We’ve reached dystopia.

I first became familiar with the concept of the declining West in the early days of the manosphere, reading Roissy, Captain Capitalism and co. I found their gloomy thinking overwrought – it’s too easy to imagine the end of the world is nigh when society is moving away from your own values or when a candidate you particularly dislike wins an election.

I became increasingly convinced that our civilization was teetering from 2013 on due to the Great Awokening. Still, I thought there’d eventually be a pendulum swing-back or some natural correction. Trees don’t grow to the sky.

I remember a commenter saying, get offline and look outside. People are going about their business, leading normal lives. In the real world, everything’s fine.

In 2020 I became a believer.

We could no longer look out the window and see normal life going on as usual, kids playing in the park, people walking the dog or catching the bus to work. We could no longer go about our own lives unmolested. Elite overreach piggybacked Covid to the point that we were being told to wear masks in our own homes.

We can’t blame the virus for this given its infection fatality rate globally is less than 1%.

Still I held on to a shred of denial – perhaps that year was a wild anomaly; a flash in the pan. Maybe we’d get back onto the the tolerable plateau of stagnation for a few more decades.

At the time of writing, March 2021, I can see that the doomsayers were right. The West is toast. Our countries have become dystopias, each in its own way, and there’s no turning back.

Democracy is largely dead, with the last two US presidential elections considered invalid or at least highly suspect by alternate halves of the population. In other countries the electorate itself has been replaced.

The ideal of responsible government is over. Even the most dedicated Democrats must realize by now that their President is not in charge of the country, and the most dedicated Republicans are beginning to realize that Trump was not in charge during his term in office. We are unsure who is in charge but it is not the people who supposedly won the elections.

Freedom is dead, with all civil liberties being suspended every time there’s a ‘new strain’ we need to worry about. From now on there are always going to be ‘new strains’, which means, conveniently for our oligarchic overlords, that we’ll never be free again. There will be endless new and tedious rules which we have to follow and they don’t.

Our future is a grim vista for the young: rolling lockdowns, reduced economic opportunities, tightly restricted travel, mandatory niqabs. Enterprising Zoomers might not succeed in escaping the West as the restrictions on our liberties now include prohibitions on leaving the country. It started in Australia, spread to the UK, and it is not done yet. Our oligarchs imitate each other like the brainless, imagination-free borg they are, so any dumb idea implemented in one part of the American Empire will soon be imposed in other provinces.

Fortunately for the young, most of them are so brainwashed and demoralized they don’t want to leave their bedrooms, let alone their country. They are content to remain sedentary, mentally ill, obese blobs that rarely interact with other humans face to face, let alone go out on dates. If you’re pinning your hopes on irate young people rising up against the Machine, your hopes are misplaced. Look at the Capitol shenanigans: most of them were Boomercons. Today’s youths only go on the rampage if instructed to by elite propaganda.

Our neighbourhoods are now home to people who consider us foreigners, whatever their passport may say. By their own, tiresome litany of grievances against us it is clear that the dream of multiculturalism has failed.

Heritage populations will continue to decline because our birthrates are too low, especially among the most responsible.

Infrastructure is crumbling. Bridges fall down, blackouts are more common, water is unsafe, supply chains are weakened. Two decades ago there were never shortages of anything but now they are common, and this is not only due to Covid.

Catastrophists once warned that the internet would one day be swept up by big players, become corporatized and controlled. That process is now complete. One can still find murky backwaters where free speech is permitted but all mainstream platforms tightly censor politically sensitive material.

The West still looks the same to a casual observer. There are elections, constitutions, courts, roads and buildings. One needs to scratch the surface to see that none of these is as it was: election results are routinely disputed, constitutions are blatantly ignored, courts do what the oligarchy or mob wants, roads and buildings take longer than ever to create and cost far more; the roads soon crumble and the buildings are monstrosities that everybody hates.

The few Western nations that had relatively healthy balance sheets in 2019 have gone deeply into the red since then. Most have limited capacity to print their way out of trouble.

There is now no major, Western country that is in good shape. Most of the issues in this post relate to the US. Canada and Australia are falling into the Chinese orbit. Europeans are disappearing.

There’s not a lot left.

I cannot think of any science fiction that predicted this type of dystopia. Writers envisioned environmental disaster, nuclear war, alien attack, asteroids, malevolent AI, genetic class systems and hard tyranny. Only the film Brazil came close to the frustrating, ridiculous oligarchy which has seized power and won’t let go.

This is not a black pill. There is always hope, chaos opens up opportunities and things tend to come good eventually, if not in our own lifetime. We must realize, however, that what some have long predicted has come to pass: the West has now entered a precipitous stage of decline.

It’s an interesting time to be alive.


  1. PrinzEugen · June 16

    That’s a very bleak outlook, but that is not the case everywhere. Here in Europe life is slowly but steadily returning to normal thanks to a mostly successful vaccine rollout program. I just came from Greece, where COVID is even more ignored than in my own country Romania. Outside of Athens basically no one is wearing masks in the open, even though they are legally compulsory. In a few weeks’ time I’m heading to Switzerland for some hiking in the Alps.
    There is no way in hell we are going back, at least here in Eastern Europe, the vaccines are proven to work even against variants and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The Romanian PM at least cares too much about the economy to impose any other lockdowns or restrictions just to save a few stupid people who didn’t get vaccinated.


    • TomJay · June 19

      Oh buddy, give the “vaccines” 1-3 years and you’ll see what horror awaits.

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  2. Gunner Q · June 17

    It’s okay to be black pill. First I outlived organized Christianity, then I outlived my USA, now my grocery store has a new sign ordering political dissidents to continue wearing masks in that many words. Everybody around me thinks what’s happening is great. Specifically including the Christians and those freedom-loving ‘Muricans, who now believe that the planet will explode if we don’t replace beef with maggot.
    When future generations want to know what life today was like, I’jj just show them the movies They Live and Idiocracy, and tell them the first one isn’t scary and the second isn’t funny.

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  3. Marko · June 17

    My pregnant daughter in UAE is now under effective house arrest. To be permitted to enter a public place the restrictions are; if vaccinated a Covid test monthly, if unvaccinated(medically advised given pregnancy), a Covid test every 3 days. These tests are difficult to organise and the costs, over US$100, are borne by the person tested. Coming soon to your country.


  4. Marriagesexandmore · June 17

    Even living in the Florida Fee Zone, I see much of what you say as true. However, I don’t see much hope for change. Nobody has the balls, and the ones that do are too old to instill real change. People are too comfortable to buck the system. They see the BS but shrug and look away. Like a victim being killed in a big city. They shut the blinds and go to bed ignoring the shit show. As far as the zoomers, they lack the balls to talk to each other face to face much less the ability to fight for real change. Black Pilled here… I do not see a way out, but I am always looking for a path, that I will never give up on.

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  7. ray · June 19

    Hm looks like your survival training in African hellholes might come in useful after all. The silver lining of a turd.

    BTW the manosphere already was a couple decades old when Roissy etc. showed up.


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