Word from the Dark Side – Blue Anon, bellicose Dems, boxed-in thinking and bloody Cheapoair

Source: https://wallpaperaccess.com/trippy-woman

Google deranks Blue Anon:

#BlueAnon is a term to describe libs and their obsession with Russiagate and other conspiracy theories . . .

. . . [It’s] even banned from the Urban Dictionary, which has definitions for multiple extremely offensive terms whose repetition on Twitter would rapidly lead to my suspension.

It’s back up on Urban Dictionary. Probably SJWs flagged it so the algo made it disappear, then it got reinstated after review. There’s some pretty ripe stuff on UB, which is the point. Didn’t everyone giggle insanely while looking up rude words in the dictionary at school? That’s what they’re there for.

Interesting: the ideal number of children wanted by liberals and conservatives is about the same and has barely changed since the 70s. It’s long been 2.5 for everyone. What has changed is that the actual number of kids per family used to be higher than the ideal and now it is lower:

As one commenter notes, participants’ self-identification as ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ has probably changed meaning over time which might mess up these results somewhat.

I’ve read elsewhere that the main reason for declining birthrates is that working women are having fewer children than they’d like, not that they no longer want to have children.

One more from Epigone: in the US, Democrat supporters are now more strongly in favour of providing “military assistance in trouble spots around the world” than Republicans:

See what I mean about those shifting meanings of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’?

The hint is in the name – do not deal with Cheapoair:

Even the lowest lawyer fee to contest them would cost me a lot more than these 200 bucks. I already spent more time mailing and phoning with them, my bank and the CC company than I’d have spent flying. And now I checked the multitude of complaints on the internet about this company Cheapoair. They seem to have cheated thousands of customers out of clearly refundable airfares.

Cheapoair is a fucked up company, nobody should deal with. There’s a company that should be cancelled.

Trapped priors are blocking our rationality. That is, once our opinions are entrenched, it is very hard to dislodge them even in the light of new information. I think most of Scott’s own trapped priors are a deliberate ruse to protect himself from further cancelation. “Gavin McInnes is bad, mmkay! See, I’m one of you guys.”

The other promising source of hope is psychedelics. These probably decrease the relative weight given to priors by agonizing 5-HT2A receptors. I used to be confused about why this effect of psychedelics could produce lasting change (permanently treat trauma, help people come to realizations that they agreed with even when psychedelics wore off). I now think this is because they can loosen a trapped prior, causing it to become untrapped, and causing the evidence that you’ve been building up over however many years to suddenly register and to update it all at once (this might be that “simulated annealing” thing everyone keeps talking about. I can’t unreservedly recommend this as a pro-rationality intervention, because it also seems to create permanent weird false beliefs for some reason, but I think it’s a foundation that someone might be able to build upon.

A final possibility is other practices and lifestyle changes that cause the brain to increase the weight of experience relative to priors. Meditation probably does this; see the discussion in the van der Bergh post for more detail. Probably every mental health intervention (good diet, exercise, etc) does this a little. And this is super speculative, and you should feel free to make fun of me for even thinking about it, but sensory deprivation might do this too, for the same reason that your eyes become more sensitive in the dark.

Source: https://trippy.me/psychedelic-woman/

The anatomy of a scam. Quintus describes the steps.

There’s a new sexual orientation: “super straight”. These freaks are only attracted to members of the opposite sex who were born that way. The originator of the term has been receiving death threats.

Meanwhile, as Chris Menahan notes, Reddit banned the rapidly-growing “SuperStraight” subreddit over its apparently “hateful” satire, while TikTok has also banned the ‘superstraight’ hashtag after it amassed over 103 million views.

Our rulers have a sense of humour about as well-developed as the CCP’s.

Scratching shapes into the ashes:

You cannot say love, not even to yourself. It sounds fake, old-fashioned, obsolete, heavy, binding. Suffocating. We are trying to avoid obligations here, guilt, force, pressure. So what was that then? What was that friday saturday and sunday of comfortable delirium? Consoling her for the loss of her cat and feeling that loss myself—I got close to that cat—but then the silver light and silence of the afternoons and the red glow against the darkness of cold nights and trying to pull myself away and falling back—racing against the snow, turning onto my street only seconds before the bad weather hits—is this what two people with no claims on each other do, is this how they spend their time, spend themselves?  


The people in charge of society are closer to fanatics on the belief scale, while the people embracing traditional religion are somewhere in the middle of the scale. Christianity no longer draws the fanatic like it used to. Instead, the fanatics are drawn to the secular faiths like the various forms of environmentalism or biological denialism. As a result, the managerial class functions more like a theocracy than a bureaucracy.

