Word from the Dark Side – military dullards, mandatory dating, Monahan II and messy priests in Japan

US military officers are getting dumber:

High IQ is especially important in commanding positions and in the more “g loaded” services. According to a 2015 paper by M.F. Cancian and M.W. Klein, it seems to have been going rapidly down even before the diversity drives of the 2010s. The cognitive performance of US Marine officers has seen a 10 IQ point decline between the 1980s and 2010.

Date the lady of colour, bigot:

The authors of a new book are arguing for race-blind dating apps — and the removal of filters for race and ethnicity.

Finding love, they say, isn’t so black-and-white. 

In a new book, “The Dating Divide: Race and Desire in the Era of Online Romance,” sociologists Jennifer Lundquist, Celeste Vaughan Curington and Ken Hou-Lin show how online dating sites exacerbate racial divisions.

They found that race-related “preference” filters on digital dating platforms help foster racist attitudes — especially toward black women. 

“Filtering out people based on race is a normal practice on dating apps,” Lundquist told The Post. 

“The idea of having racial preferences is unacceptable and illegal in any other arena,” she added. “But it’s literally built into the structure of these dating apps.”

2014 study about dating preferences along racial lines on OKCupid came to a similar conclusion: Black women had a hard time matching on dating apps, as did black and Asian men.

Don’t get me wrong – I support lurve wherever it may be found. I’m just concerned that dating outside one’s preferences is edging towards becoming compulsory. Universal White Boyfriend soon?

Filter not required

Links to pics of pretty girls get plenty of click-throughs from my readers, so here’s a Japanese lady who’d do well on dating apps with or without ethnic filters.

I have thoughts on this image that perhaps set me apart:

1. It’s been airbrushed: the waist been made thinner and skin blemishes have been removed. I’d much prefer the real thing.

2. Guess I’m the only one looking out the window trying to guess where this is. I’d bet eastern Tokyo, near the Edo river.

3. That’s a grotty place she’s in. What are all those extension cords for? Lighting? Sheesh, couldn’t they have found a nicer setting for such a pretty girl?

This is why I’m not very interested in pornography. I want to know, who are these people and what circumstances led up to them shagging? My mind demands context.

From the profane to the sacred: Bibles and Korans should carry warnings for passages deemed ‘antisemitic’, suggests the European Jewish Congress. I wonder if they’ll put warnings on their own stuff – there’s quite a lot of non-PC stuff in the Old Testament, not to mention the Talmud.

Take it easy there – Nazi larping has gone way too far.

About half of all Americans doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election. I would guess a similar number doubt the 2016 result. The losing half will probably doubt the 2024 result, too.

Things are afoot in Canberra that I can’t be bothered commenting upon, having been thoroughly bored by the Haven Monahan debacle. I’ll merely point the reader to this post and this one over at Clown World, a blog I’m enjoying a lot lately. Also this post from Bill regarding the second accusation.

Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence can not and will not long survive the feminization of our society.

EU blocks export of 250,000 coof vaccines to Australia after the new Italian leader complained while waving his arms around theatrically. The EU previously promised Australia this would not happen.

Italy claims, fairly, that Australia should be a low priority as the virus is not so widespread there. However, the EU has been tardy in distributing its vaccines due to early concerns about their efficacy and many still languish in freezers unused.

Shit or get off the dunny.

You’d probably vaccinate more Italians by sending the doses to Melbourne than you would by having Rome continue to hoard them.

In Australia, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is jumping wildly above the seasonal average while Covid is under control and the flu has disappeared. RSV itself vanished during its normal winter peak and is now spiking during summer:

There has been a vague understanding for some time that one infection might prevent another but this is not well understood. Perhaps present events will eventually generate sufficient data to unravel this mystery.

Have you heard about the Papa John scandal? If you made up this story as a novel you’d get cancelled pretty damn quick. It’s far too long to summarize here so go have a look.

Meanwhile in Japan, it’s tough to change your name. Unlike in the West, you can’t just mosey down to the registrar and declare that henceforth your name shall be Rev. Adolf Hermione $$$exyboy III. You need to have a pretty good reason.

