Clownish villains

The Joker is a perfect meme baddie for our age.

Our overlords are not terrifying, grim dictators.

They do not have the firm posture of Putin or the cold gaze of Xi.

They lack the formidable mustaches, dapper uniforms and nasty camps of twentieth-century villains.

Our fascist-lite leaders are nothing but clowns.

Look at Biden. Does anyone really hate the man, left or right? He’s the classic American Grifter who somehow made it all the way to the Whitehouse but it took so long that he’s barely aware of what’s happening anymore.

Even when he was still sharp, he was an oddball hair-sniffer. Now that he’s pretty far gone it’s hard to feel anything for him but pity.

Sure, in a perfect world he would have been thrown out of politics long ago and perhaps done some time. Allegedly.

Even in that world, however, he’d now be due for release and no one would object.

He’s harmless.

It was bizarre enough that the mightiest nation to ever exist chose Donald Trump as its leader. At least that was a case of one half of the country trolling the other.

But now this guy? It was like an official announcement to the world: okay, we’re done.

Putin will now dominate Europe and Xi will dominate Asia and Africa. The United States (and the West) is over. Some say it’s become debauched or degenerate but above all else, and in comparison to other fallen civilizations, a unique change is apparent.

It has become silly.

Clowns now rule across the West. Boris is a clown. Morrison is a clown. Trudeau is the biggest clown of all and even dresses like it when he can.

Our oligarchs are also clowns, constantly breaking their own corona edicts or caught in the most ridiculous and transparent lies. The congressmen and state leaders, bureaucrats, NGO people, captains of industry and so on. Consider, for example, the professional Conservatives among them who would tell you they care about something other than their career and bank account.

All clowns.

The striving third tier of the elite are particularly clownish. Look at the ones who call themselves journalists, whose hypocrisy has twisted beyond all parody and is now a cock slap in your face. The celebrities and sportsmen forever inventing hate crimes against their poor little selves. The military brass who no longer attempt to win wars. The academics who police each other like a nest of ants.

For that matter, look at us. The commoners. What are Westerners to the world now but clowns; people who had the most enviable societies on Earth and who threw them away, smashed them up, destroyed them. ‘Why the hell did you do that?’ they might ask. We don’t have an answer. Most of us don’t even realize what we’ve done.

We even look clownish. We’re fat, our faces are soft and doughy like a domesticated breed of homo sapiens. We dress in awful clothes, tattoo ourselves, dye our hair in clown colours, pierce ourselves. We don’t even divide into men and women like everyone else.

Instead of going outside or socializing in person, we argue with a screen about whether a tweet was racist or not.

We can perform our silly songs and dances online but we can’t have conversation or run a mile. Soon the Japanese are going to start thinking we’re a bit weird.

Was Rome this clownish, at the end? They were highly distracted and debauched, of course, but at least they still left the house. At least their appearance was noble. Any Roman could kick any modern-day Westerner’s arse without raising a sweat, I’m sure of it.

If a Western coalition of the willing were sent back to 450, given barbarian weapons and ordered to invade Rome, we’d be repelled. We might be bigger and more educated these days but we lack the spirit of the Goths or even the remaining dregs of Roman society.

We seem to have lost even our will to live. It’s been replaced with an unmanly terror of death. We draw breath for longer than ever, but we don’t live anymore. This isn’t life. Any earlier peoples would have chafed under our yoke and resisted with vigor. Even the Soviets were allowed to go to the park. Even serfs could sing and dance together. Even slaves were not forced to cover their faces.

What happens to our Cl*wn W*rld in the future? Can we continue forever in this downward spiral of clownishness, or must there eventually come a natural corrective that smacks us into shape? If so, what will that look like?

Perhaps things will change when the money runs out and welfare stops. Maybe it will happen when the power goes off or the toilets stop flushing. I don’t know.

Having lived in the Third World for a long time, I can see that the hilarity could continue indefinitely. As Heartiste notes, there is electricity in the Third World. There is plumbing, wifi and so on. It’s just not very good.

I think that’s the future of the West – being a clownish, backwards part of the world superseded by more serious nations.

We’d all secretly like a dramatic collapse but it won’t happen. This circus is going to be in town for a long, long time.

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  1. RMIV · April 29

    as an American Southerner, i perceive you’re likely correct in your predictions and it’s no less than we deserve

    Liked by 3 people

    • Klaus · April 29

      Clint Eastwood, “The Unforgiven” – “We all have it coming, Kid”.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marriagesexandmore · April 29

    Sadly, you are correct… We are all clowns.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SFC Ton · April 29

    Yeah we’re way more likely to end up like Brazil or some such but with some localized race wars thrown in the mix

    Unless the left pushes to hard and to fast. Which is a possibility

    Liked by 1 person

    • dickycone · May 1

      “Brazil with uglier women and colder weather” is how I think of the probable future of the US. Probably the lesser Anglo countries too.


      • overgrownhobbit · May 2

        We wish. Brasil still has Sr. Bolsonaro.

        No, we’ll go to hell in our own ideosyncratic and outsized hand basket. We’ll have the bang *and* the whimper; just wait and see.


        • dickycone · May 2

          I’ll concede that Brazil does have a much cooler president, but that’s a pretty low bar at this point. I still imagine we’ll have similar levels of poverty, corruption, lawlessness, and racial strife within a generation or two. Just, as I said, also with colder weather and ugly women (present company excluded).


  4. Kentucky Gent · April 30

    Hi Nikolai,

    Let me apologize in advance for not commenting on topic. Rather, I recall our discussion from a few weeks ago about Catholic saints. Specifically, St. Catherine of Sienna. Here is an alternative understanding of this great saint, whom the church celebrates on this day:


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