mind cancer killing the West is equal parts humiliating, demoralizing, and hilarious.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Johnny Caustic · July 30, 2021

    Perhaps the most amazing thing about living through this time of imperial decay is to see first-hand how the institutions, the media, and even many ordinary citizens are incapable of seeing the very obvious signs of decay, even as they reach extremes of absurdity. (Like, as you say, quitters in a proxy-for-war competition being lauded as brave.)

    Liked by 2 people

  6. ray · July 31, 2021

    Good piece. The first Olympics after the total victory of the gynocracy in America. It shows.

    I can see the princess grrls of the West when China or Russia come knocking with force. They’ll all turn to their subordinates and scream in unison CAN’T YOU SEE I’M HAVING A BAD DAY! Even the invaders will cringe.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gunner Q · July 31, 2021

    Athletes at Tokyo Olympics ‘given anti-sex’ beds to limit spread of coronavirus
    h ttps://

    “Athletes at Tokyo’s Olympic village have been given “anti-sex” beds to discourage them from any contact that could spread coronavirus. The beds are reportedly made of cardboard and are apparently only designed to take the weight of one person, meaning they would break if anyone tried to share them.

    “Concerns of COVID spreading through the athletes’ village are continuing after six British track and field athletes and two staff members were forced to isolate after being identified as close contacts to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 on their flight to Japan, the British Olympic Association (BOA) confirmed on Sunday.”

    I cannot imagine any nation but Japan doing that.


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  9. Pingback: Word from the Dark Side – Classic quitter, Caucasians croaking, a clown cashes in and Covid restrictions for 15 more years | SovietMen
  10. Steven C. · August 1, 2021

    In reply to your remarks about female participation in the modern Olympics. The classical Olympics were for men only, but women had their own separate athletic games held in honor of Hera. We don’t know much about those games other than that Spartan women outperformed women from other Greek states; probably because Sparta forced both their young men and women to exercise.

    Liked by 1 person

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