Stone the crows and gas the Aussies

There is a trend to describe new culture battles in terms of ‘public health’ in an attempt to piggyback various agendas on the shoulders of Covid panic.

BLM protests are okay amid Covid lockdowns because racism is a public health threat. Calling someone by the wrong pronouns is a public health risk because it causes suicide. Climate change is a public health risk. That sort of thing.

Got one more for you:

The Climate Council warns the use of gas in homes is exposing Australian children to a higher risk of asthma, as well as driving climate change . . .

“People can take steps to reduce their risk by increasing ventilation, such as modern extraction fans over gas stoves, flues for gas heaters, and simple measures like opening windows. However, this won’t eliminate the risk completely.”

That’s another new thing – trying to eliminate risks completely. Coming up next month: ‘Why leaving the house is bad for your health and destroys the planet.’

The report also warns gas heaters used in most NSW schools are exposing children to a higher risk of asthma and dangerous indoor air pollution . . .

“Gas is both directly hazardous to our health, and also as a fossil fuel drives climate change, which worsens health risks related to extreme weather such as heatwaves, bushfires and intense storms.

“Australians who switch from gas to efficient electric appliances will save money, protect their family and improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

“The Federal Government must abandon its dangerous, polluting and expensive plans to expand gas operations, and instead spend public money on scaling up clean, safe and affordable renewable energy.”

And now we come to the point. Our rulers want us to use shitty electric stoves and heaters powered by expensive and unreliable renewables so that they can feel better about themselves.

This is nothing to do with climate, regardless of what you think on that issue. China is planning 148 gigawatts of new coal power generation over the next few years. In comparison, Australia’s total electricity output from all sources in 2019 was 59 gigawatts.

Our use of gas causes climate change like pissing in the ocean warms it up.

Australia has abundant natural gas resources which were recently being spruiked as a cleaner, stop-gap measure until the problem of renewable intermittence is solved. But that’s not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough. We must keep sacrificing until our rulers can display their virtue with perfect self-satisfaction.

A response:

A spokesman for School Infrastructure NSW said that in 2009, “hi NOx” heaters from public schools were removed, or hi NOx burners were replaced with lo NOx in classrooms.

“To suggest classrooms in NSW are dangerous due to heaters is false. Fear for their children’s safety should not be exploited to convince parents of the merits of reducing gas use,” the spokesman said.

“The majority of schools use heaters. Unflued heaters have either been converted to lo NOx or replaced entirely. Health studies show they are safe. It is disappointing that the findings of these studies appears not to have been considered in this report . . .

The spokesman said the Department of Education inspected the performance of all gas heaters annually to ensure they operated to the required performance and safety standards.

If kids were keeling over dead in classrooms and kitchens from gas power, I think we would have noticed by now. This is scaremongering by actors who know that health fears are the best way to influence Australians because we are a bunch of old women.


  1. luisman · 13 Days Ago

    As we now have absolute proof that scaremongering about health issues works very well, in order to beat mankind into submission, the cathedral tries out what else they can throw on the bandwagon. Plenty of politicians in the West start talking about climate lockdowns etc.

    I’d suggest voting in every individual classroom. If the majority is left or green, shut down the heater or aircondition system in this classroom until morale improves…

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  2. dickycone · 12 Days Ago

    I definitely remember the “white supremacy is more deadly than COVID” argument being used to justify the “mostly peaceful” protests last summer. The funny thing is, if you think about it, it’s likely true in a literal sense. The list of things more deadly than COVID is very, very long.

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  3. Himself · 12 Days Ago

    Yet another symptom of how everyone knows how these things work but the progs.
    Gas heat is cheap and clean. The combustion gasses, what there are of them, go up a chimney. The gas heats and exchanger, which heats the air. If there’s carbon mononxide, CO2, or MO2, it’s because the heater broke and/or wasn’t maintained.
    Same with gas stoves. Mine is under a fan hood, which vents excess heat, gasses, and cooking funk out of the house.
    The average older house around here has 100-150 amp service. If you’ve upgraded, generally it’s 200A.
    That won’t cover the 240V connection to your tesla. So all these homes will need to upgrade, which means upgrading the service feed wire, which in turn the distribution system will have to be upgraded. Many new areas here the services are underground. Not in my city though, they are on poles. You aren’t going to put more tons of wire on poles.
    The whole thing negates their green agenda. Whole lot of mining will have to happen, a whole lot of smelting and manufacturing. To save dough they’ll try making wire out of chinesium, like they did with aluminum back in the day. That’ll go well.
    I knew they were fundamentally unserious when they railed against Nukes, which are about as clean as clean can be.

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  4. freemattpodcast · 12 Days Ago

    The same aholes didnt remember that we spent hundreds of years burning wood, then not having the clouds of smoke leave for a season.
    We survived. Govt idiots just want to make energy unaffordable.


  5. Eddie Willers · 9 Days Ago

    Total, 100%, unmitigated BS. I used to work for a charitable organization that commissioned research into the causes, and prevention, of asthma – particularly in children. In 2001, they funded a study in Australia (don’t recall where exactly) to understand why childhood asthma was increasing, yet air quality was improving (less NoX, less particulates etc). Their conclusion was that Aussie kids were being too coddled as they grew up, and their immune systems were not being exposed to sufficient nasties to make them grow with a little hardiness. Needless to say, the report was squashed and never spoken of again.

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  6. Bardelys the Magnificent · 8 Days Ago

    We’re supposed to heat with electric, because it’s clean and good for the environment. But we’re not supposed to mine Bitcoins, because that uses electricity and that’s bad for the environment:


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