A left wing view on possible election shenanigans:

Silencing people is not a good way to convince them they are wrong.  What it does is make them think that you are afraid to let people hear what they have to say.

It’s hard to know who to trust to provide accurate information.  I trust certain bloggers, including Glenn GreenwaldMatt Taibbi and the crew at Naked Capitalism, because they have good BS detectors, and they manifestly tell the truth as they see it without fear or favor.

Some of my friends think I’m a crackpot.  I don’t think I’m a crackpot, but I could be wrong.  Time will tell—maybe.

I second the opinion that Glenn Greenwald is worth a read.

Source: darkmonkeynews.blogspot.com

You’ve no doubt heard about falling sperm counts, but this article suggests that (a) it isn’t due to differing methods of measurement and (b) experts largely agree that chemicals are the cause. Bit of a worry – seems a greater risk to homo sapiens than global warming and transvestites in bathrooms combined.

Adam P. says that the lockdown catastrophe has been caused by too many women and rich geriatrics in power:

As this is a virus that targets the elderly, our geriatric leaders who long ago jettisoned any idea of a real belief in God were rightly terrified by the idea that they might actually die and cease to be. When oblivion is the final step in the journey then even a couple of extra years will feel like winning the lottery. Their decisions to impose lockdowns that have destroyed many more lives then they have saved were warmly received by those segments of the populations that had already made their money and were comfortably able to ride out the economic and social storm from the comfort of their Ralph Lauren duvet.

For more recent news, check The Week That Perished:

It’s an open question whether any teens actually read Teen Vogue. The Condé Nast-owned magazine seems to function as an outlet for adults to publish the most idiotic far-left and sexually provocative drivel imaginable, to an audience of social media conservatives who react predictably with outrage at each new piece of excremental content.

I’ve finally been expelled from Twitter. Feelz guud, man – my knackers have since grown three sizes and finally sprouted some hair. If you have an account, please consider spruiking my articles.

Meanwhile in Japan, Nikolai isn’t there yet and probably won’t be for at least a year due to ongoing travel restrictions. I went through a wave of misery at the prospect of being stranded on this island for yet another year but then remembered my Year of Hell, 2017-2018, during which I promised myself that I would never be miserable again.

Things could be worse.

In fact, Thursday was the ten-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake whose resulting tsunami killed tens of thousands of people. I was in Tokyo at the time and remember having to sit on the ground to avoid falling over, watching skyscrapers above sway like coconut trees. We didn’t find out about the tsunami in the north until it was safe to go back inside and saw it on TV. One of the most terrible events I’ve experienced.

All things must pass.

My review of this novel is here:


  1. luisman · 29 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · 29 Days Ago

    I want to particularly agree with one point. Good diet and exercise does definitely improve your overall health, including your mental health. You don’t only feel soggy after you consumed sugar (carbs), you actually are. Water binds to the carbs that are stored in your muscles.
    Just came back from the 1 year anniversary celebration of Tiziano, who owns the italian resto we visited a few times (Tiziano took it over just when the lockdown started). Free food, but the drinks had to be paid. I’d say he didn’t loose a dime tonight. Cheers.

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  3. overgrownhobbit · 28 Days Ago

    working women are having fewer children than they’d like, not that they no longer want to have children.

    Can confirm. Delay marriage to get your career going and your fertility falls off a cliff.

    Congrats on earning your Banned By Totalitarian [redacted]s badge! If you have any use for a digital badge image I will make you one.

    You can avoid trapped priors by studying philosophy and (pre 18th C) theology (back when it was the Queen of the Sciences). Figuring out what you know and why you know it gives you a rational foundation on which to stand. You do not have to judge a thing (say “gay marriage” or “climate change”) by Oh God Oh God Oh God everyone is going to hate me but on the available merits. You can decide what you’ll admit to believing based on the OGOGOG rule, or on some standard of ethics built from the foundation you’ve already built.

    Either way, more fun and less whack pop psych.


  4. JaXX · 28 Days Ago

    Plus 1 for good psychedelics!
    That’s about all we have left these days…

    Greenies wank an about overpopulation – yet what they propose, which is regressing a few hundred years and going back to the caves, would have exactly the opposite effect. Because being poor means having lots of kids, while increasing wealth leads to barely sufficient, or sometimes not even that, replacement rates. Just see Japan for a prime example.

    Do you also get the feeling that you want to ‘get off the bus’ – the one that ‘modern’ society has become?
    I looked today at the state of lockdowns in Europe and despaired…
    ‘1984’ rolled up with ‘The Brave New World’.
    The fascist dystopia; we are living it.
    You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to be convinced that all politicians need to be lined up and [given a hug -Ed].
    Sorry for the rant.

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