On the other hand, married couples must have the same surname due to the country’s household registration system. Most of the time, women take their husband’s family name. In rare cases the reverse may occur: a man sometimes marries into a family that has no sons, adopts his wife’s family name and becomes heir to the family business.

For foreigners marrying a Japanese partner, double-barrelled names are possible but not required.

The majority of the Japanese population now favour Western-style You-Go-Girl professional women keeping their maiden names but the government has refused to change the law.

A word of wisdom to our foreign friends: if you adopt too many Western trends, you’ll end up like us.

Here’s a fact that may surprise some readers: I’d almost be willing to take on a woman’s family name if it meant easier Japanese residency because that’s where my life is right now.

Many towns in the Tohoku region hit hardest by the 2011 tsunami have erected giant concrete walls to ward off future disasters, thus blocking ocean views:

I think this comment sums it up:

Mostly a huge waste of money as in 30 years many of the areas affected will be depopulated. It would have been more cost effective to simply move those in danger inland.

The big money is in big projects, hence their eternal popularity.

There are centuries old, long ignored markers in Japan warning people not to settle closer than that point to the coast. They were installed after previous tsunamis. Sometimes we just don’t learn. Same happens in Australia with people moving to idyllic, bushfire-prone areas.

A Buddhist priest splashes his own body fluids on a woman in Yokohama:

Upon his arrest on suspicion of causing property damage on Thursday, Yoshino partially denied to the allegations, telling the Isezaki Police Station that he committed the act but claimed the fluid was saliva. “I did this other times,” he said.

That’s it.

For more tales of international, erm, romance. See my review here:


  1. Tim914 · March 8

    Seems Japan is the most westernized Asian country. Damn shame. One of the reasons Third world countries are more attractive. Pleased to report that small town America in the south remains defiantly unwoke.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SFC Ton · March 8

      Will habe to disagree

      Towns all over the South pulled down their monuments last summer and that’s as woke as woke gets


  2. Phil B · March 8

    When it comes to dating, any whitey NOT wanting to date this … errr … LADY is clearly racist and prejudiced against black women:


    What other explanation could there be?


  3. SFC Ton · March 8

    As the USA military gets less White it will get… a whole lot less everything and that includes a drop in IQ


    • dickycone · March 8

      There’s also the problem of diversified troops being less willing to die for a country that was really founded in 1619 by a bunch of racists.


      • SFC Ton · March 9

        lol true
        But all governments worry more about internal threats then external and those diverse troops, even White ethnics that showed up way late in the game, are much more willing to fire on civilians who are decendants of founding stock
        Plus on the internal threat topic, a dumb military is safer


  4. luisman · March 8

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  5. dickycone · March 8

    “Universal White Boyfriend soon?”

    Interesting idea, but I doubt there are enough white Chads to go around.

    “Filter not required”

    I worked in an office once where the call center was 90% black women. There was one exception who looked like this and was also sweet and feminine and pleasant to be around. She was married and had a few kids, all by her husband. The others were obese, loud, had different baby daddies for each of their several kids, and loudly wondered why they couldn’t find a good man.

    “so here’s a Japanese lady who’d do well on dating apps with or without ethnic filters.”

    She’s lovely, but she’d get a “too skinny” from black guys and the big chunk of white guys on the bottom end of the market whose only options are fat girls and porn.

    I looked at some of that Clown World AU blog and it does look very insightful and funny:

    “St. Brittany Higgins of Canberra, the newly consecrated patron saint of stupid young women who get pass out drunk in the company of men they are not related or married to”

    Are you planning on getting vaccinated? I’m not, at least until they make it required for my job. Then I’ll have to make some hard decisions. My logic is that 1) all the vaccines were rushed through development, so who knows about side effects and 2) I’m at almost zero risk from COVID-19 so why get injected. The conspiracy theory stuff about Bill Gates wanting to make us infertile or increase our soy receptors, etc. could also be true, for all I know.

    Thanks for the links, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · March 9

      I agree the vaccine’s rushed, has indemnity and is useless for me. However, I’ll almost certainly have to have it to travel.
      In fact, the day may come where I’m not allowed to fly without it and also can’t obtain it on this island. Starting to wonder if I’ll be stuck here forever.


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