How about that! Those who survived the Plague

On 25th February, 2020, I wrote an article listing the many US and world leaders over the age of 70, pointing out that there was a very high chance not all of them would survive that year (with or without the coof) and that this unsurprising outcome would likely give rise to baseless conspiracy allegations.

Here’s the list with their ages at that time:

Election contenders, declared and undeclared:

Donald Trump – 73. [Got coof, survived]

Bernie Sanders – 78 [No coof reported, survived chilly inauguration day by rugging up]

Joe Biden – 77 [Rumoured to be still alive, no coof reported as he hid in the basement all year to avoid it]

Michael Bloomberg – 78 [His towering presence is still with us]

Hillary Clinton – 72 [For our sins she yet walks among us]

The US Supreme Court:

Clarence Thomas – 71 [Lives]

Stephen Breyer – 81 [Lives]

Ruth Bader Ginsberg – 86 [Died of non-Covid causes]

Let us not forget:

Nancy Pelosi – 79 [still alive, seen here in recent photo]:

Meanwhile in the Rest Of The World:

Queen Elizabeth II – 93

Mahmoud Abbas – 84

Mahathir Mohamed – 94

Hassan Rouhani – 71

Rodrigo Duterte – 74

Aung Sang Suu Kyi – 74

Isaias Afwerki – 74

Oh no, I hope poor old Isaias stays safe.

There have been a few leadership changes since then but the individuals listed in the international section are all still kicking.

What are the chances of so few contracting Covid?

What are the chances of so few dying of any cause over the year?

What are the the chances of none at all dying from or with Covid?

Is there an actuary in the house? We need a mathematical explanation for this or some cynical-minded readers may wonder if this pandemic is such a big deal after all.

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  1. Kentucky Headhunter · February 15

    That viral vid of the Karen going bonkers and cursing Gins-bot for dying before Biden was able to steal the election was a hoot.


  2. Kentucky Headhunter · February 15

    Bill Gates is an unelected “world leader”, but at 65 looks much older than he should (I think) for someone that rich.


    • Tim914 · February 16

      Evil thoughts and intentions make their way onto the face.

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  3. freemattpodcast · February 15

    The chances of us living an incomplete pointless life is higher than dying from the ‘vid.
    Which one is more harm to us?

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  4. Gunner Q · February 16

    “We need a mathematical explanation for this or some cynical-minded readers may wonder if this pandemic is such a big deal after all.”

    Brooding on an ice throne in a Fortress of Solitude is an excellent way to not be exposed to disease. Especially if your children never visit you.

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  5. Phil B · February 16

    But … But … the press reports that two million, TWO MILLION I TELLS YA!!! people have died worldwide due to COVID (and I assume that that number includes those that died WITH, not necessarily because of, COVID). TWO MILLION!!!!! The humanity!

    But there are 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people in the world which means that only 1 person in 3,500 has died of/with the disease.

    Hardly an “I am Legend” scenario and humanity is going to be wiped out completely, eh?

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · February 16

      That gives me an idea:
      Almost all victims are old.
      There are around 730 million people aged over 65 worldwide (could not find figure for 70 so let’s go with 65).
      That means around 0.3% of people in that age bracket died of Covid. A little less because some victims were younger.
      As there were 16 people on my list, there was only about a 0.05% chance of one of them dying of Covid over the year.
      Perhaps the odds were higher because that global over-65 population would skew younger than my list.
      Is my maths right? I feel like I made a mistake somewhere because that figure is very low.


      • luisman · February 16

        You forgot that the above mentioned personalities emit a distinct smell of sulphur. This doesn’t only scare people away from them, but even viruses are keeping their distance 😛 Alex Jones said it, so it must be true…

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        • Nikolai Vladivostok · February 16

          Sir, I am sure my Queen smells of nothing but the finest lavender talcum powder.
          The others, sure.


      • Phil B · February 17

        The Diamond Princess ship provided a perfect petri dish experiment with the infection. The relevant bit from the Wikipedia entry is:

        During a cruise that began on 20 January 2020, positive cases of COVID-19 linked to the COVID-19 pandemic were confirmed on the ship in February 2020. 712 people out of 3,711 became infected (567 out of 2,666 passengers and 145 out of 1,045 crew), and 14 people, all of them passengers, died. At the time, the ship accounted for over half the reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 outside of mainland China.

        So out of 3,711 people only 712 became infected (a 19% infection rate among a population sharing the same dining rooms, air conditioning etc.) and of those infected, 14 died for a death rate among those infected of 1.966%. Bear in mind that the passengers were likely elderly (to afford such a cruise) likely to have pre existing conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and circulatory conditions etc.). But set that aside and note that 14 dead out of 3711 is a 0.377% death rate. Sad for the people concerned but compared with a normal flu season, it is a rounding error.

        The hard figures and good estimates are there for those that want to look for them but they don’t want to do so.

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  6. luisman · February 16

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  7. squawkbox · February 16

    1348-50, it is remarkable how little effect the Black Death had on the European ruling families – no monarch died that I can think of died from it, and only a few younger sisters and brothers.
    Of course, even if you are a modern octagenarian, the odds are certainly worse than for 20-somethings, but you are still unlikely to catch covid and unlikely to die from it.

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  8. Phil B · February 17

    As for the vaccine, there is this:

    If you think that that is too far fetched then try reading through Agenda 21 (Oooh! There is a coincidence that “21” and 2021 are the same, eh?) where the Powers That Be want a 90% reduction in the world population or read through Agenda 2030.

    You are only paranoid if you THINK that the whole world is against you but what if the whole world really is against you?


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