Delta will kill us all!

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house, it seems the Delta variant is coming to take out any scattered survivors left after the initial waves of destruction:

(CNN) — Covid-19 vaccination rates are down and cases are on the rise, exacerbated by the more transmissible Delta variant — and an expert says the key to winning the race against the spread is getting more Americans vaccinated.

“We’re losing time here. The Delta variant is spreading, people are dying, we can’t actually just wait for things to get more rational,” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health told CNN Wednesday.

Let’s check:

“people are dying”

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Four weeks ago, Israel was celebrating a return to normal life in its battle with COVID-19.

After a rapid vaccination drive that had driven down coronavirus infections and deaths, Israelis had stopped wearing face masks and abandoned all social-distancing rules.

Then came the more infectious Delta variant, and a surge in cases that has forced Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to reimpose some COVID-19 restrictions and rethink strategy.

“a surge in cases”

WSJ: France Reimposes Restrictions as Delta Variant Spreads

Only people who are vaccinated or recently tested negative for Covid-19 will be allowed in bars, restaurants and malls

The rapid spread of the highly contagious Delta variant is forcing authorities across Europe to reimpose health measures to stop it. The Netherlands on Friday announced restrictions on nightclubs and music festivals in response to a pickup in cases, after relaxing them only weeks earlier. In France, a national lockdown and a massive vaccination campaign helped slow the spread of the virus this spring.

But the Delta variant is now threatening to undo the recent progress in beating back the virus.

“Delta variant spreads”
“rapid spread” – hang on, that really is a rapid spread! They must be dropping like flies.

LONDON, July 15 (Reuters) – As England’s so-called “freedom day” draws near, excitement at the impending end of COVID-19 restrictions is tempered by worries of rising cases and downright fear among the vulnerable.

“rising cases” – true
“downright fear among the vulnerable” – unwarranted

When you see a scare story, check it yourself by Duck Duck Going “worldometer covid [country]”. Go see how India’s doing.

What we have here is a tension between two ruling-class narratives: (a) “Vaccines are safe, effective and everyone should get one.” (b) “It”s still not safe to open up after the vulnerable are vaccinated because of new variants.”

Another elite narrative grating against itself is this one: “Old white conservatives (the evil people) are refusing the vaccines – and we have to save them!” This, after years of gloating over their deaths?

Numbers don’t lie:

– Covid is not deadly for most people*

– Convention medications like 1v3rm3ct1n probably work – mainstream media link!

– For those vulnerable or paranoid, non-Chinese vaccines are highly effective in reducing severity of disease, including against new variants so far**

80%+ of elderly Americans are vaccinated, indicating that partisan divisions are greatly overstated. The world is not Gab. Mostly young, healthy people don’t want the vaccine. Ethnic uptake of shots from highest to lowest: Asians, whites, Hispanics, blacks

Anyone promoting tyrannical restrictions is a bum.

If you’re that worried about the coof, get the bloody shot, shut the feck up and leave the rest of us in peace. Yes, there’s still a chance you may become infected and die. Welcome to life.

*I’ve seen the scary stories about long Covid and organ damage but they never contain any hard data indicating how common such risks are. It’s all, “Health care workers are reporting . . .” etc. Provide data or stop wetting the bed.

**To convince me otherwise, find a counterexample on Worldometer. That is, a country with a 30%+ vaccination rate using Western or Russian shots experiencing a recent spike in deaths. Not infections, deaths. Alternatively, provide a graph of overall death rates showing a recent spike. A graph please, not an article that makes me follow a half-dozen links and still not get to the source data.

***Always hold at least one viewpoint that is unpopular among your peers.


  1. luisman · 15 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · 15 Days Ago

    Wasn’t there some stats lately that showed the percentage of vaxxed/unvaxxed hospitalized patients in Israel due to the coof equals the percentage of vaccinated and unvaccinated in the population? That would mean at least the Pfizer swampsoup they used there doesn’t have any effect, only ‘side effects’.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 15 Days Ago

      But no bump in deaths.


      • luisman · 15 Days Ago

        Overall, average deaths per year 2020 did rise only in some US regions and maybe 3 or so countries in the EU. Everywhere else, deaths per year didn’t go up one tick. Cause of death was just renamed: from ‘natural reasons’ and ‘the flu’ to the ‘Wuflu’. Without the PCR test-gambling-machine, most of the world wouldn’t even know there was a new virus around.


  3. freemattpodcast · 15 Days Ago

    I made the argument that we could let it pass through the population, without a lockdown, and we wouldn’t have this treadmill. That and we would have some level of immunity, instead of breeding the variants.

    No, Im not a doctor but I dont think that most people believe them anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dickycone · 14 Days Ago

      To be fair, early on in the “pandemic” my doctor told me that exactly what you suggested would be the best approach.

      Liked by 1 person

      • freemattpodcast · 13 Days Ago

        My assistant will collect the co-pay upfront. What pharmacy do you want me to send your prescription to?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. ray · 15 Days Ago

    No need to grind on charts and the latest propaganda from Medea. It’s just a globo-satanic scam intended to terrify and subjugate mass populations. The coof was created and distributed with this aim in mind.


  5. Kentucky Gent · 14 Days Ago

    Hi Nikolai, “1v3rm3ct1n” hurts my eyes. Can we just call it Allen Iverson? Then we can make jokes about ‘practice’.


  6. Kalinka · 13 Days Ago

    If you look at the graphs, you can see that the death peak occurs (roughly) about a month later (the UK graph for instance shows this very good). Obviously, because people don’t die immediately after infection.

    So to get a real picture, we have to wait another month, as people hadn’t have time to die yet.


  7. Tim914 · 10 Days Ago

    Florida is the only place I know that passed a law against vaccine passport’s. If my Red state doesn’t do the same, I’m moving there.

    Liked by 1 person

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