Word from the Dark Side – going to Graceland, gay bar cancelled, Greta and the Unabomber, 35 girlfriends defrauded and Goolag strikes again

Graceland by Paul Simon:

I thought that readers might play these songs as they read the Dark Side but this one has such a touching narrative, you might want to pay attention to the whole thing first. Classic Americana.

Woke is tangled. There was an incident in Melbourne where four police officers on the side of a freeway were accidentally killed by a doped-up Indian truck driver. The man they’d pulled over, also off his tits, then took video and taunted the dying cops. Being a white guy, he became the main story.

One of the cops was a regular at a prominent gay bar. This being the current year, it was no secret and the bar put on blue lights to remember him. Then the Woker-than-thou complained this was inappropriate because of Aboriginal deaths in police custody.

Sircuit bar in Fitzroy was bathed in blue on Thursday to pay tribute to the four police officers killed in the Eastern Freeway tragedy.

“Absolutely abhorrent statement to make,” one of the comments read. “Why not stand in the fight to stop black deaths in custody instead of supporting oppressors? The queer community will never stand with cops.”

Other comments described the gesture as “vomit”, “gross” and told management to “read the room”.

The bar apologized.

I can’t keep up anymore.

The issue of police shootings in Australia is less politicized than in the US. Media coverage is less hysterical and a fair judicial process still possible. For now. Originally the Black Deaths in Custody report was hardly considered part of a culture war and made sensible recommendations like removing hanging points from cells and having drunks sleep it off under medical supervision in case they choked.

Finally, a leader I can respect: Chad’s president dies in a combat zone. Let this be a lesson and example to our own rulers.

The meme is true

Meanwhile in Ukraine, Anatoly Karlin describes the standoff with Russia as a game of Chicken Kiev.

Also on Unz, Steve Sailer provides a perfect example of Whiteness.

A blogger who’s been right before claims that Greta Thurnberg is exchanging letters with the Unabomber.

Greta Thunberg (L) and the Unabomber (R).
There’s a certain . . . oh, never mind

From Streetwise Professor: there are tough standards of evidence required to approve pharmaceutical interventions, so why are non-pharmaceutical interventions forcibly imposed on whole nations?

The underlying principle of drug regulation has been “show me”: show me something works. The underlying principle of Covid Era ukases has been: “Evidence? Evidence? I don’t have to show any stinkin’ evidence.” Indeed, it’s been worse than that: those who demand evidence, or even politely point out the lack of evidence, are branded as heretics by the very same “progressives” who believe religiously that requiring proof of efficacy of drugs is a good thing . . .

So an apparent logical inconsistency–proof of efficacy for thee, but not for me–is in fact no inconsistency at all. They are both who, whom. A soi disant elite (ha!) always pushes the alternative that gives them the most power, and deprives you of the most choice. Who (the progressives): Whom (you).

Google Drive blocks access to a document compiling news reports on vaccine side effects. This is not the first time I’ve reported such Google antics. All your Google Docs are belong to us!

You might be interested in this podcast:

Liberals donate more than conservatives and Democrats massively outperform in fundraising.

Cop fired after making $25 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defence fund.

Political corruption in the US via insider trading. See the comments for more detail.

Dog Days of Spring:

People are going nuts because they crave domination and submission and the official moral code compels them to equalize everything and give everyone a choice on every little detail. Even the otherwise well-adjusted squirm and sweat from having to choose every last feature and color and texture and flavor and gender and body part and posture, from having to act independently and respect every single other person’s independence and get consent and written guarantees that all parties have done exactly what they wanted without an ounce of influence or pressure.  

It is not even deep down; it is not even hidden. It is right there on their faces, even with masks. In their eyes, in their words, in the way they carry themselves. Please for the love of god tell me who I am, what I like and how I like it.  

Film recommendation: Mystery Train. Features a very young Steve Buscemi but my favourite is the first of the three stories, about a young Japanese couple visiting Memphis. Bit of a theme going on today’s Dark Side with the music at the start.

