A prediction

HT for graph: commenter Blinky Bill from this article.

Being polled anonymously means never having to say you’re sorry.

One day, when all the evidence is in about Covid and the effects of its countermeasures, I’ll post a graph just like this one showing that actually, everyone claims they opposed lockdowns and other extreme restrictions back in 2020.

Or maybe by then I’ll have gained some wisdom and no longer waste my time and energy arguing about nonsense.

It did bugger all good back in 2003. I should have learned.

And no, dodgy polling as per the US election can only push the results by about 10%. At least 60% of Britons really do support lockdowns. If politicians believed otherwise, they’d act differently.

Poll results would be worse in Australia and a little better in the US.

I’m not sure what is the point of this post.


  1. luisman · June 15

    After a certain day in 1945, you couldn’t find a single Nazi in Germany anymore. It’s magic 🙂

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · June 15

      And then in 1992 you couldn’t find anyone in East Germany who’d been a communist.

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      • luisman · June 16

        You would think so, but actually, the former communist ruling party in East Germany re-formed, changed their name 3 times and now is called “The Left (Die Linke)”. They have no shame.

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    • dickycone · June 15

      I can’t decide if I think lockdowns and travel restrictions will be a permanent thing because of “variants” of the virus, or if people will be embarrassed that they ever supported any of this. It could go either way.

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      • dickycone · June 15

        That wasn’t supposed to be a reply to Luis, fwiw.


  2. Adam · June 15

    Your post has a good point. It is that people are morons and democracy is the very worst form of government ever tried.

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  3. overgrownhobbit · June 15

    For the record, I supported the U.S. resumption of open war with Iraq *and* President “W” Bush.

    And I was wrong.

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    • Parker Bensen · June 15

      Don’t worry, I wasn’t exactly opposed in the early stages. Saddam Hussein was a prime time villain you loved to hate – supposedly threatening to cut tongues out, firing a gun seemingly randomly.
      How about those WMDs and those Kuwaiti incubators though.


      • overgrownhobbit · June 15

        Oh, they were probably real. Even the initial war wasn’t a terrible idea, and compared to algor GWB looked … better. Mr. Muatachio and the great Muslum threat…

        But reconstruction, the “war on terror” and that tool I defended because Code Pink are repulsive mental defectives…? What an gullible conservitard I was.


  4. Parker Bensen · June 15

    Yep. Coronachan is exactly the same animal as the Iraq war and the whole post 9/11 “war on terror” – they’re all basic bitch fads. Like fidget spinners, Pokemon Go, KONY 2012.

    People will indeed learn nothing from being wrong about the lockdowns. It’ll just be on to the next one, which could be a war. Or it could be a new social media platform, if we’re lucky.


  5. Anonymous · June 15

    All the journalists and politicians who were REALLY against the Iraq invasions have become unpersons.
    As for myself, I recognized at the time that the rationale for the war was based on lies, but I thought, God forgive me, that the overthrow of the evil dictator would, on balance, be a good thing.


  6. Maniac · June 15

    I was opposed to it right from the get-go. Bush was a Neocon traitor.


  7. PrinzEugen · June 16

    I can understand supporting lockdowns when they were appropriate (when we didn’t have any vaccines), but right now, when nearly everyone who can get the vaccine is able to do so, they make zero sense. Fortunately I live in Eastern Europe, where we’re definitely NOT going back to mask hell. There’s no way the people would comply, including myself, a person who supported the initial lockdown and who religiously wore my mask indoors (and I was definitely the minority in my country). But now I’m vaccinated and I don’t feel such extreme measures are necessary anymore.


  8. Marriagesexandmore · June 16

    Many, if not most, Americans who say they were against the war before it started would be lying. Though I’m sure there were a few. Most of us wanted revenge so we were all in. You can tell by the bi partisan support, it’s what America wanted. What became clear is we were lied to (surprise…) Looking back, Sadam was no doubt a bad guy, but I wonder if he wasn’t a stabilizing force in the region. Once we were in it, we once again forgot the Military’s job is to, as Rush Limbaugh used to say, break things and kill people. We became nation builders when we should have gone in, wiped them out and walked away saying, “If we have to come back it’ll be worse.” Let NATO rebuild if the want to be do-gooders.
    That’s why nobody takes us seriously. That’s why we haven’t really won a war since WWII. We lost the will to finish a job. Too worried about being liked and fair instead of being respected and feared. See the difference in the world during Trump and Biden’s era? All the saber rattling became awful quiet until January of this year. One they feared, one they do not. Notice, if anything, Trump was trying to end our wars. Which is likely a large part of his loss. Too many people have too much invested in these foreign wars for them to end. He had to be gone. Excellent of you to point out people’s short memory. Love your blog, always good stuff and I always look forward your posts. I’m not afraid to admit I was all in, I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. The fear, the anger, no planes for several days, it was weird. No wonder we were all so easily fooled. They saw the opportunity and took it. Next thing you know we are electing Barrack Hussein Obama into office. What short memories we have.

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  9. Kentucky Gent · June 16

    I was virulently opposed to the Iraq war. And I hated W with a passion. I even went to an anti-war protest, and cursed all the Dems who sided with W. I knew the WMD accusation was a lie, because I listened to the weapons inspectors (Hans Blix, Scott Ritter). Ritter even experienced a smear campaign against him for speaking out against the WMD lie. SMH at all of you who supported the war. If even the readers of this blog can be so gullible, what hope is there that normies can see through the BS?


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · June 16

      It was a long time ago and we were young. I got Iraq right but everything else I believed at that age was rubbish.


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