I need some.

This blog has become dour. That’s because my life’s been flipped upside down like a beetle and I’m not sure if I can turn it back the right way.

I’ve missed out on two jobs due to pandemic travel restrictions. My own country has abandoned me. Those closest to me have fallen into the Woke/Covidian cult. Right now I still have no good option for getting off this fecking island and doing something with my life.

I’ve become negative about the future because it appears that hysterical restrictions on everything and tyrannical controls on free speech are here to stay.

The biggest black pill I’ve had to swallow is that most people support this Fascism Lite due to oligarchic propaganda. Whatever lame resistance I may put up will achieve little while my fellow Australians are so terrified that they’ll happily throw me under the bus.

I’ve tried to remain upbeat because my position is much better than that of many others. Those who’ve lost their jobs, for example, or their businesses, or who are stuck overseas without sufficient savings or a valid visa. Things could be worse, I keep telling myself. Shit, in this country, lockdowns are causing a big increase in malnutrition. At least I can eat.

I’ve tried to keep my mental state out of the blog. Not sure how how effective that was. I channeled my angst into my collection of short stories, working title Tales Against Humanity.

But now that’s almost complete and I’m in no better situation.

I’ve written three posts about this that I decided not to publish as they were too whiny. Now I’ve decided to say something because (a) I’ve discovered rays of light (or are they?) and (b) I want to invite readers to give me some of their own hopium.

Some people on our side are awaiting a miracle. The Q crowd can hardly believe that Trump hasn’t yet returned to Earth on a fiery chariot. Some conservative Christians seem to be expecting it to start raining toads.

This is not a dig at Christianity. Faith can help one cope with bad times but should not inspire one to fold his arms and wait for God to sort it out. That’s not how it works.

Wherein lies your candle of hope, the reader asks?

As hath been spoken: SJWs always lie.

They want to demoralize us

A lot of propaganda (which I feared this blog might be conflated with) seeks to make us believe we are already defeated. Blatant hypocrisies are waved under our noses. The faceless oligarchs do not try to hide the fact that the Western Emperor is a senile puppet.


What do they fear might happen if we remain moralized?

I don’t know, but that’s good enough reason for anyone to keep his chin up.

So what if many others have succumbed to the soy? Better one good man in your foxhole than a dozen dipshits.

They are trying to silence us

Why? Aren’t we supposed to already be defeated? What’s so dangerous about us using mainstream platforms to speak the truth? Why does the MSM have to carefully curate content so that every story either enhances the narrative up to the last few paragraphs that no one reads, or gets buried altogether?

Why are they trying so hard to hold a pillow over the face of alternative platforms?

Why fear speech?

I can’t see at this point how mere talking can change anything, but if they want us to stop it, we should definitely continue.

They seem genuinely afraid of a fancy-dress insurrection

Of course, this is being used as a burning-of-the-Reichstag excuse to go after any remaining pro-Trump elements. However, that’s not the whole of it. There’s real fear there.

Fear of what?

Of real disobedience which deep down they think they deserve. Here’s a fact that few mention, and which only occurred to me today: had Trump been a more devious and courageous man, he might have actually seized power on January 6th. In that alternative timeline, the US has fallen apart with blue states rejecting Washington’s rule and going their own way.

But Trump was unfocused and cowardly, hoping that others might lead and sacrifice on his behalf while he washed his hands of the whole affair.

I am not saying he should have done it. Rather, I’m saying he could have done it had he been the villain his enemies imagined.

Our rulers’ hold on power is more fragile than it appears.

Obviously we should not be plotting a real insurrection, but this show of weakness demonstrates that with a bit of pushback, lockdown restrictions and Woke impositions can be easily swept aside in those regions where they are least welcome.

We’re being menaced by paper tigers. Drum up support and watch them fold.

Aside from these tells, there is one more reason for hope:

The future is unknown

Few in 1985 would have guessed what 2020 would look like. Few of us today can imagine what 2055 will look like. Things change.

It is possible to make reasonable predictions 10, 20 or even 30 years out but above that, too many variables come into play. Anything could happens and it probably will.


Don’t channel your hopium into irrelevant campaigns. Retail politics is rotten and organized movements are for fools.

