Word from the Dark Side – the Lizardman Constant, lazy studies, long-lived larrikins and leaving money to the government

Teardrop by Massive Attack, 1998. The clip used here is from Ghost in the Shell.

Last week I reported that 8.5% of survey respondents thought they could beat a gorilla in a fight. It seems there is a word for this tendency for ridiculous answers: the Lizardman Constant. Scott puts it at around 4% but I reckon it depends on the demographic and the question. Ask about fighting animals, for example, and you’ll elicit whacky responses from people who just want to see the world burn.

If you had an actual gorilla and invited the audience to throw their hats in the ring, I reckon you’d get less than 8.5% willing to have a shot.

Here’s another example. Perceived social media bias by demographic:

Note the 19% of Republicans who say that social media is biased in their favour. This is probably a mix of Democrats pretending to be Republicans, people who misunderstood the question, troublemakers and lunatics.

Earlier I mused about the education and professional background of the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Senior Economics Writer Jessica Irvine, given that she seems a bit out of her depth. I found it:

The daughter of two retired federal public servants, Jessica was born in Washington DC but spent most of her childhood in Canberra. She attributes her continued love of our nation’s capital to the fact she escaped, aged 14, to attend high school in London.

Returning to Australia, she completed an honours degree in Economics (Social Sciences) at The University of Sydney, majoring in Political Economy and Philosophy. She worked at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission [ACCC] in Canberra before deciding on a career in journalism.

No further questions, Your Honour. Born to the bureaucratic caste. Studied Economics (Social Sciences), not Economics (Actual Economics). ‘Political Economy’ is so easy that even I’ve done it. The ACCC is a quango so up until she started writing about economics and finance, she had no real, private sector experience.

She fails the Clarey Test.

I fail too, miserably, but I don’t pretend to be a qualified Senior Economics Writer.

In Melbourne, Somalis are bumping heads with trannies. So far the trannies seem to be winning.

Did you hear the one about the Governor of Florida tweaking the Covid stats? Turns out the whole story is very interesting indeed.

Why Matt hates Dave Ramsey:

I had no rent or payments, outside of upkeep and property taxes. I didn’t spend my extra money on bass boats or an unholy King Ranch truck. I also saved up a rainy day fund. It came in handy, I got fired a few years later.

I came to hate the Dave Ramsey radio program shortly afterward. It wasn’t that he got me fired, it is that he was right that pissed me off.

Here’s a story and a half. Content warning.

Yoshikien Garden, Nara, Japan. Source: thousandwonders.net

Beat this brilliant idea: solar panels on tanks to reduce carbon emissions.

A famous author writing a book about historians was told by his American publisher that he needed to include more blacks. Scraping the barrel, he did so, adding 18,000 words of their exploits.

Then they cancelled his book anyway because it was still too white.

Whoah, Tulsi!

This was in response to the Mayor refusing one-on-one interviews with white journos. Read the replies to see where we’re at.

Whoah, Dutton!

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has ordered his department and serving military personnel to stop pursuing a “woke agenda” after Defence held morning teas where staff wore rainbow clothing to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia.

Read the replies, etc.

Whoah, Mather!

Actually, that story is an interesting slice-of-life account from Mexico which I enjoyed as it seems almost identical to the Philippines.

Then I heard that a publisher had not only refused to publish it for being racist, but banned Mather Scheider from contributing for a year! They sent him anti-racist resources so that he could do the work.

I was gobsmacked. As you can see, all he’s guilty of is admitting that Mexicans are noisy and sometimes have domestic tiffs. Was he supposed to paint a picture of utopia?

Then I found out I was wrong. It wasn’t that story that got him banned. It was this one, an account of how his wife was deported and how he decided to follow her down to Mexico.

This goes beyond Woke. This is more like a game of spot-the-haram. I challenge my readers to play: send that link to your wokest acquaintance and ask her to identify the part that is racist. Or just say, what do you think of this story? Get her cancelled if she likes it.

Things might be weird now but they were way worse in the 900s and we came back from that.

Whoah, Dexter!

A former grazier from the outback Queensland town of Roma has become Australia’s oldest man on record.

At 111 years and 124 days old, Dexter Kruger has today overtaken World War I veteran Jack Lockett, who died in 2002 aged 111 years and 123 days.

The former veterinary surgeon is also a poet and an author who has spent his life on the land, refusing to retire from his 5,300-hectare cattle property in the Maranoa region until his mid-90s.

Much of his longevity he puts down to the simple lifestyle he enjoyed in the bush . . .

While never a big smoker or drinker, Mr Kruger recalled a weekly delicacy he credited to his longevity.

“Chicken brains,” he grinned.

Nice article, I think you’ll like it.

Photo of Dexter with wife Gladys

Meanwhile in Japan, a bullet train running at 150 kmh was left without a driver for three minutes after he took a sneaky toilet break.

On one hand, that’s a worry. On the other, what was he supposed to do? The company needs to have plans for all possible emergencies. A Gatorade bottle or something.

Many levels of government are suffering budget deficits. Could this be the solution?

“I want to make a donation,” said a man arriving at the government office for Yokosuka City.

Much to the surprise of the staff on hand, that donation was quite sizable: a whopping 60 million yen [USD $550k] in cash . . .

Believed to be in his 70s or 80s, the man wished to remain anonymous. He arrived at the office at around 2:15 p.m. with a backpack.

“These are my savings going back to when I was in elementary school,” he said. “Please accept it as a donation.”

Elsewhere, a man gets annoyed by someone leaving his car in a shopping centre parking lot overnight, solves the problem by planting a car bomb. Responses mostly sympathetic to the bomber.

That’s it.

6 to 6 e-book


  1. Wolf · 29 Days Ago

    I don’t know about the Clarey Test excepting military and cops. That might have been justified a generation or two ago but they’re now either low level tow-the-line conformists who serve evil states (average cop) or career politicians (average generals).

    Thanks to a worthless degree my clarey score is 1. I’m surprised YOU failed the Clarey Test.

    Tulsi more helpful and braver than virtually all Republican frauds and European billionaires.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jewamongyou · 28 Days Ago

    I read Home to Hermosillo, and I have a theory. The folks at Booth failed to read the story from beginning to end – even though it’s very short. Instead, they gave it a cursory look, and noticed the term “illegal woman.” They paid no heed to the context, and were duly triggered.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. JaXX · 28 Days Ago

    Regarding the bullet train driver in Japan taking a 3-minute loo break:

    That’s nothing.

    It seems in 2021 USA, Tesla drivers routinely sleep behind the wheel, or if that’s not comfortable enough, in the back seat, while the car runs on ‘Autopilot’ (yeah, THAT beta software) along the freeway at 80-100 miles an hour.

    Now many Yanks prefer to believe in creationism rather than evolution. I, however, am convinced that this type of behaviour is in fact Darwinism in action!


    • Gunner Q · 28 Days Ago

      “…this type of behaviour is in fact Darwinism in action!”

      More of a kinetic vaccination. Even has the same attitude of complete trust in tech that the manufacturer still won’t take responsibility for.

      Liked by 1 person

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