The limits of Woke

Last week I wrote about how Woke has become a new, proselytizing religion that is coming to dominate all areas of Western society.

It is predominantly a white, middle-class religion restricted to the WEIRD countries.

While it may seem universal, Woke has natural limits. It runs into a brick wall in those cases where its underlying contradictions or foundations become too much to bear.

This clever freak-out campaign ended in failure because Woke NPCs simply labelled the posters as offensive against both Islam and women, when logically they could only be offensive against one of them, and only then if you accept a non-Woke premise.

However, they did highlight something interesting: Woke is powerless against based religions.

Woke primarily attacks Christianity, burning down churches and the like. That’s because mainline Christianity is too weak to defend itself, and because of the theological roots of Woke.

However, SJWs would be more hesitant to burn down an Orthodox church. You might get beaten to death by a mob of enraged, non-WEIRD Serbs.

In one of the 2020 riots, some warned their fellow protesters not to vandalize a particular building because it was a synagogue.

As an elevation of the margins against the privileged centre, Woke is unable to assail minority religions – Orthodox Judaism (which some Woke leaders hate like a black sheep cousin), Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and others.
Source: The Economist

Recall the pro-gay indoctrination sessions rolled out in many British schools. Despite its unpopularity once people learned all the details, the only serious opposition came from Muslim parents.

Woke can only negotiate politely here and will end up backing down because, at the end of the day, Wokists don’t chop off heads and they know it.

Woke cannot directly criticize anti-gay teachings in Islam because all cultures are equal and minorities are especially equal.

By the same token, Woke cannot easily cancel Indian employers for discriminating against Dalits, nor Chinese employers for discriminating against blacks, nor any non-white man harassing women.

They can only get away with it if they hide the race of the perpetrators. The organization that put out this video of street harassment almost got cancelled themselves for failing to adequately self-censor and had to squirm their way out of it by saying no, there were heaps of white guys catcalling as well, we just didn’t catch them on video. By chance. And even then they were accused of deliberately editing the white chauvinists out.

Woke also has trouble criticizing abuses against women or minorities overseas unless it happens in white countries.

China is a good example. Whole colonized nations are imprisoned in concentration camps and are being culturally eliminated but the Woke will only talk about white American women calling the police on black guys or ICE deporting illegal immigrants.

The same goes for Myanmar’s deportation of the Rohingya, women being kept under the thumb in Saudi, wife burnings in India or any crime at all committed in Africa except for that one where the disabled white runner shot his wife.

Unless it is whites being mean to non-whites or white men being mean to women, it is as though the event does not occur in their reality. Only those offences that fit the narrative are able to be seen.

There is probably a name for this psychological phenomenon.

I have experienced it myself, being Woke back when the movement was in its infancy. I can confirm that the double standard is at least partly racist. Expectations for non-white behaviour are far lower than for ourselves. Deep down, WEIRD people know that they are weird.

Another Woke area of impotence is Israel. There is no way on this blue Earth that they could criticize ethnic nationalism in this case.
Israeli soldiers. Source:

Earlier Woke championed the BDS movement but it now seems to have been excised by the movement’s primary sponsors. There are laws against it in some US states. This is one of many areas in which Woke and Conservatism Inc. are on the same side.

Given the fragility of Woke’s Coalition of the Fringes, this is an issue that is likely to rear its head again. Jews are becoming less powerful in the movement (as in the West generally) and may one day find themselves outmaneuvered by rising groups.

A further, and related, weakness of Woke is the Forever Wars. You’d think that they’d be dead against the bombing of millions of brown people given how they riot over the occasional black criminal being shot by police. However, this is not the case.

It is not so much that Woke supports war. Indeed, when Harris starts the next one they’ll put on a few limp protests against it. Rather, like Chinese human rights abuses and the unofficial Indian caste system, they mostly don’t see it.

In their world, the US is inherently evil but only for the specific reasons they say. It’s all slavery, redlining, systems of oppression and Emmett Till, not the military-industrial complex and crony capitalism.