We can, however, start make changes in our own tiny lives.

I’ve got some ideas.

How about youse? Hit me with your hopium.

Postscript: This blog is apolitical in the sense that it does not attempt (very hard) to change anyone’s mind, nor does it attempt to reinforce our tribe’s axioms – which often infuriates.

I would prefer that my reader hold his views lightly.

The People’s Blog is not a tool in the present struggle. Uncertainly and ambiguity are welcome here. Being an obscure and unimportant place, this is a venue for the free discussion of interesting ideas, not for propagandizing the masses.

This isn’t one of my secret handshakes. I just mean the things that I said.


  1. Maniac · May 3

    I’m in the same boat. I’ve been relegated to a job that I don’t care for, and I pretty much wake up every morning with anxiety about the future. It’s springtime here, and I was in one of my favorite places in the world yesterday on what should’ve been my usual Sunday drive. I was miserable. And Christianity has only exacerbated what were already huge bouts of anxiety and depression.

    Day by day, I guess.

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    • Wolf · May 4

      I’m curious as to how Christianity has exacerbated things.


      • Maniac · May 4

        Endtime prophecy about Christians being persecuted, and what I see as Evangelical Christianity’s promotion of sexual repression (Matthew 5: 27 – 28).


  2. TechieDude · May 3

    We are being ‘ruled’ by imbeciles. Sadly, they’re going to screw around until things blow. Look at what the fools are up to with Russia. Let’s poke the bear, it’ll be fun!

    So it’s going to be f-ed up no matter what. It’s when. Best you can do is act locally.

    I was at a convention this weekend (Because Texas is free), and there were nearly a thousand dudes there who are involved with their communities and think like me. Funniest conversation I had was with a Tejano dude from El Paso. He was going off on Beto O’Rourke. “Hispanic my ass” he says. “We call him a pendejo. You know that that means, don’t you?”

    It was refreshing to be around men that weren’t about to put up with bullshit, and would pushback hard when it came their way. They are heading to an Irish Boycott – https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/irish-invented-boycott

    People will simply ignore them and do their own thing.

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  4. RMIV · May 3

    regularly visiting the Soviet Men “pub” as i think of this corner of the interwebs you’ve curated, Nikolai, leaves me zooted on hopium. it’s not that you’re bursting with naive enthusiasm or any such tonal saccharine sentimentality (truthfully your delivery strikes as an ever-rare recipe of nonchalant deadpan sardonicism) but that the “fix” i get here is found in that this IS in fact just such a cozy hole-in-the-wall meeting place to wax dissident with others who hold their views not-too-tightly. plus that inimitable voice you write in.

    what i see you alluding to in your words above are the noticeable “tells” of infirmity that belie the tyrannous bluster of our Year Zero overlords. primarily they fear any tribal coalescence as exhibited by their every measure taken to divide folks from each other. they are a weak tribe whose members are united only by greed & hatred, desirous of installing themselves as a “master race.” a fragile alliance at best. they know themselves surrounded by stronger tribes, linked families of families.

    the existence of this place + us & you, our gracious host, is a most encouraging gift. you’re a good neighbor to us. we all go through periods of darkness. in such times, we can turn to the Lord, but it’s good to have friends.

    there is much to be skeptical of in this world, so it no longer surprises me to learn how many people don’t really believe in anything. whether there is a God or not, His existence doesn’t depend on what you believe or what i say. however in a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know that, ultimately, there is light in the darkness. for many of us the road is a difficult one, yet the path is always there for us to follow, no matter how many times we may fall. when the walls come tumbling down, when you lose everything you have, you always have family. and family always has tribe. Christianity comes ready-made with the wisdom that one’s birth family will turn on him, that a man’s enemies shall be the members of his own house. the Christian family that one is “born-again” into is therefore a synthetic family founded upon a religious/tribal faith.

    i don’t mean to proselytize; i know you to be a contemporary of Mr Piggott and he’s an abler preacher than i. to grow in faith is to find oneself increasingly unable to extricate even one’s discourse from its lens, it seems. anyway this was a long-winded comment to illustrate some perspective advantages of the synthetic tribe. the lone wolf does not long live and the law of the jungle is come the world over.

