Word from the Dark Side – under the bus, unaware of riots, uppity diplomats and ugly music

Now that Trump is out of the way, the Left can go back to eating itself.

First under the bus is NY governor Cuomo, whose murderous mishandling of Covid was well known to anyone on right wing Twitter many months ago but is only now being exposed to the common people via the legacy media because the importance of blaming everything on Trump has faded. Apparently he got too big for his boots and was considered a rival to the Obama/Kamala faction but this is rumour, I’ve go no evidence.

A White House spokesman named Ducklo was suspended for threatening a reporter in order to cover up their affair. He later resigned. Fancy rooting a bloke named Ducklo.

Also under the bus is Navalny, darling of the Neocon plotters but fallen afoul of the Woke. You’re no longer a prisoner of conscience to Amnesty if you once said something naughty on an unrelated topic.

Antifa seems safe for now, with the likely new Attorney General seemingly unaware of nightly attacks on federal courthouses. It’s one of the many jobs where not knowing vital facts is the first requirement.

The media are still fully onboard with the elites: The Grayz*ne reports that the BBC and Reuters participated in c*vert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to weaken Russia. Not linking directly for secret reasons, go find it yourself. Also I didn’t finish reading the article, also for secret reasons.

The olde skool femos have not given up the fight against trans wannabes. An academic set up this site where born women can complain about experiences with trans women in changerooms etc. which lead to prompt calls for her dismissal and beheading.

There used to be an autonomous Jewish region within the Soviet Union, in the far east right near Manchuria. I think technically it’s still there but almost all the Jews have gone to Israel.

Australian visas are being processed by a Chinese-government linked company in Beijing. At this point I can only laugh. We are toast.

China accidentally uses anal swab on US diplomats. That’s good, I’m not overfond of diplomats.

Science proves that pop music really is worse these days.

Classic from Tacos: Talk To Her For Me.

Low sperm but high spirits.

Meanwhile in Japan, a man is arrested for stealing a hundred pairs of shoes and slippers from schools. This isn’t a story I’ve posted before, it’s just that the same sorts of things keep happening.

Police found more than 100 pairs of shoes and slippers in Yokote’s car. Police said Yokote told them he would wait for children to leave school in the afternoon and then sneak into the building and steal whatever shoes or slippers he could find. Police said he hinted that he had been stealing them from schools since April last year.

That’s it.

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  1. jewamongyou · February 28

    I was looking over the No Conflict They Said website. They’re worried about quotas and set-asides being compromised. Cry me a river! Where were they when men-only spaces were being cancelled? I don’t remember feminists objecting when The Citadel (https://www.nytimes.com/1996/06/29/us/citadel-bowing-to-court-says-it-will-admit-women.html) was forced to accept women.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gunner Q · March 1

    “Fancy rooting a bloke named Ducklo.”

    For women looking for a man, modern D.C. must be like men of the Alaskan Gold Rush. “The odds are good but the goods are odd.”

    Liked by 3 people

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