More woe for women

The entirely avoidable tragedy of COVID-19 vaccines and pregnant women

Medicine has a long history of systematically excluding women from trials of potentially life-saving drugs.

Now pregnant women find themselves excluded from the life-saving benefits of a COVID-19 vaccination. Because they were not part of clinical trials, we cannot know with certainty if vaccines are safe and effective for them.

Because pregnant women and their unborn children tend to be more vulnerable to side effects. Drug trials are generally conducted on the most robust members of the population in order to minimize risks.

The article adds that pregnant women push up costs through the need to follow up on their kids once born and increased insurance costs, but these are related to the point above.

Excluding the vulnerable from drug trials does not count as being mean to the vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the position of experts is approaching unanimity. The Australian and American colleges of obstetricians and gynaecologists, the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases Vaccination Special Interest Group, the US National Institutes of Health and Medicine, and the overarching Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences are all on board with including pregnant women in vaccine trials, and often have been for years.

No reason is given for this. We now live in a post-reason age where we must Trust the Experts. Look how well it’s worked out for us so far.

Just as many elites did not bother following their own stupid Covid restrictions, I’d bet few members of these elite groups would join drug trials while pregnant. They just want you to do it. Just like you need to lose your job in endless lockdowns to keep them safe.

“Saying that, if I knew the risks and was pregnant, I would at least consider taking part. I think it’s important for global health and broader society.”

Sure you would.

Before you enter a drug trial, you have to undergo a very thorough physical examination and the less-well applicants are not allowed to participate, pregnant or not. Even if they consent. But that fact doesn’t bring up any hot-button gender issues so no one thinks twice about it.

In an article for the New York Times, Yale’s Alice Lu-Culligan sets out a range of reasons why not getting vaccinated when pregnant poses a higher risk than the vaccine itself.

But that relies on basic science and animal data, not human data.

Whoah, another expert – hope you all jumped to attention. Erm, healthy women of child-bearing age are more at risk of a virus that mostly harms the sick and elderly than they are of an experimental vaccine? I guess I should really go and read that article to get the Facts on Covid, right? It’s in the New York Times, after all.

We are approaching the day when Lucy will offer to hold the football and Charlie Brown will say no thank you.

To make matters worse, many pregnant women are going to be vaccinated anyway – probably those with other risk factors such as diabetes – despite there being no safety data.

Or they could not get the vaccine. Most people who died from Covid had an average of two comorbidities, even the elderly. Under forty and with one comorbidity is still not an especially high risk group. Keep in mind that this article was published in Australia where the rate of infection is extremely low in any case.

For once, the comments following the article are reasonable. They point out that if everyone gets the vaccine except for pregnant women and other individuals with health issues that make it inadvisable, those who can’t get it will probably benefit from the resulting herd immunity. In fact, others would be taking a risk for their benefit. That’s the whole point of young, healthy people getting a shot for a virus that does not endanger them, though our vaunted EXPERTS don’t like to mention it.

Given that there’s a long waiting list, most of the pregnant women wanting a vaccine will have given birth by the time they can get it, anyway. And no one mentions the fact that birth rates plummeted in 2020 and we probably have fewer pregnant women around right now that usual, holistically a more serious problem than Covid ever was.

The West is sleepwalking into catastrophe and none of our experts have noticed.

And let’s not forget women in more disadvantaged countries, who face real challenges accessing healthcare. For them, getting a vaccine is a matter of life or death, says Murdoch Children’s Research Institute vaccine expert Professor Fiona Russell. “We need a major rethink about this.”

Suddenly we’re worried about people in the Third World. Too bad we didn’t think about them when we closed down the whole world and plunged millions back into extreme poverty. I live in part of in the Third World and can report that the unemployment rate is disastrous, crime is rising and the long-term effects of closed schools and blocked travel are going to echo down through the generations.

How many articles by experts have you read about that in your Nice White People Papers?

This whole article screams, “Won’t someone think of the white women?” The world is suffering from extreme problems at the moment. A small number of mollycoddled people needing to wait a few months for a vaccine they probably don’t need anyway is not one of them.

The time is coming when these absurd non-issues will be forgotten because real problems will become too pressing to ignore. I’m almost looking forward to it.

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  1. luisman · March 15

    After arguing with the vaccine-hippies for a few months, I decided to turn on a dime and promote vaccination. “Yes, please become a crash test dummie, because after millions have been vaccinated, I’ll have much better stats to decide if I take a vaccine or which one it will be.” Taking an experimental vaccine if you’re not in a high risk group is an IQ test and an eugenics program which I don’t oppose. After all, I’d like that the remaining population around me would be a bit smarter on average. I’m not even sarcastic about it anymore.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kentucky Headhunter · March 15

    One of the local news idiots reporting from a drive-up vaccination site called it “a life-saving vaccine”. Well, there’s really ZERO evidence for that assertion. And as most non-idiots will agree, a concoction that doesn’t prevent infection or transmission is not a “vaccine” at all.

    Oh, look a couple of countries have stopped using one of them (A-Z version) due to blood clot problems. Wonder if they also had laws preventing the companies from being held accountable for adverse reactions…

    As far as pregnant women getting an un-tested medication for a non-life-threatening scenario, are we really that far removed from thalidomide that the “experts” don’t remember the consequences?


  3. Xtasorcery ( · March 16

    COVID-19 is like a Trojan horse in a post-modern era of chrome and white leather. It’s dirty and basic, and everything we build is complex and tall. It won’t take the modern world down, but another, more prolific virus like it just might. Just might.


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