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  5. jewamongyou · May 3

    One thing I’ve learned from dabbling in the stock market, and crypto, is the value of patience. If we keep doing what we know is the right thing, then the odds are that it will eventually pay off. There are parallels between investing in money and investing in ideas. Neither of them is likely to yield instant riches. Investing whittles away at poverty, while blogging whittles away at tyranny.

    I don’t blame you for feeling discouraged, but this too shall pass. When it’s possible to travel again, I hope you and I can meet somewhere sunny and enjoy a few drinks.

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  6. Gunner Q · May 4

    This weekend, my roleplaying-game-group friends told me that I wouldn’t be welcome when inperson meetings start up because I refuse the vaxx. I don’t know how to make new friends with California-level distancing & masking in effect Maybe I should leave but there’s really nowhere to go.

    I’m lonely and hurting, too, Nikolai, even though I still have a job & money like you do. If I could, I’d do a Rip van Winkle for twenty years and let the fools burn and starve themselves out. Instead, I’m restructuring my life in preparation for food shortages and ostracism… depressing as HELL. But once it’s done, I’ll have food to spare and probably some new allies. Maybe an entirely new life, no small feat at middle age.

    “We can, however, start make changes in our own tiny lives. I’ve got some ideas.”

    Do it. Our old lives aren’t coming back. Time to create new lives with the opportunities we have.

    The start of a major change is always the hardest part. You know what you’re losing but not yet what you’ll gain.

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    • That’s rough. It’s got to the point where it’s hard to have friends on the other side of the Great Divide because they think we’re evil, not just wrong.
      I’m sure you can find some like-minded or apolitical blokes around with the help of the internet. Stranger freaks than us find their flocks there. Maybe you could found alt-roleplaying or something.


      • luisman · May 4

        I left and/or been kicked out of every PI-related internet forum by now, because I argued against the hipp-hipp-hooray vaxxers. The kick-out was due to me calling the admin a funky smelling IT guy, desperate for pussy behind his screen in his mom’s basement, who has no other means getting ‘some’ than to travel to a 3rd world county and paying for it. 🙂

        Anyway, my direct neighbors and a number of expats who’ve been here for a long time, mainly Swiss and German, a few Japanese, and one single English speaking fellow come together to eat and have some drinks regularly. Especially the Swiss are stubbornly independent thinking, rejecting any authority of anyone. It’s a good group to be in for sanity.

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        • I’ve met some local foreigners here who are cool too, including older blokes who are supposed to be cowering under their beds.

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    • SFC Ton · May 5

      Dang that’s ruthless

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  7. Tim914 · May 4

    If you live in a conservative state in America, things have remained much the same. We never locked down (Georgia) and never had a mask mandate. I go almost everywhere except the doctor’s office without one. Walmart for example. Some people wear them but most don’t. We don’t trust the government and most see through their evil schemes. Florida has forbidden any sort of Vaccine passport and other states are considering it. I expect the Trump states to resist. In the past month advertising is everywhere trying to get people to get their Dr. Mengele covid shot as the supply is greater than the demand. Can’t give them away. The world has gone insane but my small corner of the world is just fine.

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    • Some Americans carry on about the collapse and plan expatriation but from over here in The Rest of The World, it seems that resistance in your heartland is the strongest in the Western world. Certainly stronger than in Australia.

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      • Tim914 · May 4

        True. It’s the half of the country with most of the weapons. Don’t believe it will come to that, though.

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      • SFC Ton · May 5

        America is a big place so you’ll hear a lot of different/ opposing things that can be true

        Our “heart land” seems pretty far left to me but would probably work for a lot of European and Australian folk. How long the local political climate will stay that way is a whole other thing.

        The US government and culture has a well established track record of turning on then killing dissident Whites, especially if your rural, Southern and what not. Or a coal minner.

        With all of that, you could find some places where you’d fit in well and probably not have to deal with federal troops dropping both boots on you.

        Other places in the usa are basically low intensity race wars. Sort of. The real battle is between various White ethnic groups with non Whites being foot soilders for one side but that’s kind of subtle and hard to work out the details.


    • Gunner Q · May 4

      When one of you Red States crosses the Rubicon, I’m packing bags. I’ll be watching like a hawk at how you guys handle next year’s elections. (Assuming I’m not running my company at that point. The Baby Boomer authorities have been looking shaky for a year now.)

