Word from the Dark Side – venal drug companies, vibrating tanks, vanishing P2P lenders and virus-laced footballs

Winter Solstice by The Tea Party. Bigger wankers the music world has rarely seen, but I like them.

What’s Fauci been up to? Remember, (a) no one is too big to be cancelled and (b) getting enemies cancelled is a fool’s game because there are millions more overeducated twits languishing in casual work desperate to take their places.

Anyway, Fauci still doesn’t win the prize for the world’s dumbest public health officer.

A plane carrying vaccines from Dubai to Taiwan quietly skirted Chinese airspace and Flight Information Region (most of the South China Sea), adding two hours to the flight.

Covid and the “crime of the century“:

But the big drug companies were allowed to continue business as usual.  They were allowed to use the benefits of publicly-funded research to create drugs on which they enjoyed a patent monopolies and pull in enormous profits.

Because of the emergency, government regulators waived the normal process so that useful drugs could be approved quickly.

But ivermectin is shunned because there have been no FDA-approved clinical trials for its use as a COVID-19 preventive or treatment.  And there are no plans to conduct such trials.

Kory said it would be interesting to do clinical trials that compared invermectin not just to placebos, but to the vaccines now in use.  We’d see the vaccines in a new light, he thought.

Reminds me of the almost-forgotten 2020 story about the completely fake hydroxychloroquine study that halted trials.

Stranded Australian couple buy leaky boat, attempt to sail home across the Pacific Ocean:

Jake Shepherd and Tamara Ilic, like tens of thousands of Australians, have been locked out because of the country's tough pandemic border lockdown.

New UK tanks to terrify its military rivals:

The British military said Thursday that it paused trials of its new fleet of tanks, after a newspaper reported the vehicles can’t travel safely at more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) an hour or reverse over obstacles more than 8 inches (20 centimeters) high.

Can’t even back up over an anti-lockdown protester.

Pictured is the AJAX prototype tank.

A land-based Joint Strike Fighter?

Dissidents continue to lose access to financial services – from the alt-right to internet privacy campaigners.

If you read my finance book, please see my update on peer-to-peer lending as there have been developments, not all of them good.

Money is not the only form of wealth.

Borderline Nation:

. . . my friends, if you haven’t experienced the Borderline phenomenon, you’ll have to trust me, every encounter for a looooong time afterwards feels like “a mild caffeine jag,” compared to “the wildest, certain-you’re-gonna-die” roller coaster ride you can possibly imagine….

…and here, too, it’s not just possible, but quite easy, to get Borderlined-by-proxy thanks to social media. Not quite the full limbic experience, obviously, but spend five minutes reading the Twitter rantings of the Massively Online, and you’ll see lots of guys deep in the throes of Borderline withdrawal.

The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin, 1904. Zoom or view on Wikipedia Commons for fine detail. Can you follow the story?

The prison of desire:

That chemical cocktail that courses through our bodies, that we either call Lust or Love, is more potent than any drug on this planet as far as I’m concerned. More potent than heroin, opium, cocaine, or even meth. More potent than alcohol. I know I have said and done some completely stupid fucked up shit while being high from being either in Lust or Love. I know I can’t think straight when I’m caught up in it. I know that I know this and I keep chasing the dragon anyways.

A pretty girl.

The duality of man:

I have fantasies about stopping hate crimes. Caught on video, shown on Joe Rogan. Rogan Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub going OOOHHHH as my right head kick starches a knife wielding assailant charging kids waiting for the special needs bus. Perpetrating hate crimes. Savagely maiming the leaf blower crew sent by Epstein and the illuminati to shatter my train of thought each morning. Just going Bruce Lee on them until they shut the fuck up. There are no leaves to blow. They don’t get paid. Just there out of insane Mexican lust for loud noise.

America’s war-torn public:

This is one of very few questions that doesn’t split Americans across partisan lines, probably because the Narrative is shifting:

At the end of Bush’s second term, just 17% of Democrats favored the Iraq war compared to 73% of Republicans. As neoconnery continues to morph into Woke cultural imperialism, the electoral realignment will complete. Democrats will be the messianic party of war, Republicans the ineffective opposition to it–kind of like it was the last time America First was a thing.

An Indian man who swallowed a stolen necklace to escape detection was force-fed 40 bananas by police to extract the evidence.

Meanwhile in Japan, the great and good have been getting into trouble. The president of a soy sauce company was arrested for stealing four items from a supermarket, including yogurt. What are they paying company presidents these days?

A chief of police in DaSaitama resigned after stealing five rolls of toilet paper while drunk.

Down in Osaka, a man was charged after spitting outside the same pickle shop every day for about a year:

Spitting in public is frowned upon in Japan, and doing so in places where people gather is a violation of the Minor Crimes Act, but the pickle store decided to let it slide for the better part of a year, probably assuming he would tire himself out after long enough . . .

. . . Osaka Prefectural Police conducted a stakeout in front of the pickle shop and witnessed the same man stop there and spit twice on the ground. They swooped in and confronted the man on the spot . . .

That’s it from me.

For more like this, see TakiMag’s regular The Week That Perished.


  1. overgrownhobbit · 15 Days Ago

    Hans C. Anderson’s The Marsh King’s Daughter would be a good read for tour writer friend. I’ve been there.


  2. luisman · 15 Days Ago

    The list of all known medicines which are in studies for COVID-19 as therapeutics, in which German pharma companies are involved somehow:https://www.vfa.de/de/englische-inhalte/therapeutic-medicines-coronavirus-covid-19
    Be as confused as I am.

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  3. Kentucky Headhunter · 14 Days Ago

    Interesting podcast about General Dynamics.



  4. Severian · 14 Days Ago

    Thanks for the link.

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  5. dickycone · 14 Days Ago

    “Just there out of insane Mexican lust for loud noise.”

    I just knew this was DT.

    Great links, as always. Thanks!


  6. overgrownhobbit · 14 Days Ago

    A link for your next dark side roundup, and a nifty bit of Oz history. My father once met the eldest son of King in the tale. It fits in with your WIERD reports: William Holding and other frauds convincing European and American and other Anglo-Saxon Christians that their culture was “really” rubbish, and based on nothing real.


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