Word from the Dark Side – fortified fiefdom, feisty female footballers, falling felon and a flipping close call for a former friend

A neuroscientist with unconventional views is doxxed, kills himself. I remember him from his articles at Return of Kings back in the day.

Many thoughts about this, but for now:

One, they can’t cancel your whole life. Only you can do that. They want you to disappear from the face of the Earth so whatever happens, don’t give them that satisfaction.

Two, do not imagine there was any hand-wringing on the part of the doxxer, who instead tweeted that he’d heard what had happened, thanked people for their concern (for him) and said that he was okay. Or she.

Three, remember your opsec. I can’t find the archive of the doxxing thread but basically the problem was similar posts and details on real and anon accounts. Keep your personas completely separate. That is, for those of you who have jobs.

In addition, here are five simple ways to be secure online whether you’re a lumpen element or just want to keep your bank details safe. The first three are essential.

From Moldbug (contains inner quotes):

“The video call was announced on short notice, but more than 900 people quickly joined: a coalition of communists and communists, communists and communists, pulled together in a matter of hours after the hooligan attack on Capitol Hill.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if this coalition had a name? And a permanent organization? No, it wouldn’t be cool at all—it would mean there was one Party, which had one neck. If there is any lesson American communism has learned, it is the power of decentralization. We won’t be seeing any more Bridgman Conventions.

“They convened to craft a plan for answering the onslaught on American communism, and they soon reached a few key decisions. They would stay off the streets for the moment and hold back from communist demonstrations that could be exposed to armed hooligans goaded on by President Donald J. Trump.”

Look at this incredible admission. They would stay off the streets. F*ck!

Do you remember the dogs of summer? The riots that did $2 billion in damage? The miniature armies in black clothes and black masks? Those were dogs on a leash. They could be turned on and off in one Zoom call. Anything that can be suppressed with “a few key decisions” is not in any way spontaneous. You just read it in the Times—so it must be true, right? And did the people in black show up on the 6th? They did not.

As usual it’s very long but there’s a lot of good in it.

Incidentally, that 900-SJW Zoom call appears to have been the tip of the iceberg in terms of the organization that took place: The secret history of the shadow campaign that sAvEd the 2020 election. They use the word ‘fortified’.

Next: The world’s lamest country labels the world’s lamest club a ‘terrorist organization‘. Remember: don’t join a movement.

How to spot propaganda. These tells seem pretty neutral and helpful to me. I probably propagandize a bit here but hey, I never promised not to.

Kids as young as nine returning to Australia are forced to quarantine alone for two weeks.

Take care competing with Wall Street – it’s never a fair bet:

An informative article on the Indian farm protests:

Since the ‘green revolution’ in the 1960s, India’s farming industry has been subject to extensive restrictions. In most states, farmers cannot sell their produce directly to retailers or customers. Instead, all trade must take place within designated market yards set up and operated by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC). The APMC enjoys a monopoly position of a being a mandatory middleman, which it can use for its own benefit at the expense of the farmers/sellers. According to Himanshu, most farmers would agree that the system is ‘inefficient, opaque, politicized and often controlled by cartels.’

Under former long-standing legislation, farmers were not permitted to trade their produce using electronic devices or the internet. The purchase of agricultural land beyond the scope of family businesses was also illegal, preventing modern agricultural methods from being put into practice, as they often only make sense when applied on a larger scale. Meanwhile, the average plot of farmland in India is smaller than 3 acres. Producers and processors of foods were also exposed to stock limits. For many basic crops and products, these limits were established to ‘prevent hoarding’ of vital resources. 

When we see Woke theology change before our eyes, in real time: it used to be verboten to suggest that women’s sports, especially the rough sports, were dominated by lesbians.

Now it’s Pride Week for Australian rules football and there’s a warm article about how, in the women’s league, there’s an ongoing issue with players either playing with or against their girlfriends or ex-girlfriends.

Also on Aussie women: two ladies were driving when a truckie spotted a hand waving for help out of their boot (trunk). The cops found a woman with stab wounds inside. It seems she’d managed to push out a brake light in order to signal for help.

The back of a white car

The friends are accused of stabbing 24-year-old Nisha Phillips several times at a home on Robert Way in Claymore before locking her in the boot of her own car for several hours and then driving her for about an hour south along the Hume Highway in the Southern Highlands.

A truck driver behind the white Holden Commodore spotted a hand protruding out of a broken tail light and called police, resulting in the pair being arrested at Berrima.

It had to be a Commodore.

Not from Japan but same energy: peeping Tom falls through changing room roof, is held by hot naked ladies until police arrive.

Revenge of the Nerds Panty Raid
Artist’s reconstruction. See article for image of actual perp.

Tokyo Olympics chief says meetings with women take too long because they talk too much. In Japan, old men can say and do anything and get away with it. ‘A good country for old men.’

In Osaka, illegal pron seized. Illegal, you ask? Out of all the wacky, disturbing, non-consensual and baby-faced hentai material there, what on Earth could be illegal?

The DVDs were seized because the genitals were not pixilated.

That’s it from me.

If it’s not enough, there are more interesting articles with commentary here from Niccolo.

VALE Bart von Alphen


  1. dickycone · February 7

    “The world’s lamest country labels the world’s lamest club a ‘terrorist organization‘.”

    “No matter how gay America becomes, Canada will always be gayer.” -Nick Fuentes

    Really sad about the ROK contributor. Thanks for the good advice about opsec and the link to the sovereignman post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kentucky Headhunter · February 7

    As far as opsec goes, there’s no reason to completely trust a solution that you don’t build and operate yourself. VPNs say they don’t share your data. Who knows what they really do? Only them. Same goes for search really. Duck Duck Go apparently does sell some data to keep their lights on. Maybe use multiple search engines (except Google, fuck them) and split your searches between them? Brave is what I use, but I don’t trust them completely either. Ever thought of building your own browser. Seriously, if you ever wanted to get into coding, can you think of a better project to shoot for?

    Anyhoo, another good post, Nikita.

    Liked by 3 people

    • SFC Ton · February 8



    • Wolf · February 9

      Any chance of change will be via movements. Keep them small, decentralized, based on blood, and kick out any fedpoasters. Understand you are a dissident in an Orwellian system Or do nothing and enjoy your finite time while waiting for collapse.

      Would be nice if the neuroscientist had said fuck off and left the country.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. jewamongyou · February 8

    I think I’ve figured out Japan’s low birthrate: It’s because all their genitals are pixelated.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Kentucky Gent · February 16

    “They want you to disappear from the face of the Earth so whatever happens, don’t give them that satisfaction.”

    Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. This also applies to wokies. They hate Christians, and one day God’s elect will disappear from the face of the Earth. Christians call this the Rapture. The remaining wokies are in for quite a surprise.


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