Word from the Dark Side – Frocked-up Unabomber, DeepFake trickery, forbidding meat, plagiarism fail and stabbing the unfaithful (on film)

Golden Brown by The Stranglers, 1982

Jared Kushner did not disclose that he was in business partnerships with Goldman, Soros and others. Oh, and he owed a billion bucks.

In Dong Jingwei news, no new news. I wonder what all that was about. Oh well, entertaining while it lasted.

As for the photo of him and how it’s just about impossible to prove or disprove that it’s fake, here’s a relevant story about a DeepFake of Tom Cruise that tricked everyone. Apparently there are still some ‘tells’ that experts can detect but we’re at that stage now where technology can just about produce a perfect fake.

Watch for Joe Biden speeches to suddenly become much more coherent.

The Unabomber was a tranny:

As I’ve been pointing out for a very long time, though, the irony is that most famous ex-men aren’t nice people. They tend to be hostile, obsessive, arrogant, and selfish. Also, they aren’t telling the truth about always feeling like a like a girl. Instead, they tend to have a sex fetish called autogynephilia.

Only recently did I find an extremely vivid example of this tendency: Dr. Ted Kaczynski, the math prodigy and mad bomber.

This week’s cancellation news accompanied by lessons learned.

An mRNA vaccine inventor who cautioned against risks has his LinkedIn account shut down. Lesson: keep your LinkedIn account bland, if you have to have one.

Professor specializing in propaganda who criticized Facebook’s recently-halted censorship of lab-leak theorizing is banned from Facebook. Lesson: Grandad, what was Facebook?

The flag-shunning US hammer-thrower of colour got busted tweeting nasty things about whites, Mexicans, Asians and a few rape jokes. Lesson: being in the elite means getting away with everything, and there’s no point us complaining about it. What else do you think ‘elite’ means?

Berry was responding to backlash over to her response to the anthem at the Olympic trials in Oregon, where she turned her back on the U.S. flag
America in a photo

Anyway, that’s a surprisingly in-depth article from the Daily Mail going into the history of the national anthem. Ours sounds like rubbish.

Is World War V upon us?

We’ve had World War G and World War T and people are wondering that’s coming next. My guess is that the next war will be World War V. World War Vegan.

It’s already started in Australia. Suddenly within a few months supermarket shelves are packed with vegan food and non-vegan food is disappearing from those same shelves. The current push behind veganism is extraordinary.

Nah, too far-fetched.

Boris Johnson’s food Czar says we may have to put a tax on meat even if it causes riots.

America’s infrastructure bill is a built-in failure:

The ASCE estimates than an additional $2.58 trillion is needed in the next 10 years to bring U.S. public works up to a B level.  The compromise infrastructure bill is only $579 billion. 

Only a fraction of that will go to actual infrastructure.  Much of it will go to welfare programs and corporate subsidies.

Film recommendation: Ten Canoes, 2006. Forget any of your negative preconceptions: the only politics in this film are those of a hunter-gatherer society. Set in the far north of Australia prior to European contact, the viewer soon forgets the time and place, becoming completely engrossed in the comedy, drama and eventual tragedy of the tale.

The trouble with hypersonic missiles:

So, naturally, when the Military-Industrial Complex decided they needed more funding for their Forever Wars, they spooked D.C. into thinking that we needed to keep up with Russian-Chinese military tech. Never mind that their naval tech is specifically and obviously intended to Pearl-Harbor our trademark carrier groups. If we don’t have carrier killers of our own then the Russians will win!

I learned from this post that a failed military program to launch aircraft from carriers was turned into a roller coaster. Swords into ploughshares, hey.

An introductory book about the periodic table was retracted by its publisher after accusations that it was plagiarized . . . from Wikipedia.

The senior author of the book is mineralogist Theo Kloprogge, an honorary senior fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia [huh?] and adjunct professor at the University of the Philippines Visayas [oh.]

I had a feeling Clown World would cover this one and he did:

Victorian Magistrate Rodney Higgins, hereafter to be referred to as Judge Boom, is the lucky Labor Party affiliated 70-year-old grandfather of eight devil who managed to woo 23 year old court clerk with a big overbite Ashleigh Petrie, had many romantic overseas holidays with her, got engaged, and then, tragically, in 2019, lost the love of his life 12 weeks to suicide.

The very next day, after Ashleigh had walked in front of a car, Judge Boom made a claim on her $180,000 superannuation death benefit, and just recently the insurer has agreed to pay him out (pending legal challenges), despite the fact that Ashliegh’s mother was listed as the beneficiary

Reading the back story, I get BPD vibes from one and psychopath vibes from the other.

‘The father could not be reached for comment.’

It’s a bit like the recent Is That Alpha story but without the happy ending.

Some trivia about the case for Aussies: the girl had previously dated other old men high up in the legal scene, including a magistrate who played the crazy wog neighbour in The Castle. How about that.

Meanwhile in Japan, a hostess in Kabukicho (Tokyo’s red light district) stabs her friend’s unfaithful boyfriend, livestreams it for reasons unknown. Her work name means ‘Strawberry Sweet’.

In Ibaraki Prefecture, an Indonesian farmer goes on a naked rampage, causing property damage and beating a driver:

In other footage, the same suspect, still fully nude, climbs atop the patrol and repeatedly jumps on the hood.

That’s it from me. For more links, see Fantastic Anachronism. There are stories about an attempt to establish a New Science independent of academia, research reformers leaving the field, how there’s no such thing as a tree and much more.


  1. Tim914 · 27 Days Ago

    That hot Japanese babe won’t look so hot after some time in the slammer. Maybe prison is different there.


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