      Dear God, I need a destination. Preferably not swampland but needs must.

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      • A people driven into the swamps built Venice.

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      • Further, this is about where I am. Most of the world is becoming as intolerable as England was to the Pilgrims. I’m looking around for a place that’s not gone mad, one that’s inhabited by ‘people like me’. Don’t care what they look like, just how mad they are.
        Japan is locking down again and the chances of getting there any time seem dim. Local area in the Philippines just locked down again and I’m not allowed to go to the beach, which is the only thing to do. I’m reaching my limit.
        It’s hard to find a place that’s both sane and possible to get residency. Best I’ve found so far is Mexico. Maybe Georgia (the country). As for US red states, guess I could put on a sombrero and stroll in across the border like everyone else.

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        • TechieDude · May 4

          Dude, come to Texas. The US is probably one of the few places you can land.
          You can pretty much bet the south is going to pull a 10th amendment and tell the feds to shove it.

          I left my convention this weekend invigorated knowing there’s thousands of dudes like me here. I’ve always known it, but experiencing it was something else.


        • Tim914 · May 7

          Ajijic is a Gringo city on lake Chapala, SW of Guadalajara. Perfect weather. I thought about living there. Fred Reed the writer lives there and says good things about it.


  8. luisman · May 4

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  9. luisman · May 4

    Not hopium at all, but the best summary of what has been going on imo:

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    • Anonymous · May 5

      Nice article in the link. Do you have further information on the depletion of easy resources needed to launch a second industrial revolution?


  10. Ozzie in Melbin · May 4

    Hi mate. I know it’s not going to help much but be aware that we ozzies at home know about you and others like you and almost everyone I meet thinks the way we’ve abandoned our own overseas is absolutely disgusting. The mainstream media, and hence the pollies, think it’s all good and the biggest problem of all is this has been done by the Libs and all Labor is offering is “we’ll do the same but moreso”, so no fear of them getting voted out over it any time soon. My experience is that most men think the wuflu scare is all beat up to buggery but most women believe the bullshit. There are exceptions on both sides but the sex divide is definitely there. I’ll tell you one thing though, when Dictator Dan Andrews (Vic Premier) fell down the stairs and broke his woteva a few months ago the media might have boohooed a lot but every bloke I met reckoned it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. That’s the real attitude men have to lockdowns and masks and border closures here. Except for West Oz, where I used to live once, but meh their answer to everything is “secede!”. Ozzie in Melbourne.

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  11. Parker Bensen · May 4

    I’m going to have to preface this by saying that I’ve thought the rona is a massive load of shit before it was cool to think so. All the signs of fuckery were there for anyone who had their eyes open: (as mentioned on this blog) the laughable videos out of China of people pretending to fall down, the mannequins, the desolate hospitals AND the empty pointless makeshift hospitals. The extraordinary levels of online shilling (special mention to a certain dickhead by the name of “Doubting Thomas” who lurked over at Roosh V Forum, claiming to be an NYC doctor). Bill Gates’ gleefully smiling mug on TV screens as people’s livelihoods turned to shit.

    All that said, the happenings of the past year and a bit have not been without their silver lining for me personally. At the end of 2019, I had to quit a very bad job where I was constantly abused. Up until mid 2020 I’d been burning through my savings and limping along on a gig economy job, but thankfully with the relaxed requirements I was able to get the dole and the supplements, with which I’ve replenished my dwindling savings.

    I’m back at university, and while the abrupt dearth of international students has been causing all the unis quite a bit of worry, I couldn’t be happier. It’s been so peaceful on campus without the massive hordes of people. A few years ago I attempted uni, and the crowds were a real drag. It was like going to a busy theme park everyday.

    That’s not to say that I think the lockdowns were good or right. Over the last two decades I’ve seen nice neighbourhoods turn into slums, businesses disappear forever, people my age and younger stuck working in the service sector because upward mobility is gone, also an increase in the derro and bogan populations – and it’s likely going to get worse once the dust has cleared. Even though I’ve had a rough lot in life, it doesn’t make me feel better seeing others do as bad as me. I’d rather see people doing well, because if they can, so can I.

