In the black

I have now recouped the publishing costs from my book.

Thank you to everyone who reviewed, promoted or bought The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom. It would never have gotten off the ground without you.

I’ve received positive feedback from readers who tell me it has helped them to understand the basics of personal finance and get their lives organized.

I’m already making notes for a second edition though there will be no major changes.

Thanks again and look out for my novel later this year.

Also available on many other platforms.


  1. overgrownhobbit · February 2

    Unless your novel has ninjas, guns or ponies, odds are against my buying it. No shade on your writing ability, I just have to read a lot of real life angst for work, and also unless you’re Dick Francis or the Mountain Who Writes, I’m giving to give a hard pass to any fiction that celebrate free-wheeling fornication. I’m just too old for that.. Effluvia.

    I’m belatedly commenting to say that I bought (based on your response to a questionI asked) your book so that I could advise a widowed mom on how to hire someone to manage her stock market accounts in easily understood language. Your book came through. Thank you. Your next nonfiction work gets an auto-purchase.


  2. Gunner Q · February 2

    “I have now recouped the publishing costs from my book.”

    Well, heck. Maybe you do know something about making ends meet.



  3. dickycone · February 2

    Congrats on the finance book, Nik.

    I highly recommend Nik’s novel, assuming it’s the one I proofread. It was an excellent read, funny and with some very touching and profound parts. I also can’t recall anything quite like the setting in another book or movie.

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