Word from the Dark Side – woke church, what’s happening to BA pilots, watch out for cancellers and a weird morning in Sapporo

This Is Not The Way Home by the Cruel Sea, 1993. Australian band with American singer. You can’t really get lost that easily in the outback – there are so few roads that directions can be as simple as, ‘Go straight, turn left on Wednesday.’

The Anglican Church in Sydney makes a few changes:

The conservative Sydney Anglicans will encourage ministers to call gender diverse parishioners by their preferred names, provide unisex bathrooms and avoid gendered language such as “ladies and gentlemen”.

The Auckland chapter of New Zealand’s School Strike 4 Climate group decides it is too racist to exist and disbands.

Four healthy British Airways pilots die in one week – airline says no link to Covid-19 vaccine.

A minor high school kerfuffle turns into a national crisis because race is involved.

Nixon intervention saved China from Soviet nuclear attack. I have no idea if a word of this is true.

Woman Who Threatened to Blow Up School Bus Full of Kids Now Running for Office.

Two cancellation stories for you: a leftie choral composer won’t work in this town planet anymore because he thought all the BLM arson was a bit counterproductive. Wells Fargo shuts down the personal bank account of a right-wing political candidate.

At first I wasn’t going to post these links as the cancellations are too tedious. We’re all evil and need to disappear; got it.

Then I thought, no. Readers need to have these lessons reinforced. Don’t put your head above the parapet until you’ve reached a position of Fuck You. Have multiple bank accounts and follow the principles of Pirate Finance to avoid being caught short. Start planning ahead for when they come for you.

Hunter Biden turns full-time artist because his high-paying gigs for Ukrainian and Chinese companies are a much too obvious way of funneling money to the Big Guy. No doubt foreign agencies will find his painting efforts agreeable and will spare no expense in snapping it up.

Chinese cheating:

No, COVID was just a fuckup. The Chinese Chinesed (it’s a word) their containment protocols, because again, they don’t just pull this shit on the round-eye. This is the main reason the Celestial Empire never took what the Chinese feel is their rightful place in the world — they’re too busy screwing each other over, cutting every corner, fudging every number, running every conceivable scam on each other. That’s just how business is done in face/shame cultures. 

I have found the twittiest organization in the world. Check them out and try to figure out what they actually do. And God bless Mr Soros for employing so many of these people.

A female juror in a fatal shooting trial who fell in love with the defendant and tried to get him off, leading to a hung jury and a fresh trial in which he was finally convicted, has herself been fatally shot in some stupid, unrelated incident.

Film recommendation: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, 2014. During the Napoleonic wars, a British ship pursues a French ship around the globe. I watched this film and I swear to God, I grew an extra ball.

Meanwhile in Japan, it was a busy morning in Sapporo with a bear attacking a military base and a naked man walking around town.

A Japanese man was deported from Turkey for eating cats. That’s odd because they don’t eat cats in Japan, either.

That’s it.


  1. dickycone · June 20

    What does Peace Rising do? I don’t follow what’s confusing you. Says it right at the top of their website: Targeted Environmental Peacebuilding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kentucky Gent · June 24

    “That’s odd because they don’t eat cats in Japan, either”

    Why do you think he went to Turkey to begin with? I’m guessing he thought the practice of cat eating might be more acceptable abroad. So he was wrong. Live and learn.

    The moral of this story? Don’t develop a taste for roasted cat.


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