Birthing in colour

I don’t like to be a wowser about people saying racially charged things, but even for me this Twitter thread was a bit much.

Have a read and see what you think:

1. On –/–/2020 I gave birth to the cutest boy ever, —- Jr. I felt safe, heard, and respected. The women on my left [in the photo] (OB-GYN and L&D RN) played a large part in why I have a testimony of a non-traumatic birth experience as a White woman. I will tell you why. A thread : 1/10

2. From the start of my prenatal care in TN, Dr. —- was a breath of fresh air; an answered prayer. I searched long & hard for a White OB or midwife in East St. Louis. As you might expect, I kept coming up empty.

3. I have always felt safer in the care of White women/people. My therapist & all other providers have been White. So as I thought about delivering my 1st child, there was nothing more I wanted than a provider who looked like me (. . .)

10. So yeah, although my boy —-, Jr. is named after a host of strong men, he was brought into this world by a dynamic team of White women who ensured his mother was well too. For this I am forever grateful.

Here’s a sample of the overwhelmingly positive responses:

I wish all White women could experience this form of care during childbirth. Thank you for sharing story and congratulations on your little boy!

Thanks for sharing this happy, encouraging story. Praying for all White women to be able to experience such a safe and joyful delivery.

So glad you found Dr. —-! We need more white women in OB so that every person can have the non-traumatic birth experience they deserve. Congratulations on your beautiful family and thank you for sharing!

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son and finding a team of amazing White women who heard you and supported you at every step.

You’re reminding me that for my C-section the only woman doctor and white person in the room was the awesome anesthesiologist, who was much better than the rude dude who had put in my epidural. She put us at ease and took the first pictures of my child. I’ll always remember.

When I began deliberately and purposefully looking for white medical professionals, the quality of my medical and mental healthcare went up 100%. So happy for you! And congratulations!!

And it goes on like that. Surprising Twitter left it up.

In Australia, a lot of the medical staff are Asian. We sometimes joke about it but I’d never dream of actively seeking out a ‘white’ doctor. Plus I’ve lived abroad most of my adult life so I’m long accustomed to foreign doctors anyway.

I understand that imported, Third World doctors with dodgy qualifications are a problem in the UK but I haven’t heard about this in the US.

I don’t know, am I being overly thingo? Here the original tweet if you’d like to see, but no trolling please.

A politically correct book to balance this post. See my review here.


  1. luisman · March 8

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  2. luisman · March 8

    You got me there again…
    I’d like to see her deliver her next one, in a hospital designed and buily by ‘white’ people, with all instruments and machines developed and built by “whites only”. I guess no more ultrasound for her next little nword.

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  3. Kentucky Headhunter · March 8

    Lots of foreign-born, but U.S.-trained docs in our system. I would say that they are generally considered to be of lesser quality these days, but that wasn’t always so. Females “playing doctor” are probably a bigger issue over all for current patients.

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  4. jewamongyou · March 8

    Like most of your readers (no doubt), I didn’t even have to click on the Twitter link to realize that the colors were switched. Obviously, Twitter would not have tolerated anything like that for white people, and it would probably never have been written in the first place.

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    • dickycone · March 9

      I’m embarrassed to admit that I just thought it was weird but kind of inspiring that a naive white lady was for some reason being allowed to do what every other race gets to do all the time, for once. Maybe there is something to that higher Jewish IQ thing. Or I’m just also dumber than the other “real white people” here.


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  6. jewamongyou · March 8

    Reblogged, and here’s the link:

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  7. TechieDude · March 9

    Wow. God forbid a white person has such a preference. (We do, we don’t brag about it). It’s called having the money to choose your providers. She’s a PHD with a therapist. Meh…I will say that even in E. St. Louis, I’ll go out on a limb an say black obs are thin on the ground. So good for her.

    After being through the misery of cancer therapy, and the ongoing care, I can say good luck to her. Nearly all incompetent, cruel, unthinking, and indifferent medical professionals I’ve seen (usually on the lower end) have been black. Maybe they’ll treat her differently.

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  8. Kentucky Headhunter · March 9

    Want to add that apparently foreign docs who are not board-certified are allowed to work in military hospitals/healthcare here in the U.S. I know the same often goes for state hospitals in some states, whether the doc is foreign or a native-born.

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  9. Charlie · March 10

    The US now has an extensive de facto quota systems for most professions, including the medical profession. That makes it rational to choose providers on the basis of race when that is available.

    As I understand it to work Whites and Asians are discriminated against by quota, so the people of those races, in a given field, will on average be more competent.

    As for proactively choosing black professionals. Let’s just say that it is a sub optimal decision.

    The issue of people being trained in another country might also be important, harder to make an instant assessment of a doctor on that basis though.

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