How to control society

People often talk about how much Western values have transformed since the 1960s, an interval of 60 years, but social change can happen much, much faster than that. Cultural norms can shift in 15, 10 or even 5 years under the right circumstances.

In 2006, 49% of Americans believed that it was ‘very important’ for couples with children to be married. By 2020, that percentage had fallen to 29%.

Between 2013 and 2019, the percentage who accepted same-sex relationships rose from 60% to 72%.

In 2016, 23% of US voters agreed that whites benefit ‘a great deal’ from advantages in society that blacks don’t have. In 2020, that number had risen to 34%. That’s a pretty big shift in just four years.

During the same period, those agreeing that newcomers strengthen American society rose from 46% to 60%.

In 2013, 70% of Americans thought that race relations were ‘good’. By 2018, that number had dropped to 51%.

What does this mean?

I doubt that relations between the races have really plummeted that much since 2013, or that marriage has objectively become less important, or that immigrants suddenly got better for America.

Obviously, people’s views are changing. Very quickly.

Another example: consider how quickly media and SJW obsession has shifted from the Campus Rape Epidemic (2014-2015) to Transgender Bathrooms (2016) to the Muslim Ban (2017) to Children in Cages (2018) to Extinction Rebellion (2019) to BLM (2020).

See these trends for yourself by playing with Google Trends. It’s hours of fun!

Why these sudden changes in focus? I put it to you that it is not because campus rape suddenly became a huge problem in 2014 and was solved in 2015, nor that climate change was swiftly halted in late 2019.

Rather, the hive mind is driven by media signals, including tightly curated social media. The education system also plays its part in the mercurial zeitgeist, as does publishing.

These changes are not random noise nor a cultural form of genetic drift. To a greater extent, they are the result of open or clandestine campaigns to change people’s minds.

You can see how easy it is.

We sometimes despair about how many people hold a view we don’t like. Take me, for example. I’m regularly griping that the vast majority of Australians applaud travel restrictions that are preventing citizens from returning home and leaving them in penury overseas. Australians also love restrictions on people leaving the country, state border closures, strict lockdowns and mandatory masks everywhere.

However, I need to take a deep breath and remind myself: they support these things because they have been told to support them. Pretty much all MSM is onboard and counter-signalling online tends to get banned.

Most people will unquestioningly accept the reality with which they’re presented.

As those earlier polls indicate, any view can be changed.

If, for example, I was to seize control of Australia’s internet and major news organs, within a few months of pushing sob stories about innocent, hard-done-by Aussies stuck abroad, alongside a narrative of how Aussies always look after their mates (footage of Fuzzy Wuzzie Angels on the Kokoda Track, Anzacs playing 2-up, something with Cathy Freeman), then I’m quite sure I could turn the majority against tight arrival caps and have my countrymen up in arms about the harsh treatment of their fellows.

I’d need a good PR firm but I could do it.

And so we come to the point: to control a society you must seize its cultural high grounds. You must infiltrate and subvert publishing, media, Big Tech and education. Do that and the nation is yours.

Or at least, 60 – 70% of the population. There’s always that pesky minority of curmudgeons like you and I to gum up the works.

Only a small percentage of any population are thought leaders. The rest, though they do not know it, are thought followers. They accept the status quo – not grudgingly, but enthusiastically, as though it is obvious and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. Much human behaviour is unthinking imitation of others, from meal times to sexual practices.

The same rampaging Nazi in 1930s Germany would be a rampaging SJW in 2020 Portland had he been born there instead, not to mention a rampaging Viking, a genocidal Hutu, a Baroque dandy, a cosmopolitan Babylonian or stern follower of Aboriginal tribal law, all depending on where you put him and what you told him every day.

It’s not quite that simple, of course. You need to make the target beliefs not just popular, but popular with the right people – the rich and famous, influencers, people on the telly. Glamorous politicians, CEOs and other management figures, adored musicians and admired moving-picture actors. That is, target beliefs must be made to appear high status.

You must focus on women. Once ladies are convinced that it is cool to remain a virgin until marrying at a young age and having many children, watch the rest of society (men) spin on its heels to accommodate their new preference.

Children are even easier to indoctrinate, the younger the better.

You need to appeal to the overproduced elite; the strivers who are eternally virtue signalling. A subtly reactionary movement that includes some student debt relief, public health care and the prospect of decent jobs for over-educated baristas will be far more popular than you think.

