Word from the Dark Side – cringe Covid probe, creepy cult, coordinating fake news and tooth-cracking noodles

The WHO’s investigation into the origins of Covid was a shemozzle. Read the details here to avoid the Wall Street Journal paywall:

They . . . did not understand why China had waited until a few weeks before the international team arrived to test the patients for antibodies, when they may have faded to undetectable levels.

When they asked for the raw, anonymised data, China refused.

The story reveals that none of the three experts the US government recommended to the WHO for inclusion on the team even received a phone call.

Instead, the only US representation was Dr Peter Daszak, an expert in animal-to-human virus transmission whose work with a New York-based non-profit had raised concerns among US officials and scientists about a potential conflict of interest.

Dr Daszak is the president of EcoHealth Alliance, which has in the past provided funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology – the controversial lab pinpointed by the Trump administration as the likely source of the outbreak.

In September 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted a public database containing information on at least 16,000 virus samples.

Dr Daszak said when he asked why, Dr Shi responded that they had been forced to take it down after about 3000 hacking attempts.

In an online panel discussion earlier this month, Dr Daszak said it was “absolutely reasonable” that the database was taken offline and revealed the team did not request to see it because he personally vouched for the lab based on his group’s previous collaboration, stating that it was not relevant to the origins of the pandemic.

Since leaving China, however, some members of the team have clarified that they lacked the access, authority or expertise – such as would be required in weapons or biowarfare inspections – to conduct a thorough investigation into the lab leak theory.

That name, Daszak comes up frequently in this strong article arguing for the plausibility of the lab-leak theory:

And we were warned, repeatedly. The intentional creation of new microbes that combine virulence with heightened transmissibility “poses extraordinary risks to the public,” wrote infectious-disease experts Marc Lipsitch and Thomas Inglesby in 2014. “A rigorous and transparent risk-assessment process for this work has not yet been established.” That’s still true today. In 2012, in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Lynn Klotz warned that there was an 80 percent chance, given how many laboratories were then handling virulent viro-varietals, that a leak of a potential pandemic pathogen would occur sometime in the next 12 years.

Long story short: the lab messing with these exact kind of viruses was right there in Wuhan. The bats were far away and were not for sale in the market. Plus, a third, intermediate animal species was probably required between humans and bats for a natural crossover. This makes the lab-leak theory the simplest.

If the theory is correct, then a pandemic prevention body funded by Western governments was in part responsible for the pandemic by irresponsibly supporting the Wuhan lab, and its president was then appointed by the WHO to determine the cause of the pandemic. To everybody’s surprise, he determined that the lab he’d funded was not to blame and therefore neither was he.

Allegedly. Don’t come for me.

EcoHealth’s last annual report is for financial year 2017 and mostly consists of glossy, feel-good pictures of Indian kids, a cute baby gorilla and a scary-looking virus. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a single page about its financials which shows that 91% of its funding came from ‘government grants’ (which governments?) and 88% of its spending went on ‘program’ (what programs?)

How much funding came from your country, and how much of it went to gain-of-function coronavirus research in Wuhan? The report does not say.

Given the probability of a lab-leak, what are we going to do about it?

The general problem with modern science is that the currency of science is relevance. However, relevance can almost never be judged scientifically. Since it must be judged, it is judged doctrinally. Scientific decisions remain scientific; meta-scientific decisions, decisions about what science to do, have become completely dogmatic and bureaucratic.

Funny to think that gain-of-function research continues right now and may cause another pandemic within the next decade. We got off easy with Covid – despite the hysteria, it is not especially deadly. Next time around it might be the Big One.

Sometimes the gods give you a shot across the bow.

Now for something completely different:

James Davis with his six slaves

Women signed up to be sex slaves, escaped and are now speaking out. This is the kind of article I would once have written a whole post on but I think you fellows are red-pill enough to figure it out without the lecture. Don’t miss the video so you can compare the head honcho with his second-in-command.

