Word from the Dark Side – black beauties and bullies, bitcoin blues, bizarre death and brazen cat burglar pinches Pokemon cards

This is a very good article about how corona hysteria took over the world:

The truth may be that the coronavirus did not blink into existence in Wuhan one year ago. Rather, it had been incubating in the psyche of modern societies for years. The ease with which populations not only acquiesced to governmental restrictions but also wilfully demanded more of them is proof that we had already accepted the premise of the coronavirus lockdowns into our hearts long ago. It is worth noting that almost all the trends and changes that the coronavirus has seemingly unleashed are simply an acceleration of what was preexisting: Atomization, a retreat from the physical world into the digital, a neurotic collective hysteria in the face of death without a spiritual framework, the expectation that the government will provide, a pseudo-religious belief in experts and scientific redemption, and the hyper-politicization of communal activity.

The fact is the physical world has lost its grip over the modern imagination. Going out to earn a living is an almost archaic activity when we are inching towards states so all-encompassing that they will provide a universal basic income driven by fiat money printing. The rise of Bitcoin is a reaction to the feeling that our economies are a giant fiction, running up debts that are never intended to be repaid, presided over by a handful of oligarchs with more wealth than we could ever even imagine. Under these conditions, heading outside and into the office seems terribly outmoded. Likewise, in the digital age, sex has been relegated to a solo activity as pornography supplants procreation for the OnlyFans generation. In the West, there are fewer and fewer communal anchors as pubs and churches close. All of this contributes to the feeling that there is nothing out there in the world of any value, and so the loss of the freedom to go outside and to associate for many has been more an inconvenience than a matter of life and death.

From Audacious Epigone, Black is Beautiful (just ask them):

A commenter adds this:

Libs love the media (lately):

Steve Sailer: it’s your fault your white daughter got bullied by black kids. Everything else is also your fault. If you reckon my attacks on Woke ideology are overblown, please read this article and see what you think.

One day when NeoChinese archeologists are sifting through the digital remains of our civilization, they’ll come across cryptic videos like this one from Paul Joseph Watson and use them to reconstruct what the hell happened to us, like how modern historians gradually figured out where the Mayans went by studying artifacts they left behind.

There’s a review of my book on goodreads:

Read alot in this category and he is more blunt then most. Which isn’t a bad thing.

That’s it. I’ll take it. Cheers, Josh.

If I’m such a financial genius (I’m not), how come I didn’t buy stacks of bitcoin in 2010? More importantly, what can I learn from the fact that I did not?

I was going to write a post about this but found that Shylock Holmes has already mirrored my thoughts almost perfectly:

1. What realistic changes could I have made that might have caused me to come across bitcoin-like ideas earlier than I did?

2. What realistic changes might have shortened the time between first hearing about it and investing (or investing more, or holding it longer)?

At a high level, the answer to #1 is that you need to be reading weirder, different stuff. If you wait to read about an investment idea in the New York Times, it will be long after all the major gains have been made. 

In 1979, a fire in the Sydney Luna Park ghost train killed seven people. At the time it was claimed to be an electrical fault.

In a rare piece of excellent journalism from our ABC, they’ve reinterviewed relevant people and dared to publish what may be the true story for the first time. It’s far worse than I imagined:

Notorious crime boss Abe Saffron ordered the fire that killed six children and a man in the Luna Park Ghost Train, former senior police officers have claimed publicly for the first time.

Speaking exclusively to the ABC documentary series EXPOSED, they say Sydney’s “Mr Sin” got away with the crime because he was assisted by corrupt police and political figures.

Speaking of controversial investigations, here’s the first of a series on a weird case in Melbourne where a young woman died falling down a rubbish chute from the eleventh floor, which was ruled a suicide:

Stephanie’s free to say more about the situation than an earlier, local series could because she’s in the US. To see how easy it is to sue someone for defamation in Australia, consider the case of a man suing his ex-girlfriend for writing a letter to his new fiancé warning how awful he is, ALLEGEDLY.

A moonlighting Texas cop beat ISIS in a shootout. Funny we didn’t hear more about that story, or maybe not so funny once you hear about the FBI’s odd involvement in it.

Mogadishu Matt’s blog is an idiosyncratic place. Here he talks about a nasty HR woman who pretended to know about poker, in a story that also mentions getting locked out of a hotel room for leaving a pistol there, sneaking a bottle of grog into the bar, and the second-best steak he’s ever had.

The critique of ideology is ideology:

Nothing happens in this world unless you work to make it happen and no one gives the slightest squirt of diarrhea about you unless you contribute and fight and create within conditions outside of your control. The world according to your wishes is not coming. You have to accept this. The government and nato and the world health organization are not going to save you. You are not going to get paid to shit on a canvas or whittle wooden clogs from your straw hut in your properly human scaled village.  

Until the next communist revolution which is never coming, here we all are, stuck with ourselves as individuals, as entrepreneurs, as unequally equipped competitors in the gig grind side hustle freelance economy, and I will be fucking damned if I am going down without a fight crying about how hundreds of years of indoctrination and exploitation and industrial development have prevented me from exercising my will. 

A reasonable case for cancellation? I’m convinced.

Journalists cry out as they strike you.

Derek Chauvin is a human sacrifice.

Looks legit

Meanwhile in Japan, a taxi driver gets suspicious of his passenger because she ‘didn’t look right in a suit,’ calls the police. Cops follow it up and it turns out the awkward-in-a-suit passenger is indeed a crook and gets caught red-handed ripping off an old lady.

Apparently this is not the first or second time crims have been spotted this way in Japan.

I happen to be reading Gulag Archipelago and Solzhenitsyn reports something similar: he never once said too much to a stool pigeon because he could spot them a mile off. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Cat burglar steals Pokemon cards:

“In high school, I was in the rock climbing club,” he also told police. “So I am not afraid of heights.”

That’s it from me. For even more links, there’s plenty of interesting stuff at Fantastic Anachronism.

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  1. ray · 8 Days Ago

    ‘Read alot in this category and he is more blunt then most. Which isn’t a bad thing.’

    He’s blunt, he’s pissed
    he’ll see you in the lists

    ‘A Knight’s Tale’


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