To continue the discussion of limiting contradictions:

I occasionally bump up against Woke. What you soon learn is, gently questioning its tenets gets a sharp and furious reaction. People close to me can transform in an instant, snarling like a dog that up until that moment had always being friendly and placid. It’s especially shocking for me because I’ve been away from the West for so long and haven’t been warming up in the pot with you other frogs.
Source: The Telegraph

This tension is because Woke, unlike other religions, lacks a fair degree of internal consistency.

From an article describing the ‘Covidian Cult’:

What many people fail to understand is that to those who fall prey to [cults], such narratives do not register as psychotic. On the contrary, they feel entirely normal. Everything in their social “reality” reifies and reaffirms the narrative, and anything that challenges or contradicts it is perceived as an existential threat.

These narratives are invariably paranoid, portraying the cult as threatened or persecuted by an evil enemy or antagonistic force which only unquestioning conformity to the cult’s ideology can save its members from. It makes little difference whether this antagonist is mainstream culture, body thetans, counter-revolutionaries, Jews, or a virus [or systems of oppression]. The point is not the identity of the enemy. The point is the atmosphere of paranoia and hysteria the official narrative generates, which keeps the cult members (or the society) compliant.

If you could lock a Woke person in a room, administer a drug that forces her to speak her mind truthfully, and ask her some questions, the following would probably lead to a mental breakdown:

– What do you think about Islam’s views on homosexuality?

– Should all nations have open borders, including China, Tanzania and Israel?

– Should we Believe All Women when they make an accusation against a black man?

– Should we do away with all gender divisions in sport, including Title IX scholarships?

A NYT writer with a very high linguistic IQ is able to answer these questions using a web of semantics that would do a Pharisee proud. They will explain that Islam’s discrimination against gays really comes from European colonization or that the West needs open borders to make up for the past or blah blah blah; anything you ask, they’ll spin an answer for you.

To see a perfect example of this, read the Huff’s explanation for why it’s okay to be transgender but not transracial.

Another is this Guardian explanation for Islamist terrorism – it’s caused by toxic masculinity, you see.

However, the average Woke person will be left spluttering.

That’s why NPCs need to read Woke media, most especially their Bible, the NYT. This is where they receive software updates that calm their nerves about contradictions and gives them glib answers to those bugging shades of grey that don’t fit the narrative.

In fact, media (both legacy and social) is more suitable for this religion that a static, holy text because their theology is dynamic and rapidly evolving. What is Woke today will be a hate crime tomorrow. See: radical feminism, white women’s tears and marriage being restricted to couples.

The need for narrative control is also why legacy media tries to stamp out alternative voices, with a full-time staff dedicated to doxxing crimethinkers and destroying their lives.

Unfiltered evidence we get about the world is always messy and complicated. A cult offering neat answers to life’s difficult questions must control the flow of information in order to maintain purity of belief.

If a Woke person stumbles upon the wrong site, he may tumble all they way down the rabbit hole and never return.

That’s what I did when a random comment under a feminist article in a mainstream newspaper simply said, “Read Roissy,” and I was intrigued.


  1. luisman · January 12

    I hope for a coalition of the woksters and the flat earthers. When they then threaten us to push us over the edge of the earth, we’ll be crumbling to the floor in hysterical laughter.


    • Gunner Q · January 13

      That’s happening right now with their upfront refusal to allow white people to take the Guinea Pig Vaccines.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Wolf · January 14

      The European people ahead gone insane. Half have swallowed the bizarre, suicidal cult of wokeism and the other half are qtards, flat earthers, or some other variety of nut.
      Meanwhile we have Elon Musk, the most impactful entrepreneur since Edison, firing off rockets to mars; Curtis Yarvin and Spandrell, the most riveting political philosophers since Schmitt & Heidegger, writing articles every week; Gariepy, the best evolutionary theorist since WD Hamilton, live every night. At least we’re going out with a bang.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. SFC Ton · January 21

    I would say upper middle class Whites vs middle class.

    Liked by 1 person

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