In other Australian female related news, I’m glad that Adam P is covering it because this time around I’m not touching it:

Thus we were witness to marches of the womensz and their hanger-on male feminists, who dressed in black and screamed at the sky as they demanded … well, nobody really understands what they are demanding but it is something along the lines of all men are bastards and they must be made to pay. Mix all of this in with the Covid hysteria and the cauldron of emotional outrage is going off the charts.

In discussing the new War on Domestic Terror, Steve Sailer asks a very good question:

Seriously, how much coordination is there between Democratic Administrations and the media? And which way does the arrow of causality mostly point? For example, around 2013 both the Obama Administration and the news media launched a moral panic over Rape on Campus. Eventually, this led to the 2014 Rolling Stone Fraternity Initiation Gang Rape on Broken Glass hate hoax.

The question I have for historians and journalists is: how, exactly, do conspiracies like this work? Do Democratic White House officials go down a check list of their perceived potential enemies, such as frat boys, and call up the New York Times to tell them, “This is going to be a big push of O’s second term. You need to massively play up the Frat Boy Rapist storyline over the next two years.”

Or do New York Times editors reason, “Obama is re-elected so he can junk the moderation of the first term, so let’s push him into going to war with fraternities, whom we hate for their access to beautiful blonde coeds, by running lots of anti-fraternity stories?”

While researching an upcoming post I discovered that each wave of hysteria lasts for a short time and is neatly replaced with a new wave all at once. Google search frequency demonstrates this. The comments below Steve’s article are interesting but I think none fully explains the phenomenon.

Relevant: Greenwald on the galaxy of journalists parroting the same fake news on Twitter about Russian interference in the 2020 election:

Journalists with the largest and most influential media outlets disseminated an outright and quite significant lie on Tuesday to hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, on Twitter. While some of them were shamed into acknowledging the falsity of their claim, many refused to, causing it to continue to spread up until this very moment. It is well worth examining how they function because this is how they deceive the public again and again, and it is why public trust in their pronouncements has justifiably plummeted.

Source: Ukrainetrek.com

An informative post on what Great Game maneuvering might be behind Ukraine’s military build-up around Donbass.

Another one of these stories:

London: Midwives in England have been told to stop using terms including “breastfeeding” and “breastmilk” when working with transgender patients as part of a new trans-friendly policy at a National Health Service trust.

The guidance from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals follows a 2017 dictate from the British Medical Association that said pregnant women should not be called “expectant mothers” but “pregnant people” as it could offend intersex and transgender men.

The leader of the Drag Queen Story Hour organization was arrested on child abuse material charges.

I link you here to the Snopes article which claims to deboonk the story, but if you’re patient enough to read all the way down you’ll find it’s mostly true:

According to his LinkedIn page, Blomme was the president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation from July 2017 until August 2020, leaving that post when he was elected to serve as circuit court judge.

Cream City Foundation is a Milwaukee-based LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit organization that offers grants and scholarships. Its current president and CEO is Gary Balcerzak, who took the post when Blomme left in August 2020.

According to Jonathan Hamilt, the executive director Drag Queen Story Hour’s national umbrella organization, Cream City Foundation acted as a fiscal sponsor to DQSH’s Milwaukee chapter so that the group could give and receive money as a nonprofit organization. However, Hamilt said, DQSH Milwaukee operates as a separate entity.

So teeeeeechnically . . .

Snopes said nothing about this bit so I guess it’s true:

Blomme was held overnight and released with a signature. He has been ordered to stay off social media and file-sharing services and is not allowed near any children except the two that he adopted with his husband.

A man describes witnessing the execution of his uncle’s murderer.

White Alabama police officer shoots dead unarmed, mentally-ill black man. Massive protests/riots break out across the Western world as the disturbing video is splashed across the media. Biden makes a speech so passionate about this injustice that shortly after he stumbles on the stairs. Ah, you guys know the drill.

Source: Huffington Post

A book review and excellent summary of how Erdogan come to power. Much I didn’t know.

