Word from the Dark Side – sea shanty, Saffo strife, Zulu supremacism and sleep safely

David Coffin and participants, Roll the Old Chariot, shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions

I’ve been following South African developments on social media as the MSM is mostly ignoring it. Tl;dr: Former President Zuma imprisoned, his Zulu tribesmen orchestrate looting and destruction to pressure for his release. Plus opportunistic hangers-on, no doubt.

Zuma supported traditional leaders, dispossession of minorities and he stole a lot of money. New President Cyril is sidelining traditional leaders, centralizing power in a more Communist government, dispossessing minorities and stealing even more money.

This power struggle is further fueled by lockdown-invoked poverty.

It’s mostly an internal black squabble but Indians seem to be the main victims at this time, mostly due to proximity as there are plenty of them in Zulu areas.

Try searching terms like “indians” or “phoenix massacre” on Twitter to see what’s going on. Rhetoric was verging on genocidal for a week until Twitter deigned to moderate, probably as they were too busy policing Americans misusing pronouns. Plenty of fake news and videos there but also blacks furious at Indians for shooting them as they loot. Also middle-class blacks saying more sensible things.

South Africa is a very good place not to be. I know plenty of leftie Saffos. They tell me nah, don’t believe the hype, it’s not that bad. Then they all relate a story or three that remind me never to go there. And I remember that the person telling me South Africa is mostly harmless chooses not to live there himself.

Here’s an article from before the present riots explaining the overall strategy for dispossessing minorities in the long run. I say ‘minorities’ because it’s not just whites – Indians, coloured, Cape Malay, Chinese and foreign Africans have no future in South Africa. And once they’re gone, I think we know what happens next.

I’ve long been fascinated to know that Zulu Supremacism exists:

In a democratic South Africa, Zulu nationalism rears its head in mundane ways such as derogatory jokes against members of other ethnic groups and the refusal by some to be addressed in any language that is not Zulu (even in a cosmopolitan setting such as Johannesburg). 

In other news, there was a rare protest in Cuba. BLM took the opportunity to express support for the regime.

Gawd the incorporated conservatives love this Cuba business. Gives them something to do. “Communism is bad, mmkay? Look over there!”

Much of Australia is back under lockdown again. Click to see replies universally calling protesters idiots:

I admire the small minority of Australians, I’d guess 10% or so based on surveys, who dare to call out the Covidian madness despite the propaganda. Here are our stats, by the way. Note the figures on the y-axis:

We have to flatten the curve

Sgt Karen fines Victorians for taking their facemasks off a metre from the door when leaving a shop. Meanwhile, good luck getting a swift response from Victoria Police if you suffer a home invasion. My advice: tell the operator that the white supremacists robbing you are failing to wear masks.

I previously poked fun at community service announcements in Australia but this one’s legit and I hope all my readers around the world pay attention: Don’t sleep on the road.

Clown World also brings our attention to a new aggregator for all things Oz dissent, Aus Right. Aussies, please consider following and let them know blogs, vlogs and podcasts that may be suitable, including business and economics content.

40% Of Brits Want Mask Mandates In Place Forever, Unvaccinated Permanently Banned From Foreign Travel’ New Poll Finds. That’s about half as bad an attitudes in Australia.

A dispossessionist mindset in rural England.

How indoctrination works:

In my view indoctrination works much much more effectively if you’re trying to indoctrinate people into something that is at least roughly consistent with what they already believe. It works better if people are already to some extent receptive to the idea with which you’re trying to indoctrinate them.

Pretty girl:

In the US, corruption is basically official now:

A New York gallery owner will facilitate sales of Hunter Biden’s original artwork, an arrangement meant to diffuse concerns over buyers paying top dollar to win influence with the president’s son, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The gallerist, Georges Berges, will independently set prices on the artwork of President Joe Biden’s son and keep the identities of buyers confidential, including from the president and administration officials [but of course]. Berges will be the sole person authorized to collect, reject and agree on offers. Berges has agreed to reject any offer that seems unusual, including offers above asking price [of course he will].

White House officials were involved in creating the arrangement, according to the source, as a way to avoid any suggestion of preferential treatment or conflict of interest.

We’re well past the piss-taking stage. This is appointing horses as senators.

Also in America, CDC figures show that homicides were up 29% in 2020.

Sometimes, my enemy’s enemy is just my enemy. As always with Zman, much value is to be had in the comments. Don’t miss thoughts from Whiskey.

On arrogance:

Leftists, by contrast, are absolutely certain they can run not just your life, but everyone’s life, simultaneously, and far better than we ourselves can.

That was my exact conclusion from living in a communist state.

The rupture of the Marriage Market Place. This is an excellent overview for anyone unfamiliar with the concept.

Film recommendation: Election, 1999. Perfect script and cut with not a wasted scene; performances enjoyably overdone. I never knew Reese Witherspoon could be funny. Ah, student politics – our traditional way of teaching the young that democracy doesn’t work.

This scene’s great. They’re all great

Meanwhile in Japan, enrichment intensifies.

That’s it.


  1. jewamongyou · 17 Days Ago

    You’re definitely right about the corporate media ignoring South Africa. They’ve already reported (barely) on the unrest in Haiti, and they’ve been reporting (sort of) on the rising (black) crime in the US – so reporting on SA would be tantamount to admitting that large numbers of blacks = trouble.

    I really wish Japan would stop importing black Africans, but realistically, they won’t do anything about it until it’s too late. It’s the same pattern everywhere.


  2. ray · 16 Days Ago

    You’ll all hang on behind is about it, all right. Fasten your seat belts.


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