Annual acknowledgements

It’s been the biggest year ever here at the People’s Blog. So big, in fact, that I got nervous and deliberately avoided promoting it in places that might have attracted too many normies.

My number one referrer again this year was Pushing Rubber Downhill. Also thanks to Adam for his review of my book.

Next came search engines and I’m still seeing mostly Google. Remember that Duck Duck Go is good enough unless you need Boolean tools and that it does not record your activities for future FEMA camp status.

In third place and fast rising this year was Twitter. Follow me @nvladivostok1 for links to the latest blog posts. Cheers to everyone who signal boosted there.

I’m starting to find the right balance with Twitter. I log on occasionally to see the latest news but avoid getting into any debates whatsoever because people go berserk on that site. Point out that vaccines are not yet proven to prevent transmission and you get, “OMG YOU LITERALLY DON’T CARE IF YOUR RELATIVES DIE, HOPE YOU CATCH IT AND SUFFER FASIST DOUCHEBAG!!!!”


Moving on, next was the WordPress Reader. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can join WordPress in order to follow a bunch of blogs from anywhere. Very convenient. You can see my own blogroll and followed blogs by scrolling down on mobile or by hitting the button on the top right on desktop.

Do I really follow all those blogs? Yes. I don’t read every post, but if a blog is there then I keep up with it and read at least the occasional article. Well, a small number are there as a misdirect but the others, yup.

In all modesty, I am probably one of the most voracious blog readers in the world. MSM doesn’t tell you nuffin these days.

Let’s thank some other referrers:

Sigma Frame – Christian manosphere.

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment – huuge aggregator.

Nicht Linke Blogs – a links site for English and German articles. Remember, German sites are easy to read with Google Translate because German is just English with a sinister accent. Also thanks to Luisman for his review of my book.

Jew Among You – what it says. Includes interesting reports from on the ground in Portland, OR.

Phil Ebersole – a thoughtful left leaning blog.

Spawny’s Space – a manosphere site that’s also a main discussion hub.

Whores and Ale – manosphere content and pictures of comely ladies.

Dark Brightness – a conservative Christian site from New Zealand. For some reason WP does not let me follow this site; does anyone else have this problem?

Gunner Q – a bit of everything, check it out.

Terror House Press – I link here to their best-of page. Outsider literature, mostly fiction and poetry.

There are others. Thank you to everyone who linked in 2020 whether you sent us a thousand clicks or none at all. I appreciate it.

Also a shout out to my commenters. The quantity is small but (so?) the quality has become one of the highest in the sphere. If you’re a lurker, feel free to join in. This is the best way to get the password for exclusive content but don’t get too excited, it’s mostly just me airing grievances that no one wants to hear and photos of my dog’s skin problems.

For the record, the most frequent commenters were DickyCone and Luisman.

A final thanks to those who sent me emails. My address is nvladivostok [at] yahoo [dot] ca. I check it from time to time and appreciate your thoughts.

To finish off the stats, let’s have a look at some of the search terms that got people here in 2020 (all sic):

medical mask bikini, asian prostitutes, how to raise smv, tinder filipinas, socialist anime girl, nietzschr feminine couch, polynesian models, what is the peoples blog, sperm in septic system, can semen mess up septic, black girl booty, can you find semen in your septic tank, are penguins dumb, cum bad for septic [I’m not making this up], does cum ruin a septic tank, does semen break down in a septic tank, does semen go away in a ceptic tank.

However and whyever you got here, cheers for dropping by and I’m looking forward to another year of deadly serious analysis of world events.

Semen is fine for septic systems but don’t flush tissues.

Also available on many other platforms.


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  2. freemattpodcast · January 4

    (1) Im still worried about sewer babies. One day I will get a child support lawsuit from the actual swamp people.
    (2) I think we should channel Witold Pilecki and create a system which would report/penetrate those camps which you had mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jack · January 4

    “For some reason WP does not let me follow this site…”

    You can follow any site on WordPress reader, but for those sites not hosted by WordPress, you have to go to the admin page to manage followed sites and type in the address.


  4. weka · January 4

    The reason Dark Brightness (thank you for the comments) is not on wordpress is that I don’t use Jetpack. Given the current woke state of WordPress (though I use it for the blog) I would rather instead use other paid plugins than give Automattic more money, and I self host elsewhere.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 4

      I can normally follow non-Wordpress sites. Anyway I’ll drop by manually from time to time.


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  6. overgrownhobbit · January 4

    I had to research “what is flush-able” for the customers back during the USAn spring TP madness. The answer of course is: NOTHING . Nada. Zip…but TP. And if you have any doubts about your plumbing, use multiple flushes for that.

    The horror! The horror

    On the bright side, if you are willing to drop ’em in a bucket for outside disposal, in many climate zones you can grow your own TP. It’s organic! And softer than store-bought:

    Happy New Years!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · January 4

      In many countries even toilet paper will not flush. Have to throw it in the bin. I currently use the native tabo instead.

      Liked by 1 person

      • dickycone · January 4

        As Heartiste once pointed out, yes some people have plumbing south of the border too, but it doesn’t work nearly as well.

        We can still flush TP in America though. USA!!! USA!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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