    This has been a long one, if you’re still here, thanks for reading. What would I recommend for anyone feeling lost? Do what I’m doing, some kind of course. It might not land you your dream job, or even a ticket to the middle class lifestyle of days gone, but it will keep your mind active, give you something to do everyday.

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  12. Klaus · May 4

    Top post! To your specific points –

    I don’t think you’re too whiny…or if you are, you toss in a joke in at least. Look at that delicioustacos writer. Gosh, he writes well. The only thing though, he whines so much that I’ve often thought (insert Australian accent), “Bloody ‘ell…doncha ‘ave any mates?”. I’ve only ever laughed once with his writing – where he wrote that he hit his cat in the face, when masturbating!

    Silence us? I dunno. Perhaps it’s petty but I revel (!) every day when poor Mr. Biden is not criticised for being a doddery old man. That is, Trump was criticised so much that the MSM are showing (through their lack of criticism) their bias. I reckon “Joe Sixpack” notices this.

    The future? “Venezuela”***, I reckon. I’ve no real solutions. One c-o-u-l-d perhaps, in polite company, ever so gently, complain that some people are “permanently offended”…or that maybe Africans should help themselves. It’s namby-pamby but trying to be a better person is the only other “solution” I have.

    Keep up the good work!

    ***”The Mandibles” by Lionel Shriver – I haven’t read a book this good for years.


  13. Adam · May 4

    You need to take a serving of harden the fuck up.


  14. Dan Patterson · May 4

    Here’s an interesting interview, long but worth it for the pov. Ignore the self-interest on display by Wolf if possible.


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  15. philebersole · May 5

    Hello,Nikolai. I agree wholeheartedly with the general thrust of your post. We in the USA and elsewhere in the Western world really do face Fascism Lite, and it is so omni-directional that it is hard to see any effective resistance movement .
    I do take issue with a couple of very minor points.
    There never was any possibility that Donald Trump could bring about a coup. His movement is a cult of personality, nothing more. There is no organized grass-roots movement behind him, comparable to the Tea Party, let alone an organized para-military force such as actual fascists have. More importantly, a coup requires the participation, or at least the neutrality, of the military and police. The Pentagon, CIA and FBI have been against him from the very beginning. They are aligned with Democrats. There is more possibility of a Democratic coup, to suppress “domestic terrorism,” than a Republican coup. But I don’t think an actual coup is likely or, from their point of view, necessary. All that is needed is to keep going in the current direction.
    I agree with you that the response to COVID-19 has been bungled, and that lockdowns have done great economic damage. But is refusal to take reasonable precautions, such as wearing masks in poorly ventilated rooms, and getting vaccinated, the hill you want to die on? COVID-19 can kill you or really mess you up, as has happened to some friends of mine.
    Based on what I read, the Philippines is likely to become the next hot spot. I don’t see what your government isn’t providing you the means to get vaccinated and / or being tested to prove you don’t have the virus. I hope that you are able to get out of there ASAP or that you stay safe otherwise.

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  16. philebersole · May 5

    I agree with you on the value of maintaining independent judgment, and not being swept along with the crowd, even if there is no viable Resistance movement in sight of if – like me – you don’t have the temperament for participating in mass action

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  17. philebersole · May 5

    President Trump’s purpose in inviting a mob to storm the Capitol was to intimidate Vice President Pence into refusing to certify the Electoral College returns as legitimate. This would have produced a Constitutional crisis. Presumably the Supreme Court would have ordered Pence to certify the results. I can’t predict what would have happened next.
    But if terms of office of the President and Vice-President expire, and there is no new President or Vice President to take their place, then the line of succession goes to the Speaker of the House -Nancy Pelosi
    If there had been any possibility of Trump blocking the Electoral College certification and staying in office, there probably would have been a military coup – tp prevent this from happening.
    Forgive me for not getting all my thoughts into my first comment. I’m getting on in years, and suffering a certain amount of cognitive decline – like President Biden.

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  18. Kentucky Gent · May 9

    My hopium isn’t actually hopium, rather it is true hope! It is my Catholic faith. God truly is real, and He truly did reveal Himself to man through the ages, culminating in sending his Son Jesus to redeem us.


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