The one weird reason Thursday finance posts are going to disappear

Because they’re moving to Friday. That way we can enjoy the alliteration, ‘Friday Finance’.

Most of my readers are American so posts will go live each Friday at 9am EST.

For those in Asia and Australia too drunk to benefit from finance information on a Friday evening, maybe open it up Saturday morning instead.

For the time being, posts will be extracts from my book. Once those are done there will be other finance-related articles. So far posts are scheduled through to the end of this year.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. Richard III · 18 Days Ago

    the reason ain’t weird; you’re weird.

    good book, Nikolai. Thanks 👍


  2. overgrownhobbit · 17 Days Ago

    Let us know when the post content changes t from the book excerpts. I bought a copy on your confirmation that it included “how to make sue your stock advisor is straight for N00bs” and it delivered. So no complaints!

    But I’ve got the book.

    Second question. If I do a write up can I share it to the According to Hoyt Sunday book reccy posts?


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