Word from the Dark Side – frightening Philippines, ferocious frau, Fed-led insurrection and a fine lass

Unmarked Helicopters by Soul Coughing, 1996, from the album Songs in the Key of X (music used in or inspired by The X-Files). Make conspiracy theories fun again.

The Philippines is the most dangerous country on Earth? Doubt. You have to be careful but I’m certain Ethiopia is much riskier for the average person, especially at the moment. In fact, there are dozens of countries in the full report that look more dangerous to me: Nigeria, Yemen, South Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, etc. etc. Even India. I think they went overboard on the Covidian nonsense.


South Korea is unsafe if you venture within striking distance of the wife of the Belgian Ambassador:

The wife of the Belgian ambassador to South Korea, who faced assault charges in Seoul earlier this year, was involved in an altercation with a street sweeper in the city Monday morning, Korean police said, Yonhap reports.

Police said Xiang Xueqiu, the spouse of Ambassador Peter Lescouhier, got into a fight with the cleaner in a park in central Seoul after the cleaner’s broom touched Xiang.

Police said the two apparently traded blows, but when officers arrived on the scene, neither wanted the other punished.

Xiang was taken to a nearby hospital after the cleaner shoved her to the ground. The cleaner later visited a police precinct to report that Xiang had slapped the sweeper in the face, and sought help on pressing charges.

Xiang had earlier been questioned by police over allegations that she slapped a clothing store employee in the face and another staff in the back of her head in early April. The assaults allegedly happened when the employees mistakenly suspected the wife of having stolen clothes from the store, because she was wearing an outfit similar to what they were selling.

Wife of Belgium
Jeb Bush vibe

Footage of the first incident:

Looking for additional pictures, I found the story posted on a Nigerian blog. Most popular comments, all sic:

So you chase her onto the street and accuse her falsely. What do you expect???? If only black people could do this, apologise and get away with it, Maybe all those racist security will stop following them around the shop.

I hope that shop assistant’s ear rings for a year from the well-deserved slap. I have been subjected to this form of disrespect many times in shops around the world. If you go embarrassing people that way, you more than deserve being slapped. It is quite annoying, especially when you are carrying enough money on you to purchase that store’s costliest item. You have the store’s cctv cameras to verify suspicion of shoplifting before engaging a shopper and embarrassing them. That’s not cool.

Which law says accuse someone which falsely and chase them into the street and check the label of their clothes if they are thieves or not?? She should be beaten for her stupidity

Omo forget oo. Do you know how many people wey don die even for Naija due to wrong accusations? You accused me wrongly, I reacted you come Dey talk rubbish? Say or do what you like, I support that woman. If d store clerk was my family member, I would have told them next time, leave dem to go because wrong accusation is even worse.

If she is not guilty of the offence, the store assistance deserve a triple slap.

The wife has lived in Nigeria the Zoo republic before. That’s the only excuse she can have to doing such

Ashleigh’s social media accounts documented her relationship with Higgins.

Regarding the story last week about the old magistrate dating the young clerk and winning her death payout, here’s an in-depth story. Assumptions mostly confirmed.

We’ve known for some time that the West has split into two different mental universes, but I didn’t realize until reading this ironic thread just how much we now disagree on. Click to see the full list:

Replies show that even this list is not exhaustive.


Pretty girl (name and source unknown):

Another thread which sums up well why Boomercons have no faith in the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election – it’s not just what happened on the night, it’s what happened over the five years leading up to it.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s now pretty clear that the people who wandered into the US Capitol did so at the instigation of assorted Feds, presumably so they could delegitimise Trump and pass the Patriot Act II (Anti-Patriot Act? You know the one I mean).

More US defence contractors being told they are evil white males. A rival nation could make hay out of this, with a bit of imagination. One wonders why it is not already happening.

Fascinating article from Tablet magazine (‘A new read on Jewish life’) comparing Chinese capture of US elite to the elite Athenians allied with Sparta. Fascinating for what it says and what it does not.

The Central Intelligence Agency openly protected Chinese efforts to undermine American institutions. CIA management bullied intelligence analysts to alter their assessment of Chinese influence and interference in our political process so it wouldn’t be used to support policies they disagreed with—Trump’s policies. It’s no wonder that protecting America is not CIA management’s most urgent equity—the technology that stores the agency’s information is run by Amazon Web Services, owned by China’s No. 1 American distributor, Jeff Bezos.

Don’t leave your kids alone with health or social workers. They get merit badges for turning them trans.

Sexual revolutions old and new:

Feminists were also pretty worried about those books on female sexual fantasies. They thought women should be having fantasies about equality but instead women were fantasising about being gang-banged or being tied up by a man and spanked. I remember being very amused when a hardline feminist friend admitted to having lurid and extremely satisfying fantasies about being a harem girl. And being even more amused when another hardline feminist friend was driven into a sexual frenzy by watching The Story of O.

Every lover leaves:

After that she stops texting me back. When I finally hear from her she sounds like someone else. Texting with this clinical language. Like an official document written in the official style. Due to a processing error, we cannot query your request. 

A commenter wondered about the Japanese prison system. Here’s an interesting article. Sounds tough, but preferable to any Western prison. Survivable, anyway.

To the uninitiated, this might seem like a good thing. It is not. The isolation of being alone, with nobody to talk to, day after day, week after week and month after month, can be crushing.  Some inmates in these solitary cells not only sleep and eat in them, but also perform their assigned labor in them.  They are let out of the cells only to “exercise” during which time communication with other inmates is forbidden, or to bath, again, communication is forbidden.

Ibaraki woman tries to extinguish Olympic torch with squirt gun out of opposition to the event. The same thing happened in Australia in 2000 when some bogans tried to squirt the torch with Super-Soakers but their motive was not political, they were just being dicks.

That’s it.


  1. jewamongyou · 22 Days Ago

    That story about the “transgender” girl really makes me angry. The Communists view children, at least other peoples’ children, as little more than raw material for advancing their One-World vision. Sickening.

    Liked by 3 people

    • dickycone · 22 Days Ago

      It’s Nazi-medical-experiment-level twisted evil, but if you point that out somehow you’re the bad guy.


  2. dickycone · 22 Days Ago

    This week’s pretty girl is extremely beautiful, and yet also the kind of twenty-year-old where, when I look at her, I immediately see how awful she’ll look at 40. The only possible exception for girls like this is if she has near superhuman discipline regarding her diet and fitness routine.

    Your best bet for a woman who’s still beautiful when middle aged is one who’s on the thinner side, even slightly skinny fat. The kind of figure that black guys and white normies nowadays consider too skinny and will skinny shame with comments about her needing to eat a cheeseburger. She should have dark hair too. I’d never noticed myself, but someone on RVF recently pointed out that blondes almost never age well, and it’s true.

    This is my deep thought for this WftDS.


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