Word from the Dark Side – special 2020 review edition

Cool Colorful Fireworks

If you’re reading this, you have survived 2020 and are now living in the future.


In Japanese, the new year’s greeting is literally, “Congratulations on opening the New Year,” i.e. “Hey, we didn’t die yet!” Grim bastards. This year, however, it makes perfect sense.


I’ve had more problems this year than I’ve whinged about on these pages out of respect for my readers and those doing it much tougher than me. However, we must have faith that tomorrow will be better than today. Gambare!

To start us off on a positive note, here are the most popular Dark Side links from 2020 in case you missed them:

1. The number one site youse clicked on was Unz. I have decided not to include the top article. Instead, the second most popular one is from Steve Sailer and discusses our new Tiger Children overlords.

Unz is hit-and-miss. They have wacky conspiracies over there but the blogs by Steve, Anatoly Karlin and Audacious Epigone are worth your while. Have a glance at the main page from time to time to see if there’s something interesting.

2. This one is a surprise. The next biggest link is Wiki and the top article is about this poem by Kipling.

3. Next up is Twitter and the top tweet clicked is about that same kid in Steve’s Unz article and how he hides how rich he is.

4. On Pushing Rubber Downhill, the top click was to Adam’s review of my book and the second top was to one of his link posts, so I’ll instead mention here the third top click about the scary side of Jimmy Conner.

5. Next from Japan Today, many people could not resist checking out the story about the people exploring an abandoned love hotel only to discover a dead body.

The abandoned love hotel. Source: Japan Today

6. On YouTube, people were curious to discover how China can corrupt the foreigners living there. Can’t vouch for the veracity of the story but I can confirm that six years in Japan did weird things to my sense of morality.

7. On Tokyo Reporter, everyone wanted to know how coronavirus is impacting the AV industry.

8. At TakiMag, police are refusing to investigate or arrest a known thief in Berkeley, CA because you-know-why.

9. The top post from Delicious Tacos was this one about a tough job.

10. At Zman, the need for peaceful separation. I recall the comments here to be good, too.

Henceforth I’ll pick out some popular articles in no strict order:

Captain Capitalism: it’s illegal to pass shit tests.

BBC: France’s most tattooed man told not to teach kindergarten. If you haven’t seen the photo then I suggest you go have a look.

Middle American Literature: never giving up on achieving a working penis.

Rob Says girls never get their comeuppance.

Gunner Q: masks among friends make everything horrible.

Officer of UK nuclear submarine stumbles aboard drunk and carrying bbq chicken.

The alpha widow syndrome.

A pretty train wreck (pictured:)


What a 21stC civil war would look like.

English-language posts at Luisman.

Counting the cost of Covid hysteria. I like that word, ‘hysteria’.

The nature of elites is changing.

Race in the Dominican Republic.

The case against food banks.

The fragility of wife goggles.

The filthy treatment of Julian Assange.

The real reasons government projects always run late and over budget?

And in case you missed it, to understand these WEIRD people I keep talking about, you must understand the Hajnal Line.

That’s it. Now let’s party like it’s 2021.


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  1. freemattpodcast · January 1

    I am glad that you got something from my work. I enjoy your blog. 2021: Here is to something else, preferably not a sh*tshow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jewamongyou · January 2

    2020 wasn’t all bad. That was the year I discovered this blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    • dickycone · January 2

      2020 was one of the best years of my life. I’m not as anti-fragile as I’d like to be financially, but apparently I’m very prepared for arbitrary house arrest. I’m more worried about 2021, hoping that the big collapse doesn’t come this year and that’ll I’ll somehow be ready for whatever it is that’s eventually coming, because it probably won’t be good.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gunner Q · January 3

        “apparently I’m very prepared for arbitrary house arrest.”

        I sense a story that needs telling, if you’d be so kind as to share a few pointers. The only time I’ve been to jail is when I took the tour.


        • dickycone · January 3

          No, nothing exciting, just a metaphor for the lockdowns, which weren’t even enforced very strictly where I live, so after a few months even normies started going out a lot, albeit with the stupid face diapers. I meant that it felt like house arrest, but it wasn’t so bad for me because I was with my wife and kids and I like them. I think this has been a lot harder on people who live alone or don’t get along well with their family.


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