Here be thy grave:

What dark streak of irrationality lurks in the minds of men, that causes them to march heedlessly towards their own ruin?  What laughing deity prepares this fateful concoction of hubris, blindness, and stupidity, and serves it up to man on a tray etched with the flourishes of his own vanity?  We do not know.  What we do know is that we must be forever on guard against these kinds of traps and pitfalls; our only defense is philosophy, the study of which brings a seasoned knowledge of human nature’s limitations. 

A break away! by Tom Roberts, 1891.

It illustrates a disaster – the sheep are stampeding to a waterhole and will drown each other in the crush. The stockman’s trying in vain to halt them. It demonstrates the beauty, strife and nobility of life in the bush. Note the clearness of the air and the washed-out colours – that’s how Australia looks. If I recall correctly.

If you look carefully you might spot a sheepdog (probably a blue heeler), a second horseman, a pair of wedge-tailed eagles and a chemtrail before its time. Try the Wikipedia Commons version if you can’t zoom sufficiently here. The detail is incredible.

Meanwhile in Japan, a man is arrested for defrauding 35 girlfriends. Is that alpha?

A less romantically successful fellow got caught stealing his crush’s apron from her workplace and putting it on. He said he was ‘overcome with sexual desire’.

A third was fined about $3,000 for shitting in a supermarket checkout aisle. Busy week up there.

That’s it from me. For those wanting more, try last week’s links from Niccolo:

Bellingcat as Intel Cut-Out, Northern Ireland Ablaze, Russia’s Vaccine Export Success, The Sackler Dynasty, Tamil Bull-Wrangling

See my review here:

6 to 6


  1. SFC Ton · 12 Days Ago

    The game is rigged and after a certian point, honest ecconmic comepetion disappears.

    I own some chicken houses; my vertical would rather “give” me two houses then partner up with a newbie offering 4 more

    Young couple trying to buy there 1st home or 1st investment property has to hit the streets; real estate agents, general contractors, property owners themselves etc bring me offers before the places are on the open market.

    I cannot imagine what kind of short cuts fall in your lap when you’re a Congress critter. Add some serious family wealth to that equation and it’s on lock down

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: Word from the Dark Side – going to Graceland, gay bar cancelled, Greta and the Unabomber, 35 girlfriends defrauded and Goolag strikes again — SovietMen | Whores and Ale
  3. Klaus · 11 Days Ago

    What a painting! The artist brings out the oven heat of Australia with those few dabs of white on the horse’s rump.
    When I think of Australia I think of heat, flies and also the washed out colours.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ray · 11 Days Ago

    Damn! but you got Chad ‘n Chad spot-on, may the Chadness be upon you. All along, I just knew God had a reason for making that country. Wherever it is.

    As for Mr. Chad, I have always secretly envied his hat.

    ‘It illustrates a disaster – the sheep are stampeding to a waterhole and will drown each other in the crush. The stockman’s trying in vain to halt them. It demonstrates the beauty, strife and nobility of life in the bush.’

    I would say it demonstrates that when the Sheeple are on one of their Hysterical Stampedes, don’t be so stupid as to figure you can stop them, get caught in the middle of Mad River, and are trampled to death.

    But I’m ok with your stuff about nobleness and beauty and all that, too. It is quaint.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ruralcounsel · 11 Days Ago

    So if police officers can be fired for legally donating to some cause, does that mean we can fire Kamala Harris and any other public officials for advocating donating or actually donating to any of those funds to bail out antifa and BLM rioters?

    I suspect the officer has a really good legal argument that his firing is improper, that his donation is protected political speech, and that the worst thing he can be accused of is misuse of his official email for personal purposes… which an investigation in how others in Norfolk city government have used theirs will demonstrate is not a firing offense. He may get rich off of this in the long run, because it’s a pretty straightforward case of his Constitutional rights being knowingly violated..


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