Word from the Dark Side – crushing dissent, cash for comment, cringe award winner and cream puff crime

A paramedic donated $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defence fund. The details were leaked and the donor was doxxed and harassed by a Utah news station:

ABC4 News investigative reporter Jason Nguyen went to the man’s home “to get his side of things, but those inside the home didn’t want to talk.” No, you went to his home to do an ambush interview because of your political orientation and you wanted to shame him over $10, when he did nothing wrong. I will not be repeating the man’s name, because it’s disgusting that they ever published it.

The network then harassed the man’s employer for comment on the evil, $10 donation. His employers at the West Valley City Fire Department confirmed the man was an employee and said they would be “conducting an investigation into this matter” but the action was his personal action “not [that] of West Valley City.”

Maryland to probe defence witness in Chauvin case because how dare he.

In similar news, a German judge is being investigated by the government for ruling against mandatory masks in schools (a few stories down).

Luisman, you might want to check the original article in German and do a post. It sounds hard to believe.

Right-wing dissident Nick Fuentes has been put on TSA’s no fly list, though he has not been charged with any crimes. Even Rosa Parks was allowed to sit at the back of the bus.

A lot of America’s right wing supported tyrannical ‘anti-terror’ laws in the post-9/11 era. Civil liberty groups at the time squealed that these unconstitutional powers would eventually be used against anyone the regime perceives as an annoyance.

The squealers were correct.

In the early 2000s, some people on TSA’s no fly list claimed it was unfair and launched legal action. Some of these cases are still winding their way though a court system that no longer pretends to serve justice or the people.

A lot of the Woke crowd were crowing about Fuentes’ ban. ‘Serves you right for being a Nazi’ and that sort of thing. Another two decades (probably less, things are speeding up) and those deemed too left-wing will not be allowed to fly either.

The pot is now boiling.

Blacks threaten to leave the US if things don’t improve.

A pretty girl.

Beauty vs attractiveness:

Twitter bluecheck loonies are being paid by left-wing groups to troll. Good work if you can get it.

Australian of the Year Grace Tame got the gong for being molested by her maths teacher when she was fifteen (it wasn’t the music/drama teacher for once) and changing a weird loophole in the law that banned victims from speaking about the case. Unlike many other high-profile cases of late, hers seems legit: she went to the police and the perp was convicted.

At the awards ceremony, Grace pulled down a picture of former award-winner Australian actor Geoffrey Rush who was accused of sexual harassment but won the resulting defamation case. She also posted photos of the Prime Minister on social media that trolled him about climate change and being in Hawaii during a bushfire crisis.

Grace Tame was honoured as Australian of the Year

Is Biden really going full Venezuela? Obviously GloboMegaCorp will not be affected – the taxes will fall on you, not them.

If this spending is necessary, why did all those existing anti-poverty programs fail and why haven’t they been scrapped?

The bureaucrat as voter. I’ve spent some time in the public sector and agree – everything would be more efficient if only private sector, net taxpayers voted. And no, private companies contracted by government, i.e. arms producers, don’t count.

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

MSM facemask advice from the days of SARS I in the early 2000s. Glad to see Leunig’s not gone mad on this.

Film recommendation: Water, 1985. This is a big-budget film with a small-budget atmosphere and is perhaps the major historical event to occur in St Lucia where it was filmed; not so much funny as enjoyable and good-natured. It’s difficult not to like.

Meanwhile in Japan, they’re suggesting the Olympics might be held without fans. It’s already impossible for foreign spectators to visit and now they are considering a ban on local fans.

Japan did well initially with Covid but the pent-up lack of exposure is finally causing a spike in infections while immunization is extremely slow, probably due to previous vaccine scandals in the country.

My prediction, which may be wrong, is that everyone knows the the Games will not go ahead but no one wants to be the one to announce it. This is why the Pacific War dragged on many months after it was already finished, as one prime minister after another was rolled for not ending it, and then the new one would also be too proud to surrender.

Every week there’s a new twist on panty-stealing and this week is no different. A man and woman team up to steal a trove of panties from a man.

Crime is getting out of hand in Japan. In another case, a man’s Bentley was vandalized with a cream puff.

Not this one

One more: Kyoto woman accused of stalking police officer who previously arrested her for stalking.

That’s it.


  1. luisman · 4 Days Ago

    The story about the judge is correct. He made headlines mainly in the alternative media weeks ago, after his decision went public. He wrote dozens of pages to substantiate his ruling, of course based on the scientists who do not agree with government policies. The issue was that he’s a judge in a family court, and these judges are used to write the laws by themselves, as every male divorcee knows. Unfortunately the jurisdiction for such cases (mask wearing in schools) lies in the hands of an administrative court – but even the latter isn’t true anymore, since Germany passed a “authorization law” (like just before the 3rd Reich began) a few days ago, so that chancellor Merkel can decide anything COVID related.

    I liked that pic:https://i1.wp.com/www.clownworldau.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/covid-masks.jpg?w=800&ssl=1

    But what’s really troubling me is, that, according to Sigmaframe’s female body chart, I’m probably a women. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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  3. ray · 4 Days Ago

    ‘The pot is now boiling’
    Um hm. The first closes.


  4. ray · 4 Days Ago

    Fist, apologies.


  5. Parker Bensen · 4 Days Ago

    Miss Tame is giving the world a taste of what bogan mob rule looks like. She’s not just advocating to be able to discuss court cases in public. As she demonstrated with her attack on Geoffrey Rush’s character, she’s pushing to give official jurisdiction to the court of public opinion. That’s how it’s always worked in the small towns and the outer rim suburbs.

    Go down to the local sports club and try and tell them about the Salem Witch Trials, or in much simpler terms, ask them how they would like it if everyone turned on one of them for something they may not have done or is not so cut and dry. They’re not capable of that kind of abstract thinking because they don’t have empathy.

    What’s really fucked up is that once you’re accused, you can’t win. Unlike in a normal court, the accused has no right to defend themselves, because that would be “giving them a platform”.

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