People focus too much on nonsense such as civil w*r, sec*ssion, homelands, guns and tins of baked beans.

If you want to fight against societal changes you disagree with, note that those who did it before us managed to do so without firing a shot.

The cultural high grounds are place from which you manipulate society’s strings.

Of course, the average reader cannot suddenly take over Google and fix the algorithm. However, he can see how to cut the mannequin strings used to manipulate himself and his family, at the very least.


  1. Kentucky Headhunter · March 23

    “Obviously, people’s views are changing. Very quickly.”

    Are they, or are they people being polled changing? How many people aged 35 in 2006 now don’t believe marriage is important at age 51? Did their views on gay marriage change? I doubt it.

    Yes, the younger stupid products of the culture war believe what they were taught and that is what is really changing polling numbers.

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    • SFC Ton · March 24

      That one makes sense to me on several levels
      We’re much less White, so numbers like that are likely, marriage has gotten worse over the years, we’re increasingly godless etc etc

      Liked by 2 people

      • Kentucky Headhunter · March 24

        Marriage is much worse, but I think the people who want families still believe it’s still the best way to raise kids.

        Liked by 1 person

        • SFC Ton · March 25

          Yeah but…… everyone wants that exit clause….. well almost everyone….. and saying that helps justify that escape route

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  2. luisman · March 24

    I think these noodle-armed and ball-less beings exist, because it’s become very easy to survive. 2-3 generations ago, diseases, war and harsher economical circumstances eliminated the part of society which was of no use to others, or at least strictly limited their chances to procreate. Nowadays everyone who doesn’t win a Darwin award survives. So we have more and more people who depend on others to survive, and they found out that they can vote themselves into power. This leads to productive families, having to support one or two people they don’t even know, being unable to support more than one child. Most of the propaganda falls on deaf ears with productive people. It only supports the views of the unproductive, which became the majority.

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  3. SFC Ton · March 24

    I doubt that relations between the races have really plummeted that much since 2013

    You’re wrong

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  4. ray · March 24

    Mass opinion concerning what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ largely has been manufactured for fifty years. The techniques of mass control and manufacturing consent were perfected long ago.

    This is why modern totalitarianism rides on the Feminist Train. Because females, collectively, are FAR easier to manipulate than males. Once a society becomes female-dominant or female-ruled, it is ridiculously easy to control through media lies, government edicts, corporate narratives, and related means. Push the female Fear Button and any kind of tyranny happily will be embraced. Think global lockdown because of the flu. The men have little choice except to keep their heads down, their mouths shut, and kow-tow to the Hive. Or, they must live on the Outside.

    Many yammer about the truth, but few really want it. It is hard work and it hurts.

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  5. Klaus · March 25

    I’d heard that about Nazi Germany…that the economy did not quickly improve when the Nazis took power. Then though, folks were just hammered with stories about things were getting better, and they believed the stories.


  6. Trebitsch · March 25

    Oswald Spengler:

    Through money, democracy becomes its own destroyer, after money has
    destroyed intellect. But, just because the illusion that actuality can allow itself to be improved by the ideas of any Zeno or Marx has fled away; because men
    have learned that in the realm of reality one power-will can he overthrown only by
    another (for that is the great human experience of Contending States periods); there wakes at last a deep yearning for all old and worthy tradition that still lingers alive. Men are tired to disgust of money-economy. They hope for salvation from somewhere or other, for some real thing of honour and chivalry,
    of inward nobility, of unselfishness and duty. And now dawns the time when
    the form-filled powers of the blood, which the rationalism of the Megalopolis
    has suppressed, reawaken in the depths. Everything in the order of dynastic
    tradition and old nobility that has saved itself up for the future, everything that
    there is of high money-disdaining ethic, everything that is intrinsically sound
    enough to be, in Frederick the Great’s words, the servant — the hard-working,
    self-sacrificing, caring servant — of the State, all that I have described elsewhere
    in one word as Socialism in contrast to Capitalism ^ — all this becomes suddenly
    the focus of immense life-forces. Cassarism grows on the soil of Democracy, but
    its roots thread deeply into the underground of blood tradition.


  7. Trebitsch · March 25

    Sorry for a few misspellings. The original is here:
    to those so inclined to read. It is hard but rewarding reading.


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