The other big difference between us [the US] and Turkey is the EU. Whatever its good intentions, the EU gave Erdogan an excuse to pave over Turkish institutions – he could credibly argue he wasn’t trying to reshape them in his own image, just modernize them as part of Turkey’s EU bid. He pulled this card again and again, and it always worked.

Clown World’s Freak of the Week. She’s freaky!

Delicious Tacos seems to be suffering from brain damage after overdoing the martial arts training.

The outfits were most popular from left to right

Meanwhile in Japan, here’s research into the most popular female profiles on dating sites:

According to Parasol, the female profile that’s most likely to attract attention from male users is
● A woman who’s 24-26 years old
● Wearing a sleeveless top or a kimono in her profile photo
● Neither skinny nor heavyset
● Graduated from a four-year university
● 159 centimeters (5.2 feet) tall

Overcooked noodles cause students to suffer chipped teeth in Saitama. Had to be Saitama.

That’s it.

For more short pieces from Delicious Tacos, try this:


  1. Maniac · March 22

    The Kung Flu was intended to weaken the global economy so China could usurp it. And when it came to our collective reaction to it, almost everyone folded like damp dollar bills.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kentucky Headhunter · March 22

    So the popular female type in Japan is a 2-D anime office-gal?

    Makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jewamongyou · March 22

    For more details on the Wuhan conflict of interest, watch this:

    Also, I think you’re right about this being a “shot across the bow.” Next time, it could be something like Small Pox.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 22

      The link is not appearing; can you add the key words so we can find it?


      • jewamongyou · March 22

        “Proof Wuhan Lab Manipulated Coronaviruses” and the channel is
        ADVChina. Here’s the link again:

        You can edit my comment to make any corrections.


        • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 22

          WP seems to be automatically removing links and I can’t override it, but readers can enter ‘proof wuhan lab advchina’ into YouTube and it’s the first result. Avoid including the term ‘coronavirus’ because YT redirects to official (ha) sources.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. luisman · March 22

    To what the world has come to. Now we can’t even hold sex slaves… I’ll have to consult my local Mullah about this.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. luisman · March 22

    In other news, operation mass vaccination for old German people successfull. Inhabitants of old age homes keep on dying anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 22

      We should lock down until they find a cure for Death.

      Liked by 2 people

      • dickycone · March 22



      • dickycone · March 22

        Although, on the other hand I wonder how much longer normies will put up with all of this. Maybe forever, maybe not. I really can’t decide. Do most Filipinos take the virus seriously? I’d guess that fewer than half of Americans do at this point, they just go along with masks, lockdowns, and everything else because what else can you do, and the less than 50% who take it seriously treat it as a religion.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 23

          Not sure. People talk as though it’s going to kill all the babies but act as though it’s nothing; still socializing as usual when off the main streets.

          Liked by 1 person

          • dickycone · March 23

            That’s true. People basically do that here too. I guess that’s one of the important components of all this that gets overlooked, how it’s hard to tell who takes it seriously and who doesn’t, and how some people do both at the same time. Still, every single person I’ve had over to my house in the last few months has either taken the mask off or said they would if their organization (a church or home repair company) would allow them once I’ve told them they can and that we’re not worried about the virus.

            That Clownworld AU site you linked is pretty interesting and entertaining:


            “This is not a parody tweet, it’s the national broadcaster feeding the corona cult lunacy. It appears we’ve reached the stage where old people dying is sort of not allowed, and we have to destroy our economy, imprison people in their homes, and order people to stay away from others, all of this causing untold mental, health, and financial misery, because we’ve decided that old sick people shouldn’t die.”

            Liked by 1 person

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  8. dickycone · March 23

    “James Davis was a decade older than Felicity.”
    The horror.

    That pic with the guys in the Patrick Bateman suits and the girls in lingerie though. Makes me wish the old RVF were still around to discuss this story. You have to think this James Davis guy was on the old forum and probably one of the posters I figured was completely full of shit.

    “James Davis appears to have been trying to franchise his cult and train other men to subjugate women.”
    Another nail in the coffin of golden age PUA entrepreneurship.

    Liked by 1 person

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