When the Narrative goes off-script

Warning: disgusting content

The Australian media has taken a break from Covid hysteria to whip up a new wave of hysteria about men behaving badly in federal parliament. There was an accusation of rape committed inside the parliament one drunken night, with a police complaint being made two years after the alleged act. Then a senior politician was accused by a dead, bipolar ex-girlfriend of raping her decades ago. Yes, dead. She wrote something about these ‘recovered memories’ before she died.

So far, so Narrative-friendly. Men are bad! Believe all women!

But then, during a ladies-only, closed door party meeting (do they understand why those doors are closed?), a senior official said she’d ‘kill to be sexually harassed at the moment’.

Teena McQueen, pictured at a Liberal Party federal council meeting in 2019, offended other party members with her remarks.

It’s an old joke made by old women but unforgivable in this case because it went against the Narrative. No doubt, like the other accusations, it’s being leaked and hyped by factional rivals.

Another incident, however, went so far against the Narrative that you won’t easily find the whole story if you search for it right now.

It started off very Narrative-friendly: an evil male staffer masturbated on a female Member of Parliament’s desk. Footage emerged, headlines screamed and the culprit was sacked.

Approved media crowed about toxic masculinity, how politics is a boys’ club hostile to women, the need for a complete cultural overhaul. For example, see this from The Guardian:

Ten reported allegations on Monday night, based on the account of a whistleblower who admitted to some of the alleged conduct he was detailing on the condition of anonymity, that a group of at least four Coalition staffers shared images and videos of sex acts via Facebook Messenger over a two-year period ending last year.

The report referenced images that were alleged to be of staffers masturbating on female MPs desks, with the whistleblower declaring there was “a culture of men who think they can do whatever they want”.

And then the blow to the Narrative came. You might have guessed by the reference to shared video of the incident.

Do you film yourself wanking and share it with your mates? Most blokes would find that a bit gay, and indeed it was. The culprits appear to be a homosexual clique operating within parliament and a jilted one outside the main circle leaked the videos.

No jokes about bitchy and capricious gays, please. We don’t tolerate such bigotry here.

He claims to have blown the whistle (heh) in order to combat inappropriate behaviour, even though he admits fornicating in parliament himself. It’s nothing to do with his tiff with the sacked staffer, you see.

You might be wondering, why would a homosexual staffer wank on a woman’s desk? Word on the grapevine is that the MPs were targeted by gay staffers not because they were women but because they had opposed same-sex marriage.

Narrative: shattered.

Naturally, this aspect of the story has been memory-holed by the mainstream media. A former staffer, Peta Credlin, mentioned the matter but most media reports now omit this part of her monologue completely.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece that quickly backtracked the ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘evil misogyny’ spin, instead suggesting that the poor staffer was probably stressed, overworked and really the whole thing is just homophobic and awful, he’s a nice guy, won’t everyone just leave him alone?

Nathan Winn, the man fired this week for wanking on his boss’s desk, is not accused of using his position to pressure women for sex. He hasn’t raped or sexually assaulted anyone. There is no suggestion from anyone who worked with him that he is a misogynist or that he made Parliament a more difficult place for women.

I reckon the sticky desk and general revulsion made parliament a more difficult place for that particular woman.

The article is still online but hard to locate via search engines. Sweep, sweep. Seems like it was only an editor’s brainfart that let it through in the first place.

The reports on Peta Credlin‘s expose instead focus on her comments that gay MPs and staffers are having orgies in parliament all the time. The implication of some of these reports is that she’s a homophobic loony but no outlets will say this outright.

That’s because there’s plenty of footage of all this other stuff, too. Apparently the gays can’t resist sharing it.

There is endless gay sex in Australia’s parliament, gay men share the footage and everyone knows about it. The Chinese must be baffled to find more compromat being freely distributed on gay apps than their own spies can gather, and even more confused that it’s already common knowledge in Canberra and no one cares.

Bigger news is that one red-blooded MP left in Canberra who sexted a prostitute during Question Time, offered her a grand to shag in parliament and is accused of raping her following a dispute over what services she’d agreed to.

The whole, sordid mess echoes late antiquity and will end in much the same way.


  1. Marriagesexandmore · April 1, 2021

    Well damn, what happened to Australia? I thought they were the only ones left since America bent the knee. Guess this woke narrative has swept the world. There’s really nobody left… Except maybe the Chinese. Maybe we should be brushing up on our Chinese…

    Liked by 2 people

    • SFC Ton · April 1, 2021

      Oz bent the knee pretty early on…… depending on what you consider progessive and what not….. and the main reason Europe, Oz etc dislike America and Americans is because we were not progressive enough/ still aren’t

      Liked by 5 people

  2. ray · April 3, 2021

    America, Australia, Canada, Britain, most of western Europe . . . gone feminist and identity-political long ago. They operate largely in lockstep because of who runs their governments.

    I guess people outside Oz still imagine Crocodile Dundee and Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport express the vibe.

    Liked by 2 people

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