Most of everything is rubbish
The eyes, but

Most of everything is bullshit and everything contains a little brilliance.

I can’t believe I lived on this planet 42 years without noticing this obvious fact.

Let’s take a look.


Most of every genre is dull and uninspired. Most classical is dreary. Most jazz is pretentious. Most pop is awful. Most heavy metal jars if you listen too long.

Looking back at what I listened to when I was young, most grunge, alt-rock etc. is repetitive and dumb. Most Bengali devotional songs sound the same as all the others.

But there is a corollary to this: every genre of music contains gems. There’s Mozart’s Requiem. Blue Train. Cemetery Gates. Señorita is alright though not to my taste. Some Smashing Pumpkins songs, beneath the cringe 90s marketing, are actually pretty good.

Even some 70s disco hits and saccharine 50s ballads for teenagers are great.
Source: MTV
Courses of Study

You already know that a lot of courses are bullshit.

Going deeper, even worthwhile courses are often mostly bullshit.

Thinking back to my postgrad year, we were desperate to learn how to actually do the job but all we got was theoretical drivel that wasn’t going to help at all.

Then all of a sudden, when my lecture pad was overflowing with frustrated doodles, bam! A pearl of wisdom would drop from the lecturer’s lips about what to actually do on the job and we all jotted it down furiously, then listened for more and found the professor was back to waffling.

Have other people had this experience?


For most people, a lot of their career is doing stuff that is not actually the meat and veg of their profession. Not matter how arcane and specialized your field, you seem to spend inordinate amounts of time doing stuff you could have done right out of high school. Writing documents no one will read, counting money, keeping spreadsheets, sitting in pointless meetings, managing people. Making PowerPoints or being forced to watch them, with an earnest lady reading the slides to you because you’re four years old and can’t read for yourself yet.

What percentage of your job actually involves the thing you’re specifically there to do? For me I think it averaged about 70%. Doesn’t quite fit my thesis but I don’t care, the spirit of the thing is right.

Films and TV

If you look at a TV guide (remember them?) you’ll find that 90% of the content is rubbish. Probably more.

If you check out what films are on at your local cinema (remember them?), most will be dire.

And yet, there are some good films and some good TV shows. In any genre. Even romantic comedies and variety shows can shine if they’re done to perfection.

This has always been the case. Don’t fall for the classic movies preen – the majority of old films are dull.

Incidentally, beware of Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Source: HBO
Modern Art and Architecture

I guess you could make the case that the majority of traditional art and architecture was middling, not rubbish. And that’s okay. A decorative picture hanging on the stairs doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. If a town’s buildings are all ordinary but similar, the overall effect is pleasant and they do not draw attention away from the really special structures.

As for the modern stuff, the rule of rubbish holds pretty well. Every now and then a piece of modern art is quite interesting and worthwhile. A few modern buildings are spectacular inside and out. Most of both, however, are enough to make you sick.

Given this, settling for the mediocre and inoffensive doesn’t seem so bad.


The vast majority of books published, new or old, are not worth your time.

Some are good and a few are great. This is true for any type of book.

It’s safer to read time-tested classics than newer works, and anything published recently by a major publisher will be pozzed to buggery.

Here’s a rough guide to the Western Canon.

A few new books are of breathtakingly quality and you should buy dozens of copies while you can.

Seriously, I’m starting to read some alt-fiction and I reckon that even if the majority of these books are not hidden masterpieces, they are at least interesting, original and creative. They make you think. An obscure book recommended by your mate on Twitter is likely to be a better read than any in the picture above.

Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and Social Media Content

Face it: most of the internet is full of shit. Blog posts are repetitive and often merely snark at an MSM article rather than offer something original. Podcasts waffle. Videos rehash stuff we’ve seen a million times before.

For the good stuff scroll down to my Blog Roll and Followed Blogs, or click the top right on desktop.

Having said that, even the dumbest sites on the net will occasionally have something good. There are insightful articles at The Atlantic. Long, dull livestreams with tedious, shallow, interrupting superchats have bursts of brilliant invective. Bluecheck Twitter accounts sometimes post a funny.


Most of everything is bullshit.

In every pile of shit is something good.

This is God’s law and we must accept His will.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. Caleb · February 16

    Most of everything is bullshit because we have too much time. The fundamental problem is not lack of time, but excess. And for the most part, we’d rather fill that extra time with bullshit.

    Try as we might, even the more ruthless and discriminating among us can’t quite strip away all the superfluity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: There’s A Reason Most Everything Is Rubbish | Whores and Ale
  3. jewamongyou · February 16

    If everything was exceptional, then nothing would be exceptional.

    Liked by 4 people

    • overgrownhobbit · February 19


      Which is why the Old Stuff gets kudos that the New Stuff doesn’t because… It survived.

      And why the Wokerati make everything … more filled with effluvia, because they deliberately set out to hide and disappear and destroy anything (new or old, but especially old) whose destruction-process can be used to upgrade their status, and fill the giant loved and respected and wanted-shaped hole in their lives.

      Also, for some folks a bar of extraordinary excellence you’ll probably never meet isn’t inspiring, but makes them feel small and useless and full of envy.


  4. Adam · February 17

    This post is bullshit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ray · February 19

      Nothing matters. It’s all bullshit.

      Your reply was bullshit. So is mine. Bullshit, right on down.

      Now I see that Sovietman feels thataway, I actually feel a little better!


  5. Yoylo · February 17

    You forgot one important part. Most of the people are shit.


  6. Kentucky Gent · February 18

    For Jazz, the best album of all time is ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis. If you don’t like KOB, you don’t like Jazz.

    “A few new books are of breathtakingly quality…” I didn’t need to click on the link to know what book this is.

    Liked by 1 person

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