Black Pigeon has a video explaining how demoralization is the first of four steps in subverting and taking over a nation. We’re now up to about Step 3.

Demoralization involves undermining a nation’s confidence and faith in its own moral fibre. Among the Woke, this has been achieved totally: they fervently believe everything about the West has always been broken and are prepared to use violence to upend it all and set it right.

Westerners, they believe, are inherently evil. Our entire history is one of colonization, slavery and every other type of evil. All our inventions are stolen, our customs hurt others, our economy is destructive and our institutions maintain and expand systems of oppression.

You can’t get any more demoralized than that.

Where are the Brahmin Indians blocking busy Delhi streets and chanting, ‘Dalit Lives Matter’? What Han Chinese are disturbing diners and forcing them to raise a fist for Uighur rights? What wild mob of Japanese Antifa is smashing up Tokyo every time a burakumin gets roughed up by the police?

To see how demoralized the West is, glance overseas and look at how normal people behave.

Not like us.

Quite a few people have noticed that conservatives seem consistently happier than progressives. This is even backed up by research.

Among other factors, this is probably because conservatives are less demoralized. The progressive personality is one of dissatisfaction with the status quo, while the conservative is more inclined to think things are about as good as they’re ever going to get so he prefers to let it be.

However, even an avowedly anti-Woke person can be prone to demoralization.

I’m demoralized.

Despite my moaning on this blog, I’m actually fairly . . . well, no one would describe me as upbeat. I tend to be dour and quiet, not given to sustained bouts of enthusiasm. However, I am not miserable. I’m rarely unhappy for long. My usual state is one of not being terribly bothered about how I’m feeling, which is fine.

My mood is usually a 7/10 and only varies by a point or so under normal circumstances.

But this Covid nonsense has gotten to me.

Not made me unhappy, but undermined my faith in my own society.

I was annoyed when Philippine travel restrictions left me trapped on an island and unable to take up my new job, but I took it in my stride. Strange times, I thought. Could be worse.

I wasn’t immediately demoralized when Australia pulled up the drawbridge just Philippine restrictions eased. Crazy year, I thought. I’ll tread water and figure it out.

No, there were two things that demoralized me:

1. That the travel restrictions blocking me from any paid employment and putting my life on hold are going on far, far longer than any initial scare could have justified, and much longer than I ever imagined even in my characteristically gloomy worst-case scenarios.

Everybody stuffs up. To perpetuate a disastrous policy for a year in the face of contrary evidence is not a stuff-up, it’s meanness.

The government recently announced that travel bans making it very hard to get into or out of Australia will remain in place until perhaps late 2021.

2. The overwhelming support for these measures among my countrymen. I thought they would soften after the sob stories got out and citizens had been stuck abroad for 6 months plus, but here we are almost a year later and attitudes are completely unchanged.

They don’t care.

Indeed, most people want restrictions to be tighter, not looser. All of them: bans on international travel, interstate travel, curfews, masks, the whole shit and shaboodle.

Pretty much forever, given that the vaccines might not be perfectly effective.

That is demoralizing.

To know that my own countrymen, put to the test, would happily throw others overboard in order to clumsily manage a minor risk. That they would so eagerly have the wool pulled over their eyes. That they would be such a bunch of cowardly, traitorous, callous bedwetters.

Including the people closest to me.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than that.

Have I lost faith in the moral fibre of my nation? Yes. They might not be the evil patriarchal racist chauvinists the Woke imagine, but they’re certainly weak and silly. Not the kind of people I’d like to have by my side on the Kokoda Track.

If this was a deliberate plot to undermine the rest of Western society, I take my hat off to the perpetrators. It worked.

Look at me now. Fleeing to my nation’s former enemy, hoping for refuge. A place among sane people who don’t hate me; won’t scream at me if I have a different opinion. People who will let me in and treat me with kindness.

These rose-coloured glasses are born of desperation. I build up Japan in my mind to be everything I thought my own country to be. Now lacking a homeland, I’m ready to take extraordinary steps to graft myself onto another, if they’ll let me. If I’m not too much of a nuisance.

Similar demoralization has taken place across the West. Based Americans were demoralized by what passed for an election. Britons were demoralized by the Conservative Party cancelling all their rights while caving to the EU.

The difference between our demoralization and that of the Woke is, ours is based on reality. Our institutions really are up the creek. A good portion of our countrymen are zombies. We have become a despised minority and we know it.

This is usual in the dusk of empires. What we are seeing today, mankind has seen countless times before.

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  1. luisman · January 19

    Well, the spiteful mutants are winning.


  2. Kentucky Headhunter · January 19

    “My usual state is one of not being terribly bothered about how I’m feeling, which is fine.”

    In the before times, this was the default setting for everybody, including females. Teenage girls were given a temporary pass, taught to “get over it” when puberty caused them to go nutty, and 98% of them did. People who couldn’t were called mopey (or worse), and otherwise understood to be somewhat broken. Nowadays people are taught that NOTHING is more important than their feelings and that’s how we got here.

    Can you speak/read Japanese? Ay tips on learning? I’m watching some Youtubes, doings some apps, and have a book that seems pretty good (Japanese From Zero). I’d like to visit, especially the countryside.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marriagesexandmore · January 20

    Great post. I’ve been thinking the same thing about the world. Driving around and seeing people in these stupid masks. Look in their eyes how demoralized they are. You’d have to be to bend the knee so easily. I believe the whole perpetual mask thing, despite the lack of science, is part of the plan…

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Gunner Q · January 20

    “The overwhelming support for these measures among my countrymen.”

    Bingo. Evildoers are doing evil? That’s a problem but that’s also a normal part of life. All of civilization bans physical and emotional human contact in perpetuity because a new disease is treatable but not preventable? What the heck?

    I feel like I’m locked in the insane asylum watching the inmates demand more happy pills because they don’t want to talk to me… and the doctors hate me too because I know they’re all frauds. There are others like me, we tap on the walls to encourage each other, but in meatspace we’re alone in a sea of insanity.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. luisman · January 20

    Reblogged this on Nicht-Linke Blogs.


  6. JaXX · January 20

    Please don’t call them “progressives”. They are “regressives”, if anything.

    But yes, you are correct. The West as we knew it is over. We have forsaken all that has made us what/who we are and have embraced self-hatred instead.

    The only two possible outcomes now can be either a major war or an economic depression.

    My bet is on both; possibly at the same time.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Tim914 · January 21

    I have accepted the inevitable fall of the West for some time but what I struggle with is my inability to escape from it. I always liked Asia and Eastern Europe but it seems I’ll soon be unable to get on an airplane as I refuse to take a mRNA vaccine. Once this policy is fully implemented, I suppose I could drive into Mexico but traveling anywhere I actually want to go will be impossible.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ray · January 21

    ‘This is usual in the dusk of empires. What we are seeing today, mankind has seen countless times before.’

    At much smaller and more localized levels, yes. But never at a global level, which is now the case.

    Before, if your men cucked and your women indulged their selfishness and cruelty, the tribe or culture would die, or more likely be over-run by another group more in touch with reality. But now, they’ve got the whole planet locked down, and that is unprecedented.

    My suggestion to believers and non-believers alike is, you better find a way to understand Scripture, which will be your only reliable navigation through what is coming. If you don’t understand it, find someone who does. Now that the planet is a prison, it doesn’t look so big any more, does it?


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